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  1. Yeah I hope to get these to work, i priced them out to .06 for 147s, cheapest I've seen, but again not sure what to do with the extra m die/Noe. I have BBI holding me down for now, but on their 2019 blk Friday sale (best I've seen), I still only got them down to .08 for 147s
  2. Do you get leading with brazos? I got decent leading with their 124s with Titegroup. On their recommendation, trying sample pack of 147s on sport pistol, (they recommend clean shoot, but I dont have any)
  3. Sorry for the long post. I ordered a sample of their 147, waiting to test on Sport Pistol. I have a xl650 and not looking to get a separate Noe setup. I was able to get the 124s for .06, but with the price increases not sure it's worth the hassle. Anyone else running a Shadow 2 with hi-tek or Polycoat?
  4. Is anyone running Brazos in a shadow 2 and get leading ? I started with their 124 rn on top of some Titegroup. Their customer service (awesome guys) recommended; "I’m not ready to announce this just yet but try a .377” crimp. I’m betting it’ll fix it. CZ Leading Solution Announcement! To all our CZ shooters, we have completed the first phase of our testing and have discovered that our 9-147-RN-BB-NLG bullets, sized to 0.357, work without leading, when loaded with 3.4gr of Shooters World Propellant Shooters Clean Shot and an OAL of 1.110". This OAL puts the bullet just short of the lands and allows it to plunk and spin freely in the barrel. We recommend that you also check the OAL in your barrel to ensure that you are getting the same loading. These were test fired in our CZ-75 SP-01, and loaded with an NOE expander in the Lee Universal Expanding die, belled with a standard powder through expander, and finished with a light crimp to take out the belling. We carefully set this up and pulled bullets from loaded rounds and measured using our Mitutoyo micrometer to ensure that no swaging was occurring in the loading process. It is important that you use the 0.357 diameter and do not have any swaging. The bore is 0.3555, and the 0.356 bullets are just not large enough and will cause leading. Obviously it doesn't take a lot of swaging to get even 0.358 diameter bullets to be too small. We are going to start offering the Lee die and NOE expander on our website, so that you can order them all from us without having to hunt down elsewhere. We will also be selling them at very competitive pricing, just to make the solution available to our customers. As we offer this, we will also be offering a similar solution for Dillon presses/dies as well. Keep you eye out here and we will announce when these are available. We are going to continue our testing to include using this same thing with Titegroup, as well as the 9-115-RN-BB-NLG profile as well. We expect to follow-up on these results later in the week."
  5. My CZ75 TTI fit the guage at delmarva ? Anyone else at delmarva think the weights were off? (Bullet weight and gun???) Or am I crazy off on my home scales?
  6. Thanks, I know they mentioned leaded stuff to be careful of the shroud, but that's got to be some crazy build up for that thing to clog.
  7. Hi cecil, Mind me asking what brand 124gr bullet you are using? I just got a taccom 5", I'm scared to run anything not jacketed for cleaning purposes.
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