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  1. Everyone talking about the TTI as having a rolling break makes me think I wouldn't like it because I don't like that style so I went with the Ghost kit because I've used their connectors before and was happy with the results. Kit has striker block spring, connector, and 2 striker springs. Gonna roll with that and call it good.
  2. Over travel stop? Looking at their website it doesn't look like it has an overtravel stop in their trigger kit. Did you get a different trigger shoe with it? The edge isn't that much more which is the only reason I'd consider it over their slightly cheaper options.
  3. I honestly think the stock gen 5 glock trigger is pretty good but still I would like a better trigger if I can I'm just honestly kind of cheap and don't think spending $300 on an aftermarket trigger makes much sense for a Glock to be honest so I'm looking for the best bang for the buck I can get to make the trigger better. I'd like something that is carry optics legal and I don't reload so I need something that can be reliable with factory ammo with hard primers. I'm looking at the these so far TTI Grand Master Kit Connector Kit Ghost Inc Edge Complete Trigger Kit I looked at Zev but it seems like they only sell a complete trigger for the Gen 5 not any other upgrades. Anyone tried either of these or any other trigger upgrade kit/components and have a recommendation for the best bang for the buck?
  4. I haven't shot USPSA in 2 ish years but I'm gearing up to get back into it and specifically I'm looking to shoot Carry Optics. I was thinking about putting an Apex trigger kit in my Glock to shoot CO and it says on the Apex website that the trigger is approved for Production. Would that mean it was approved for CO too? Sorry for the
  5. There is a second pin in the mag release that allows you to change the angle of the button top to 3 different positions and that would prevent rotating it 180.
  6. I have no idea why I didn't even think of that... that's even easier, I'm an idiot. This is a case of not being able to see the forest from the trees.
  7. I didn't even know he made extra ones... that's kind of awesome. I'll give him a call.
  8. I know this sounds like a weird complaint for most but I'm a righty and I have small-ish hands and I've always had difficulty using my thumb to release magazines so I've gotten into the habit of reversing the magazine release button on any gun that will let me and using my trigger finger to press the mag button... has the bonus of the added safety of knowing I can't possibly have my trigger finger on the trigger while changing mags but that's besides the point. Anyway even though it's not advertised as such you can actually reverse the magazine release on most CZ guns and it was one of the first thing I did to my Shadow 2. With how I use the gun the extra extended face of the mag release now pokes me enough to be annoying so I'm wondering if anyone makes replacement faces I can put on the gun so it's actually smaller.
  9. This one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BD5IC2O/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The frame to do the extending handle and wheels takes up room in the bag and adds weight. I have to walk down like 30-40 hiking trail style steps to get to the range I frequent most and the wheels don't work well in gravel and dirt so I can't use it at matches so I really only use the wheels going to my car in my apartment building and if I go to an indoor range. The magazine pockets in the front are oriented such that if you use 140mm mags you can only put them in the bottom row so the top row of mag pouches are either empty or only for production mags. The side pouches are ok and fit ear pro and eye pro well but the zipper for the main pouches are long enough that they poke into the side pouches so you have to remove the zipper from the side pouches every single time I use them. The interior is a big but the little extra pouches inside don't really fit anything well so I don't use them and basically dump everything in the middle which means I have to pull everything out if I need to get the item on the bottom. Wouldn't recommend it for anyone unless they do all their shooting indoor and don't bring many guns to the range at once.
  10. The more I look at the DAA bag the more I think it'd be great for matches but not great for general range use
  11. My google fu was weak because I did not find that video. Thank you. I'll watch it here in a bit and see what I think.
  12. I'll give them a look but the rolling bag I have now is from them and the way they did the layout on that really has me convinced they don't really shoot because it's hard to actually use the pockets.
  13. Right now I have this rolling range bag that seemed like a really good idea at the time but the layout of the bag makes it way less useful to me so I'm thinking about either a Shooter's Connection or a DAA Rangepack. However neither website has good pictures of the interior and layout of the two bag. Does anyone have a good video or picture of the layout of the bags?
  14. Way to resurrect a 2 year old topic. Haha. I haven't really been doing much competitive shooting lately. Between the 1301 or the M2 which would you go with?
  15. I have a gun with M-Lock attachment points and I'd like to attach a bipod directly to it instead of using a bipod M-Lock adapter thing if at all possible. Does anyone make a quality bipod that will mount directly to M-Lok?
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