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  1. DodgeNerd

    Shadow 2 slugging

    Please let me know what measurement you get
  2. DodgeNerd

    Shadow 2 slugging

    Sweet, I've heard to go get some fishing lead sinkers and melt it down
  3. DodgeNerd

    Shadow 2 slugging

    Who has slug their Shadow 2 barrel? I got .357", sound about right ? I used a 13 Brinnel hi-tek coated projectile, dont have a pure lead projectile to use yet*
  4. Never would have thought to do that!
  5. Thanks everyone, I'll report back in a bit
  6. Best die/dies for coated .356?
  7. Thanks guys, I have an old rcbs and lee taper die I can try I think
  8. Coated, FP* https://shop.blackbulletsinternational.com/9-147gr-500-9-147-500QTY.htm I will try to pull a bullet or too to see if it's getting sized down, using a Lee FCD btw. I didnt think sport pistol was hot. Maybe I'll bring it up too 3.2 and see what happens.
  9. So I was able to try 200rds or so 9mm tc 147gr BBI, 3.05gn sport pistol, 1.09oal with a shadow 2. I havent crono d these, but started with 2.9gn SP, 1.09 OAL that got me 126pf, (I only figured I need 3gn to get me through the day). I'm leading pretty good, I believe my crimps are .378ish, and I am using a NOE expander, i do not see any shaved bullets when loaded. Thoughts?
  10. Thanks for the info, sent mine off today
  11. Hey so how long did Leopold take to return your dot with new board ? The stopper, did you make it?
  12. https://doubletaptriggers.com/ Looks fun, has anyone used these triggers for an Ar?
  13. Nice! I'm looking to get a P10f to start in 2-gun, Where does one get tungsten putty?
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