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  1. Right now I’ve got a Quarter Circle 10 side charger. Overall, I really like it. On the play side, manipulating the bolt is just easier all the way around during administration actions - make ready, unload/clear, etc. While not a big deal, it’s kind of nice. Table starts/Unloaded starts are definitely faster. The downside is that on a table start a rear charger with a big paddle on the charging handle was kinda propped up in such a way as to really let you scoop it up into your hand. With the side charger it lays down in such a way where the barrel is tilted slightly up. First time I did that we were using an old wooden spool as a table as scraped a big splinter under a fingernail which was less than pleasant. Now days, I’ll get my knee under the end of the stock and kind of pop it up into my hand if the situation allows, and that’s really fast. That being said, if I were to do it again, I’d just get a Gibbs (who makes them for QC10) soI could get the larger competition handle.
  2. With 4.1 gr of Shooters World Clean shot I'm getting 1,120fps with a Montana Gold 124gr CMJ or roughly the same with a 124gr. PD JHP for 137pf. Interestingly enough, 10" seems to be the sweet spot with this load. a 14.5" barrel give me about 1,105fps, while the 5" ULW barrel gives me 1,065-ish or about 132pf. With the top and bottom feed ramps, the JHP is pretty reliable with Glock OEM mags, but you can feel it drag every now and then. It feels like I could eliminate that problem if I played around with OAL, but I'm lazy. Now, with the MBX Steel Glock mags, JHP feeds slicker than owl snot and without issue.
  3. Mine arrived this week and I ran about 500 rounds through it running drills... All I can say is DAMN... This is by far my favorite barrel so far. Runs absolutely flat and fast. The weight reduction up front makes it almost as fast in mounting and transitions as the ULW barrel, but the ample Comp keeps the muzzle stable. I had just purchased the 13.5” barrel and have ran about 100 or so rounds through it, but I think I’m going to just sell it and buy another 10/16.
  4. I’m very impressed with CleanShot. This is my new Go-To powder for all things 9mm Minor.
  5. I hate you OP... Mine should be here Tuesday.
  6. Following... I’m building a dedicated SC PCC with the TACCOM ULW barrel. Figured on trying that Berry’s 100 gr slug with Clean Shot.
  7. Give Shooters World Clean Shot a try... I’m running 4.1 gr with a 124gr PD JHP for 130/131pf in a Shadow 2and 139/140 in a 14.5” PCC. It shoots softer, cleaner, more consistent, and cooler than any TG load I found at same PF.
  8. The only people I see routinely saying stages have to be changed are non-PCC shooters. Whether it’s the rope thing or carrying something, you can still do it with a PCC.
  9. I’m ready for that, too...
  10. I’ll just shoot it like this... Bring it.
  11. Well... I have the CZC Threaded barrel and I was planning on building out a TSO Major Gun with it, but finding a Comp is becoming an issue.
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