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  1. I really like shooting a stage first for this reason. After doing the walk through my plan is formed and I am in the right head space and I do my best. I do watch other shooters and I'm not saying I can't learn from watching other shooters but even when watching someone gives me a nugget that I can actually use often what happens is my brain is now trying to decide what execution is best and that uncertainty in my head can sometimes lead to little hiccups. Even if it is sub optimal compared to other plans I find I shoot my best when I am decisive and very deliberate about my movement.
  2. I'm thinking about getting a TLR7a now that I can use it in Carry Optics. That means I need a new holster. Right now there aren't too many companies that make a OWB I can use so I'm looking at a Dara. They make this ALQD thing which is interesting to me because it would be nice if I ever wanted to change guns or holsters later. My quesiton is about the mount it self, specifically this thing: https://www.daraholsters.com/alqd-mount/ Does anyone know what hole pattern it uses? I have a lot of Blade Tech and Comp Tac holsters already and if I could add one of those mounts to those holsters I would consider getting the mount for a few I want to use. If I can't well then it's slightly less appealing. Anyone have some experience with the system?
  3. Honestly given it's a PCC and most of my shooting happens inside of 25 yards you're probably right, how much can the zero really shift at that distance. But I guess there is that doubt.
  4. Well damn. I've been thinking about it and if someone could make a spacer the right size I could find longer screws that were the correct length and thread pitch I could just use the EGW RMR mount. Anyone have a 3d Printer or capable of machining something from delrin?
  5. They do but it looks like it's too low to work with the MI handguard/rail. I emailed him; it looks like his rail might work out. Thanks for the tip.
  6. My red dot maintained zero and seemed to show no adverse signs from extended shooting sessions. It's not like it's select fire and I'm going to dump 500 rounds down it in an hour.
  7. Mounting to the barrel allows the optic to retain zero when the barrel is reattached. The receiver means I'd have to confirm zero every range session.
  8. I just put a MI rail on my Ruger PC Carbine and it's fantastic. However I had to remove the rail piece I had replacing the rear sight which means right now I have my Holosun 407CO mounted to a rail section mounted to the M-Lok rail which is fine but I would prefer something a bit lower Does anyone make a direct M-Lok RMR/Holosun Mount or a replacement for the rear sight that works with the MI rail? Tandemkross makes something very close to what I want but I emailed them and the spacer they give isn't tall enough to clear the MI rail only the Ruger factory M-Lok rail. I guess an alternative is if someone can make a spacer that I can mount the Tandemkross plate to that would work that might be the simplest option.
  9. I just put the 12" on my Ruger and it is very nice. I do not regret it at all even if it is heavier.
  10. It lacks a QD slot and costs twice as much... so you know it has that going for it.
  11. It does not work with the Maddmacs RMR mount; I think it sits too low. It looks like it should but it's a no go.
  12. Well it doesn't fit the gun with a red dot on it so that's a no go.
  13. Well then I guess I'll give that one a go.
  14. With 9mm being harder to find than hens teeth I'm going to be using my Mk4 22/45 to practice some drills so I'd like to get a holster for it, ideally something that is kydex and uses a paddle or a Tek-Lok attachment so I can swap holsters easily during a range session. The only holster I'm finding anywhere is a tactical solutions holster but it looks like they only have their belt attachment which isn't a quick on and off.
  15. Hopefully a straight forward and easy to answer question. I have the taccom rail that replaces the rear sight on the Ruger PC Carbine. I'm thinking about putting a Midwest Industries rail on the gun. Is there enough clearance on the rail to let the Taccom rail sit and fuction?
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