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  1. Hey all, this was my first major and personally I felt my performance was lacking(though I still ended up winning D class) I want to work alot on movement and transitions but I know there’s a plethora of other things I could be doing better too. Match video
  2. I shot saturday, didn't shoot it as well as I was wanting to but still ended up winning D class, got to squad with some of the guys I shoot with locally so I got lucky there and that helped out a good bit.
  3. Already jumped on the app yesterday luckily, that will make it much more convenient on match day to just plug the hf in and get the results
  4. Yeah I didn’t know about the offiicial one until this past week, will be using it from now on to keep from any more mistakes like this
  5. I had been using Classifiercalc.com, which has been right the past several times(I shoot 2-4 matches a month now and they usually have a classifier in it so I used it the weekend before and it was accurate) just found it weird it had been correct and then was different on this one
  6. So I shot fluffys revenge 2 this past weekend, ended up with a 7.9229 hitfactor in limited on it, when I plugged it into a calculator sunday it showed as a 61% B class run. Now, when I see it on my classifier page, it shows it only being a 58.9% run?? anyone run in to this before?
  7. I'm very possibly gonna just bring a full case with me and take home whatever doesn't get shot(way overkill I know) I just got a wagon today, I realized last match I shot just how much I don't feel like lugging around my bag, and this is double the stages so even moreso lol I shoot NCshooters .40 loaded long so I'm trusting it will make power factor(I run a 6 inch gun as well so that will help cushion some) and planning on getting there friday to walk the stages the evening before I'm currently D class, though I feel like once I get a few more classifiers i'll likely be a C or B(absolutely trashed some classifiers starting out and not too hot on some lately but my latest was a 68% so I hope I can keep from butchering too many in the future) so hoping I do well for my class and shoot a clean match, just started shooting this gun again a little over a month ago and finally getting used to it
  8. How much ammo do you typically bring to a major like this? I haven’t seen a round count out for the match yet but I’m assuming 10ish stages ?
  9. Hey all, I've been a uspsa member since February of this year, had a couple gun changes and still getting used to some stuff but i'm getting there little by little. I plan to shoot my first major match(GA state championship) next weekend, what should I expect going in? Is there anything I need to make sure I prepare for specifically that I may not normally do at a level 1 match? Thanks, Matt
  10. Looking into getting some shotshell caddies and pistol mag pouches soon, trying to see what everyone likes... I've been looking at the safariland 086 and 771 with els forks a lot and want to know what your opinion is on them versus others and if not those which would you choose? Also looking for recommendations on a retention holster for 3gun for a cz shadow 2, just running my USPSA bladetech holster at the moment just cranked down tight.
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