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  1. This right here. But I also agree that it’s no legal.
  2. I’m not saying that it’s a replacement for a handheld in terms of everyday flashlight needs, but if you need to have your gun out a WML is absolutely superior in every meaningful way over a handheld.
  3. No... Because you don’t have to. With an 800-1k lumen WML you have more than enough spill to provide illumination for ID without muzzling the target.
  4. Don’t know anything about the former, but I literally can’t say more positive things about the TACCOM 10/16. Shoots flat and accurate.
  5. Ontos

    ESP question

    The last sentence is where it’s at. I’ve had SO’s tell me I was getting a PE because “Well, you were really supposed to do it like ______” Don’t care how you wanted me to do it... If you wanted everyone to do it like that you should have put it in the WSB. Not going to take a PE for it.
  6. Am I wrong? I’ve seen far too many matches where rules have been made on the fly based on the whims of an SO. If it’s legal and not addressed in the WSB nobody should care about the SO’s opinion on the matter.
  7. Ontos

    ESP question

    I don’t even see why people think this helps. You still have to rack the slide.
  8. If it’s not expressed in the written stage brief and it’s safe to do so or not otherwise forbidden in the rulebook it’s legal. Otherwise people are just making up rules on the fly. I don’t really care if they think it’s “gamey”.
  9. Lots of people carry guns with rails. Do you want to actually ID a threat? You should be running a WML which requires a rail. I won’t carry a gun without a rail.
  10. Umm... They’re mass production, stock guns. They’re just nice mass produced stock guns. I don’t see how this is any different from 2011’s that are legal in IDPA.
  11. I don’t think I’ve seen that... ever. Like not even have I heard about this happening.
  12. Unless you’re using concealed carry gear in USPSA already that ship has already sailed. If you’re running a competitive belt, holster and mag carrier in Production none of that will be legal in IDPA anyways. I’m a USPSA GM and IDPA MA (although I rarely shoot IDPA), so I just have two different sets of gear. Going back and forth with gear is pretty trivial compared to all the other differences between games.
  13. I see where you’re coming from and IDPA has allowances for a “Specialty Division”, unfortunately holster position still has to comply with IDPA rules so it’s not really an IDPA match at that point. Whenever you’re dealing with a formal competition which has rules, semantics are important. Here are the concealment rules right from the rule book. There’s nothing about your magazine carrier being concealed during the actual COF so theoretically at the beep there wouldn’t be a problem with sweeping back a cover garment behind mag carriers other than the fact it takes more time than its
  14. Yeah, because The rules make the game. It’s like having a USPSA match where people are running 15 rounds in Production or comps in Carry Optics. I mean, that’s cool and everything but you’re now running an outlaw match so Classifiers and match performance shouldn’t carry over. I carry AIWB, too, but I can’t run that way in an IDPA match and expect it to count for score.
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