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  1. Ditto... They're awesome for that.
  2. Yeah... Gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you right there.
  3. I can’t take credit for this as it was sent to me in a group chat, but it’s an excellent comparison: From left to right: Holosun Optics 510C, Sig Sauer Romeo 3 Max, Sig Sauer Romeo 3 XL, Trijicon SRO, Leupold Deltapoint Pro, Vortex Razor, CMORE RTS2, and Vortex Venom
  4. I think that's a pretty good way to describe it. PCC has its own challenges, and honestly I think if you're comparing it to an Ooen Gun, many of the advantages of a PCC Vs. Open dissolve once you're in the M/GM range.
  5. Excellent list... This is about what I do. i have one of those cantilevered desk lamps in my gun room that I clip a no shoot to so I can move it around and simulate a barrier.
  6. So, I got my build together and started dialing it in... When I was just doing function tests and sighting it in, I wasn't terribly impressed but was trying to consciously remind myself that snappier, faster recoiled doesn't necessarily mean more recoil. It definitely feels different and cycles much faster. Then I took it to a bay and started running drills... Damn, it's fast and flat. Compared to a Blitzkrieg with a short stroke kit, it doesn't *feel* as good, but seems to perform better. I've got a high round count 3-Gun-ish match tomorrow to for a shake down and will have another USPSA match next weekend. That'll make me feel better about taking to it the New Mexico Sectional. Short version? I'm impressed so far.
  7. I decided to do a whole new build for this... Should have everything together by next weekend.
  8. You mean “when” they want to shoot it.
  9. I did this and things seems to be working correctly now... I’ve probably put a good 20k through it since I dropped in this trigger so I’m wondering if it’s backed out little by little over time.
  10. In reality, most 5.56 is actually going to penetrate *less* than handgun calibers in a typical drywall and stick build residential structure. See where American LE has largely abandoned sub guns in favor of M4’s over the past couple of decades? That’s a big part of the reason why.
  11. I think there’s a definite advantage to PCC in the C-B Class range. However, when you get into the A-M-GM range and you’re comparing PCC shooters to Open shooters with sufficient skill level to take advantage of things like transition time, the advantages progressively fade away as you are saying.
  12. Weird... Mine has started doing this recently as well. I was thinking it was a fluke.
  13. Mine should be here today... Love to get this all dialed in before the New Mexico Sectional.
  14. I run 3.6gr TG with the same slug and get 1,090fps from a 16”, so that sounds dead nuts on. Whats your OAL?
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