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  1. Ramas

    Ron Avery

    Today is very sad day for me. I lost Ron Avery! I grew on his instructionals videos and dreamed one day to take classes from him. He was an instructor from GOD! Passionate shooter of IPSC and USPSA! Rest in Peace my Friend!
  2. Only 16 posts on the largest Practical Sooting Forum about IPSC World Shoot XVII in shooting Mecca so far?... Unbelievable sad and sick!!! It must be shooting fest to all practical shooters all around the world.
  3. Ramas

    TTI Sights

    Any plans for Europe distibutors or sending to Europe?
  4. Gyroscopes or finger strengteners is awaste of money and time. Recoil management comes from few things in my oppinion: 1. It deppends how high yoy grip your gun with supporting hand, especially your palm must be as high as possible. 2. Your other hand must grip as possible as you can be high on the gun (and it is one of the fundamental things you should work allways). It will always be uncomffortable, but it should be it, relax. 3. Lock your elbows. 4. Take forward stance in all possible shooting situations.
  5. IPSC Production div. alows this mod, unless you gonna modify the slide.
  6. Good post! I think it is Eric Grauffel like story. He always was very very fast, but not that great at his hits in young years. Look at him now. He is still very very fast, but he figured out how to get good hits. He is unbeatable for more than 10 years.
  7. I am one of those people who do not affraid the first one stage. Actually I win it. My question is how I should I mainatain my 1 place? I tend to crush myself in other stages. I go for results and I am not so good that I was in first stage.
  8. This game is about how high you can grip your gun, not how strong your grip is Look at this video:
  9. Champion should defend his championship, not escape from it!
  10. Bob can beat me, but my thoughts will stay the same. Champion should defend his championship!
  11. Guys I do not want to insult anyone. Please, look from competitive point of view. I just think, that World Champion should defend his title. He should do not care who is shooting against him, not jump to another division because he thinks that he have no chances to his competition. If he changes division, then he confirms that his competition is stronger than him.
  12. Well it seems that I am hated for my thoughts in this thread. Let it be... I expressed my mood after I found out this situation. It is a shame to me. My thoughts was that EG will face the most difficult challenge in PD as he was looking for. My favorite athletes were Bob Vogel, PD World Champion, Dave Sevigny, who won most of Production div. in USA and Ben Stoeger, who came frome nowhere. Now BV and DS jumped to Standard div. after Eric Grauffel announced that he will shoot PD. Now there is only competition between EG and BS. Ben You have BALLS! Wish You will perform fantastic in upcoming WS!
  13. I do not want to hate someone, but it is not fair when World Champion choosing another division and all shooting community knows why he did it without any fight. IT IS A SHAME!!!
  14. So EG gets out of OD because he wins 5 times and no one can even close to challenge him. Then he thinks that challenge in PD is bigger, but all competitors escapes to SD imediatly, because they think they want some changes? Com on give me a break!
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