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  1. Thanks guys. They are new Gen 2 mags. I'll try some more ammo and lube it up.
  2. Have a MPX with 500 to 1000 rounds through it. Had issues with FTE so I had the port opened to 60. Polished barrel throat, dual feed ramp , inside piston, etc. to mirror finish. Sanded and polished feed ramps on mags. Happens with different ammo and running 144 PF ammo. Tried long and short OAL. It's almost as if the round is catching something and pauses causing the bolt to go up and over the round at a 45 degree angle. I've noticed if I load the magazines to 25 (instead of 30) it is less likely to occur...but still does occur at least once every two mags. Load to 30 and it happens some times 2 to 4 times. Extended mags (40) more. Anyone else have the problem and correct it? Sig says simply...send it to them and they'll look at it. Asking how long it would take and she said don't expect it back for at least 6 weeks.
  3. I understand additional/updated rule changes were emailed out to registered shooters; however, i was on a wait list and never received those updates. But since then I am in the match. How can I get those updated rule changes.
  4. This past weekend I was at a 3 Gun match and afterwards there was a guy there with a Rem 700 in 300 Win Mag. He said go ahead and shoot it at a 400 yd target which it hit a golf ball target with every round. Granted the scope was pretty high power and could not see my impact hits each time, but the recoil was about like a 12 gauge. His shirt said "stop recoil" and he designed muzzle brakes. I was pretty impressed since I've shot a 300 win mag numerous times and the recoil was far more sharp than his. Ammo was Winchester at 2850 fps (looked at the box). Anyone know the website?
  5. Support question. Last couple of years there were some interesting products on rifles that apparently was not ruled a support for tactical class. Rule last year and this year says "supporting devices are prohibited", yet there were interesting wide monopods on hand guards that were used for support. Some of which was obvious they were helping for support on long range...yet, they said it was a monopod and legal. Granted the ascu-shot silo is for support and prohibited. I would like a better understanding of this rule. Actually I've seen these types of support devices for the past two years and people say it's a monopod. Why do I ask? If I'm beat by 10 seconds over two stages whereas the other person had a "wide monopod" they used for support and it was legal...then why not give everyone the same opportunity to everyone else. Some RO's say it's not legal, some say it's legal and so on. Suggestion: (A) say nothing attached to the bottom of the hand guard, or ( B )something 1" wide, 3" height, 1" depth is maximum to be installed on the bottom of the hand guard.
  6. I too agree about Italian Gun Grease! The tactical for oil and the copper and carbon cleaners work very good.
  7. Saw some people at a 3G match drop their handgun when getting up from rifle prone position and made me think more seriously about getting another holster for this very issue. With that said, which Safariland ALS holster fits an STI 2011 5" short dust cover? Their website doesn't list any, but I saw some guys with them.
  8. Bring up this past topic on the Benelli Vinci. Other than C-Rums, who else can weld up the lifter? Anyone know where I can buy a 2nd lifter to have welded? That way I can still shoot while waiting for the welded lifter.
  9. Just like others have said, Ramshot Comp is identical and pretty clean. I've switched to Comp and see no reason to go back to N320 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks guys. I have a couple production M&P Pro 9mm guns. I went ahead and got a barrel & comp and red dot mount from Carver. I'll put the c-more STS I have on it and see how he likes it. $500 in the hole...worst case sell the parts. Thanks again...I do appreciate the help.
  11. Dully noted. I assure you if I were to start shooting open, I would shoot 9mm major hands down. Why? I already reload thousands upon thousands of 9mm every year so I have the reloading components and equipment. I would hate to have to add another caliber in the mix... Just saying what I have seen on the range which may only be an issue with local shooters versus others...
  12. All of those I know that shoot open are shooting 38 super (major) loads. I am pretty stedfast on 9mm minor. The open 9mm major guns I've seen have problems whereas the 38 super's I've seen run perfect. Some guys that have ran 9mm major switched over to 38 super because they say you have to pack so much powder to make major and the big problem is FTE's on the 9mm major. Actually a bushing comp isn't a bad idea at all to try for a month to see how he likes it. I forgot about that option. I'm going to ask one of the guys at STI if I can but a new Marauder and they find a trubor barrel to fit it with no machining...guess it won't hurt to ask. Thank you for the info. I do appreciate the help.
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