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  1. I ended up getting a XL about a week ago and am running it down at Area 2 right now. Super bright compared to the RTS2 and is doing well in the bright desert sun. Couldn't be happier.
  2. Is the only difference between the Romeo3 Max and XL the shape of the glass? The glass looks roughly the same size. I'm trying to figure out why they basically release two of the same optic. What am I missing here?!?
  3. I've shot open for less than a year and am only a B-Class shooter, so take this with a grain of salt, but here is my experience. I am a diehard fanboy, so when I decided to switch from limited to open, the czechmate was the obvious step. Initial benefits were that you can buy one immediately with no wait and it comes with magazines. Despite what people say, it's still in your best interest to get the messages tuned by Grams. So you might as well also buy CZC basepad and have the Grams followers installed at the same time. Once that was done and I developed a load, it runs 100% flawless. Only malfunction in over 10,000 rounds was due to a high primer. Also, they come oversprung, so plan to put a lighter recoil spring in (9 lb works good for my load of 115g Everglades with 8.7g HS-6). Now since i'm not the type to make something work and stick with it, I just acquired a very nice middy 2011 with all bells and whistles known to open class. I'll skip the gory details there, but it is more of a process to get things ironed out to run smooth. Also, on top of the firearm costing twice as much af a czechmate, I then spent around $1k on fancy MBX mags. So how do they stack up? Yes, the 2011 is the better performing platform. By how much? I firmly believe that, for a B-class shooter, my scores improved around 1-2% due to the pistol itself. Does it shoot better and flatter and allow you to get slightly faster splits? Sure. But if you're honest when looking at the scores and where time is spent across an entire stage, the benefit of the gun isn't as critical as most Open class mall-ninjas insist. Is that extra benefit worth the $? For a rational person, no. But rational/responsible people don't shoot open. Summary. If you think you're the next JJ Racaza, then buy a Limcat or similar. If you realize that none of us are going to win nationals and you have a shred of fiscal responsibility, then it's SOOOO much wiser to go the czechmate route. But in the end, those with self control with the pocketbook shoot carry optics. If you're playing the Open game, odds are you will compulsively buy a 2011 at some point anyway because they look so damn sexy on instagram (such as in my case).
  4. Just emailed you about buying a comp. I need the southbeach treatment for my CM. Do you sell the guide rod with the comp?
  5. Tanfo and cz slide stop pins should be considered consumables. Replace every 5k rounds.
  6. I'm just getting the hang of my czechmate. Issue im annoyed by is nose dip when the slide shuts. I'm thinking about trying a lighter weight recoil spring. Did you have luck with the 8 lb spring? also, im seeing conflicting reports on what the factory spring rate is. Is 10 lb what it comes with stock?
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