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  1. I have the same magwell. It was made by Randy Hollowbush of the Handgunner Custom Gunshop in Topton, PA. He also made me custom alum. basepads for my mags.
  2. Who did you get the magwell from? I have the same type.
  3. MOD 41. Not pretty but goes bang all the time and is very accurate.
  4. Here is my MOD 41 with Aimpoint 7MOA. Not pretty but 100% reliable and very accurate.
  5. No thank you, I'll pass.

  6. Chrono'ed TG loads this past Wednesday 3-7-12 and here is what I got. Berry 124gr. plated 4.2gr. TG Federal 100 Primers Mixed Brass 1.142 OAL Temp 60 Deg.F Gun: Open 2011 Barrel: Kart 5" Bushing T-2 Alum. Comp Slide: Bare Weight 10.5 oz. Recoil Spring 7# Five Shot Strings: String 1: Avg. Vel. 1152, Avg. PF 142.9 String 2: Avg. Vel. 1145, Avg. PF 142 Berry 115gr. plated 4.1gr. TG Federal 100 Primers Mixed Brass 1.142 OAL Temp 62 Deg.F Ten Shot String: String 1: Avg. Vel. 1128, Avg. PF 129.74
  7. PINMAN44 What kind of mags and mag internals are you using? Are you using a 9mm spacer in your mags? Just wondering based on your OAL.
  8. Presently shooting open 9mm minor USPSA & Steel and loading at the following: 115 gr. Berry plated, 4.1 gr. Titegroup, OAL 1.138. No issues. I will be using MG 115 gr.CMJ for major (might consider using MG 124 gr. CMJ). What I need is a few tried & proven loads. I want to keep the OAL at 1.138 to 1.14 for mag feeding & chambering reliability. I have never tried loading 9mm major. I want to shoot 9mm major in USPSA. Shooting a STI Custom 9mm open gun with a 2 port comp for steel. Don't want to change the comp to shoot major. Need something resonably soft & flat and n
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