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  1. Sounds like everyone is in the same page
  2. I personally love shooting with shooters above my skill level I learn a lot just by wanching and tend to push myself a bit more but I understand about being intimidated however Inhave c0me to learn most shooters are there to have fun and most to- tier shoots will go out of there way to help and little secret I learned most people won’t care how good or bad another person shoots they are to focused on what they are doing
  3. I know running a good stage requires a lot of different things but being a fairly new shooter trying to break things down and focus on what is most important to having a successful stage my initial thought is STAGE PLANNNG is the most critical but would like insight
  4. I feel your pain have the same Issue been getting better but notice I look over my sights when I keep the correct posture however I only seem to turtle neck with my limited fun posture is much better with my open Gun but what people are saying makes sense because the more I relax the less I do it
  5. I have recently been watching a lot of our M and GM shooters and noticed that the draw is slower the. Expected for people at that level but they all seem to be very dileberate in the grip
  6. Yes the target fell prior to being engaged damn smartphones lol
  7. If a paper target falls after the buzzer is it a mandatory re-shoot or can the shooter continue the stage and take the time and also can the shooter stop the stage if it happens or does it have to be stopped by the range officer I had it happen to me in a match and I kept on going because I didn’t know what to do
  8. Yes I was surprised because even after the barrel heated up for being a lightweight barrel it did not seem to affect point of impact I can’t say enough good about it however I am talking about one of one sample
  9. I know most clubs have their own set of rules but I’m trying to get general consensus if moving with a long gun is it OK to move with the muscle up and in a match if someone goes muzzle up and is not allowed is it a DQ for breaking the 180 or is it a reshoot with Clarification of rules be explained to the shooter
  10. Mbx run like a chap with there guts in my 38SC
  11. Personally I would just save a bit more and get the Gen 2 Razor Best money I even spent on an optic
  12. I have been buying Fiocchi that I get thru TargetSpotsUSA.com runs great very accurate and very affordable
  13. My buddy has 1 on this 3 `gun rifle not only does it look sweet his shoots lights out
  14. It is not the Gun yes a fancy CZ Or Tanfo can make things easier but at the same time can hurt you my good buddy is a Master Class shooter using a 2.0 with very little work done to it other then a lot of dry fire and live fire
  15. I have n0t shot the the DVC with Island barrel however I do shoot a Limited in USPSA and a Dawson Tuned Edge for 3 Gun can’t go wrong with either
  16. I am a die hard 1911 fan and never been super impressed with Springfield in general not basing them for me the just seem to get lost in a big see of great guns however I am a huge fan of the PM9 think they are about as good as it gets for a 9mm comp gun right out of the box and in my opinion well worth the extra money however if budget is a concern the RO will work just fine but will cost to make as good as the PM9
  17. Was glad to hear this personally love were STI is currently and can not say enough good about Dawson can’t wait to see what Greta thing are to come
  18. As far as barrel length personally I run a 24 inch on my M2 however i run a 12 round extended tube and if I had it to do over again would go to a 28 inch barrel to come come to flush with my tube personally think that is the way to look at it keep barrel length equal to tube length personally the longer the barrel the better as far as shot pattern goes can’t see running a longer barrel then tube but no reason not to run the same length as the longest point will dictate movement
  19. Benelli M2 Beretta 1301 or Browning A5 are the gold standard personally any of these guns worked over by Steve Rose at Rose action sports you can’t go wrong with if budget is a concern check out the Stoger M3K very similar to the Benelli yes the parts will fail quicker but parts are cheep I personally run a Rose Action Sports M2 and has been 100% reliable no matter what Inrun thru it and my buddies run the 1301 and A5 somknow they just plain run and can handle the abuse of 3 fun personally I. Tell everybody put the money into the shotgun because auto s are not the most reliable by nature and trying to keep the cost down does not help as we all know you have to cut corners to do that
  20. Voodoo Tactical has a sweet 56 inch 3 Gun bag very impressed with it
  21. I love my 773 s as far as caddies that depends on what your are looking for speed or retention for speed it is hard to beat Invictus for retention I personally love Carbon Arms and use both I have found the more 3 Gun I shoot the more gear I need unfortunately I have not found 1 caddy that does it all
  22. A quality 1x6 is all you need power is not always your friend and a true 1x is a must I run a gen 2 razor and can’t say enough good about it
  23. I used the adjustable rear with FO Front from Cajun Gun Works on my old TS worked well and I am legally blind in my shooting eye
  24. I will hav to check them out I got the speedcriss CS but only the lower is waterproof
  25. Yeah I shoot UsPSA for fun tend to take 3 gun a little more serious just torn right now because I have 2 conflicting goals 1 to be at the top of my game in 3 gun the other to learn to shoot open and I have no desire to shoot open in 3 gun
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