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  1. corbinfouquet

    Off season

    What's everyone's training regiment for the off season???
  2. corbinfouquet

    DVC 38SC tumbling

    What's your crimp at? I had some issues before with jacketed come to find out it was to much crimp.
  3. corbinfouquet

    Popple holes

    I've always had them on my guns. How much of a difference does it actually make? I just got a cc that wont have them.
  4. corbinfouquet

    Pa matches

    Is that a thing lol? Is keystone the one near scranton? If so I checked that ranges schedule and they dont have uspsa on it
  5. corbinfouquet

    Pa matches

    Doesnt Jersey have mag restrictions?
  6. corbinfouquet

    Pa matches

    Scranton area
  7. corbinfouquet

    Prima SV vs Prima V?

    Yea I'm an idiot as well. Didn't realize I was in the 9mm section. 3.04 sv with 135gr bullet. Run through multiple platforms shadow 2, 2011, glock 17l, jp pcc
  8. corbinfouquet

    Pa matches

    Any pa shooters that can shed some light on the frequency of matches in the state? I'm willing to drive 2.5 hours for a club match. Is there opportunities to shoot every weekend uspsa that is.
  9. corbinfouquet

    Prima SV vs Prima V?

    Its data from sv. That is correct 40 major
  10. corbinfouquet

    9 major

    What does your breachface look like
  11. corbinfouquet

    9 major

    I loaded to a 6.9 and made 176pf in one gun and 173 in the other.
  12. corbinfouquet

    9 major

    For the love of god dont use srp. I've have the most luck with cci. I'm running 6.8gr of ac over 124 pd
  13. corbinfouquet

    Getting disabled vets in the sport

    I think you are a little off track with this. My intentions are to get these individuals out and together to have a good time and learn the sport. Not toss them in a level 2 match. It's to build the brotherhood and have a great time
  14. corbinfouquet

    Getting disabled vets in the sport

    I think this is going in a different direction than I had planned. I'm not concerned about the rules. Teaching the proper safety yes. Having a good time yes getting these individuals involved in the sport letting them have fun, a way to connect with these people and a small token of appreciation for there sacrifices for this great nation
  15. corbinfouquet

    Getting disabled vets in the sport

    Thanks Chuck I will have to contact them soon and see what they have to say