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  1. Just my $.02, but I've gotten far better results from tuning my ammo, buffer, and spring weight than I ever did from a comp or brake on a 16" barrel.
  2. You mentioned in your initial post that your goal is to create enough gas to work a comp, but I've had way better results (in the AR platform, at least) from a fast powder like TiteGroup with a lighter spring and less reciprocating mass than I ever did from trying to work the comp on the end of a 16" barrel. Just my $.02
  3. ^^ That's crazy, man. I've never heard of that 25k service life before.
  4. I noticed the same thing when I was developing a load for my MPX. Lower charge weights of CFE around 130 PF were leaving unburnt powder in the upper. Loading it a few tenths of a grain hotter (closer to 138-140 PF) resulted in a more complete burn.
  5. 147 gr. Xtreme Plated HP 3.8 gr. Autocomp 1.13" OAL Averages 901 FPS (132 PF) out of my Gen 2 MPX Carbine I've put thousands of rounds of that recipe through my gun with zero issues.
  6. Getting permission isn't all that difficult. It's a simple notification form sent to BATFE. The real issue is that SBRs are illegal at the state/local level in certain areas.
  7. Sig literally calls it the "MPX PCC."
  8. I have two of the new Timney triggers in my Gen2s. Have about 1k on my main gun and 500 on the backup with no issues so far.
  9. I'm just gonna throw this out there, but PCC-only matches are super fun. Last year's AZ PCC Championship had several stages with 100+ yard shots, tiny high value targets, and a few huge penalty no-shoots. I'd shoot that match again in a heartbeat.
  10. I ordered a few thousand projectiles from them earlier this month, and they were at my door 3 days later.
  11. Just did the same thing. $.08/round shipped for 147 grain 9mm isn't too shabby. Happy thanksgiving.
  12. 1.10 seems really short. If that gun is working well for her, have it reamed. Otherwise, hock it and buy another Shadow 2.
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