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  1. You can weld in the position of your choice. Or you can order a barrel/comp from Brekke in 3 different positions; 12:00,1100, 0100 o'clock
  2. I really like the ramp on the taccom, wish they made a 10.5 barrel, mind me asking what you use?
  3. I have the 5"-16 ulw barrel, it's super accurate as well, just itching for a change .
  4. Has anyone been able to compare the 2 setups? 10" barrel w/ Brekke 6″ CompXtension Vs. Taccom Super Feed 10/16 Barrel TIA!
  5. I have more confidence in coated bullet manufacturers than everyone else right now unfortunately. Rumor mil DG is shipping quick, I've had good experience with S&S shipping fast when stuff is in stock.
  6. Who has one installed? Thoughts ? TIA
  7. Have you shot anything else out of the PCC (factory ammo), or plunk test factory stuff? This short length is ok according to the books with a JHP, but doesn't seem necessary with a coated bullet. I'm not familiar with you barrel but I would imagine 1.11-1.16" could be the norm. What bullet are you using ? Diameter? Do you have a picture of the failed rd?
  8. You'll run into a bunch of issues like feeding and extracting. If the bolt/slide can't get the bullet to chamber properly you wouldn't/shouldn't be able to get the hammer to hit the firing pin. Is this 9mm? 1.07 is pretty short, what barrel?
  9. What gun are you using ? I've used same 147 load before (actually 2.9~3.0gn titegroup) with a shadow 2, I had no problems knocking steel/moving trees. Moved to 3.2gn Sport Pistol w/147s
  10. Have you tried recording the gun (specifically the gun) while shooting to see how it acts with the different ammo? Next, run the timer, see which springs gets you the better splits ???
  11. Is the sleep option new? I've had green circuit boards prior, inner sticker went bad, and got blue board when leupold sent dots back to me. Noticed with blue boards, dot slept during match and had to physically hit the dot to wake up, drawing the gun wouldn't wake it back up. Green boards never slept.
  12. My PCC doesn't like the cones, no feeding issues with RN. BA barrel
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