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  1. Stock spring and zero issues with about 1k through it the last month. The grips are nice, and very pretty but I prefer the LOK thin Bogies so I’ll end up selling these. As far as IDPA, I have no idea.
  2. Nice... Yours must have been in the same batch. How are are you liking yours?
  3. Ha! That’s actually my gun. Heres another pic if it helps, though.
  4. I just had Fire4Effect build mine... So far I couldn’t be happier.
  5. That makes way too much sense to ever happen.
  6. Just registered! Last year i went went to shoot the NM Sectional and found a broken firing pin literally the night before... Of course, no spares. Ive got a few extra this year!
  7. At that point you should have just mag dumped the No-Shoot for the lulz. That's my plan the next time one goes south... "Umm... 5.27 seconds... Six Mikes, 57 No-Shoots.... TAPE AND RESET!"
  8. PCC: 4.47 seconds with six Alphas. Put me at 94.45%. Ran it a couple of times in practice just a hair under 4.0 seconds but it felt like I was right on the edge and I'd was over swinging onto T2. 4.15-4.25 felt like the sweet spot but I ended up playing it safe at the match.
  9. You can still game it a little... Start so that all you have to do is take a single step into the box, and then just lift your butt off the chair so you aren’t touching it. Shoot T1 in a crouch, then straighten up while you’re reloading and transitioning to T2.
  10. Waiting for mine, too... Should be in the next couple of weeks.
  11. I just used LockTite on mine... no problems since.
  12. I have mine zeroed so that the tip of the triangle is POI at 25 yards, therefore everything within that just put the triangle on the target and your rounds will fall inside the reticle. I'm very happy with it but on occasion I feel as though I'd like a smaller reticle for tight no shoots. I ordered my next CO gun with the 2.5 MOA dot. If I don't like it, I'll put it on a carbine and drop a triangle I already have on there.
  13. Stay with a DPP, but try the 7.5 MOA triangle.
  14. I agree... Even though I'm not too crazy about the RMR, I still have one on my carry gun. The Holosun 507 uses the same footprint, though and I've been extremely impressed with it so far. i would think standardization would help expand the industry significantly. Right now, it's almost impossible to try new optics because most people have their slide milled. But if they were standardizing footprints? Sure, I'm going to grab a Max3 and drop it on the slide I have a DPP on right now.
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