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  1. A sore subject for some, but would this be a good time for USPSA and IDPA to rethink the rule to lower the hammer all the way instead of half-cock?
  2. From Earl at Carl Walther..”they have been the same spring throughout production”.
  3. I emailed Earl at Carl Walther and asked if he’d heard of a spring change. Let you know what he says. I haven’t had any problems with mixed range brass yet.
  4. johes


  5. Disregard. Found my answer on another thread.
  6. Does anyone know if Brownells 9mm 10 round mags are Metalform? Except for the coating they look exactly like my Dawson’s. Want to be sure before I order Dawson baseplates. Thanks
  7. I hope not! That’s how old I am!
  8. Went from Glock to CZ Shadow then to Walther. Now it’s Glock to Walther to Glock to Walther to Glock.... You get the picture.
  9. Well? Will there be an Apex or not?
  10. johes

    Q5 SF Lok grips

    I have thin bogies on mine but I think I’m missing the hump. Anyone else with small hands lik the regulars over the thins?
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