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  1. No need I understand how all that works I am just inexperienced on loading to multiple different guns that take different max OAL. Previously I only had my two competition guns to load for but now my wife is competing and that introduced another gun with quite a bit shorter max OAL so I was just curious on advice from other people that may have dealt with the same situation.
  2. Thanks for all the input everybody. To clarify some things it is a tristar p120 (sp01 shadow clone) not a sig but that really doesn't change anything and yes i have tried s&b and blazer brass and they both work fine. I Guess I was trying to see if loading short or reaming was a much more obvious choice from some people more experienced than me in this area. I think I am just going to load up some rounds that all guns will accept and as long as accuracy is acceptable in all guns that's what I will stick with.
  3. That gun works really well! I am very pleased seeing as how it's a budget level clone. Is there any negative affects to having a barrel reamed or is it as if you couldn't tell anything has been done?
  4. I have 3 9mm guns my wife and I use for competing in USPSA and need some o.a.l. advice. My shadow 2's take a 1.125 and 1.14 so have been loading the shorter length to accommodate both guns but recently got my wife a P120 which is coming in with a max o.a.l. of 1.10. Using 125gr TC bullet and am wondering if I should load to the 1.10 to satisfy all guns or if that would have negative affects due to longer bullet jump on the guns that can take a longer round or if I should just get the shorter throated barrels reamed so they can all take the longer length round. Thanks for any help or advice on this.
  5. Good to know. I have noticed they leave a bit of a gap from other posts I have seen but even though we shouldn't shoot to slide lock sometimes it does happen.
  6. I guess I should have added another question in there. Why do people decide to use aftermarket base pads over the ones that come on the mags? Seems to me most people like a little extra to grab during a mag change and the extra weight helps them drop free a little easier so correct me if I am wrong on this. I think the biggest benefit to me would be the little bit of extra weight but still kind of wondering if they are worth getting at all or just sticking with the factory ones that come on the mags.
  7. Been looking into getting some base pads for my shadow 2 production setup and have narrowed it to springer precision or shock bottle. I have never used aftermarket basepads before so was wondering others thoughts, opinions, and experiences with both brands. Which do you like and why or why not? It seems like most guys in my area are going for the shock bottle so I have been able to put my hands on those but no experience with the springers so any info you guys can provide will be appreciated, thanks.
  8. Lots of good info, thanks. No I do not expect it to make me any better I just think I might like the platform better but then again I have never owned a higher end gun like this before so it will be all trial and error and I totally do expect it to be like starting over which is why I would like to try and make the switch well before the season starts again in the spring to get plenty of dry and live fire practice with it. Thanks again for any and all info on the subject.
  9. That's my thought is do it now during the winter months so I can get plenty of practice in before the season really gets going. Good info on your experience and gives me a little comfort if I do end up making the switch.
  10. I have been shooting USPSA production for 2 years now with a glock 34 and recently got my hands on the shadow 2 at a gun store and really liked the way the gun fit my hand and am seriously considering taking the jump and getting one. My concerns are getting used to DA/SA setup compared to the striker fired glock I am used to. Has anybody made a similar change in equipment and how did it go? Anything else to consider or any ideas? I would really like to shoot it with some live fire as opposed to just handling in the gun store before dropping that much cash so any suggestions on where to find a place to test one out or anybody possibly in the mid Michigan area willing to make a range trip and let me fire a few rounds???
  11. Shooting production with a glock 17
  12. Pretty much what I was thinking but was hoping to get somebody with a similar situation. Will probably test a bunch anyways before I go loading a mass quantity or using them for matches.
  13. I'm in Morrice which it's about half way between Lansing and flint. Mostly shoot at Livingston gun club but go to oak hill every so often for matches but the occasional range trip I go to shiawassee conservation association.
  14. As the title says I'm new to the site and I live in Michigan. I have been a life long shooter and Hunter and just recently started in the wonderful world of USPSA and am loving it! I joined the sight specifically to get some advise on my new adventure in reloading as well.
  15. So I just last week ordered my equipment to start reloading 9mm. I picked up some primers from the local store and the only small pistol primers they had were Remington 5.5 small pistol primers. Being new to this I didn't know about the 1.5 primers and kind of freaked out when I got home thinking they were useless to me. Upon further research it seems they have the same charge but the metal in the 5.5 it's just a bit thicker but now that has me worried about light primer strikes in my glock with a 4 lb striker spring. Anybody else use these primers with a light striker spring? I'm hoping they are at least useable and will get the ones I really need when these are all used up.
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