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  1. Yeah, I just used some construction adhesive
  2. ...they want $99 for that?!? Holy cow, that's bordering on lunacy. I made my own and it works perfectly for pistol rounds, might be a little small for rifle. Bought the funnel from amazon and attached some magnets to the back so it mounts the same way the Mark 7 one would. $18 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MNW7WZ2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. I'm about to order some for my Shadow 2. What diameter are you using?
  4. Take out the mag release spring and compress it with some pliers a little bit near the top where it bends downward. Reinstall and test after every adjustment. You don't want to bend it back outwards because then it will start to weaken, so make sure you adjust little by little. If you feel uncomfortable, buy a backup spring first in case you go too far -- they're pretty cheap.
  5. What did you need to do to fix it?
  6. fluffybadbad

    CZ Shadow 2

    I'm James, but who's keeping score. I'm only B anyways and haven't shot a match in 6 years, so I shouldn't be one to talk...
  7. Thanks for the replies! I'm going to try the leftover Remington Golden Bullet bulk pack that was recommended for my Glock and see how that goes. I also have some CCI mini mag that I'll run through it.
  8. I have a Kadet kit for my Shadow 2, but don't have the documentation and can't for the life of me find it online. Does anyone know what ammo works best with it? I know my AA .22 kit for my Glock was very temperamental with the type of ammo it ate -- just wondering if anyone has any experience.
  9. fluffybadbad

    CZ Shadow 2

    I can maaaybe believe that for Master, but A is casting a pretty big net. Practice will make more perfect, no matter what you do or don't do to your gun. Can we get back on topic?
  10. Do the thin or regular Bogies have any of the contour of the palm swell versions? I have a pair of the palm swells, and although they're comfortable, I can't quite get my hands around them.
  11. I installed a full set of Dawson sights on my 9L. Padded vise and brass punch made it a pretty easy job. I did have to use a steel punch at first to get the factory sight dislodged
  12. Interested in the Burwell trigger job on your 2.0. Why do you feel that his trigger job on the 2.0 feels better than on your Pro?
  13. I bought my Gen4 G34 about a month ago. It had a Sept production date and came with the new recoil spring. However, it still kept ejecting brass towards my face. Went to a GSSF match and the armorer replaced my ejector with the new one that they have out. I've put around 600 rounds through the gun since the new ejector and not a single casing ejected towards my face. Other than the brass ejecting issue, everything else has been absolutely fine.
  14. I got mine from kylesgunshop.com about a month ago. They were great, shipping was fast and free, and it was the best price around at the time.
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