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  1. I hope not! That’s how old I am!
  2. Went from Glock to CZ Shadow then to Walther. Now it’s Glock to Walther to Glock to Walther to Glock.... You get the picture.
  3. Well? Will there be an Apex or not?
  4. johes

    Q5 SF Lok grips

    I have thin bogies on mine but I think I’m missing the hump. Anyone else with small hands lik the regulars over the thins?
  5. There’s a lot of Walther IDPA/USPSA shooters on here..
  6. Fair enough. Just shared an opinion as you did. BTW, if we went back in time as you said, no internal trigger mods either cause I ain’t carrying a glock with a sub 3 pound trigger. Also a Q5SF shooter.
  7. There are 3 guns, Beretta 92x, Sig X5 Legion, and CZ Shadow 2 that are factory stock, non “race guns” but don’t meet weight requirements. Isn’t it time to adjust the rules enough to let these stock guns in?
  8. Moderators, with Walther’s growing popularity in IDPA and USPSA, can we get a separate Walther category?
  9. Simple for me. If I shoot it, I clean it. Even my Glocks.
  10. johes

    Q5 Poly vs Steel

    Just swapped out the regular LOK’s for thins. Feels much better for my small hands.
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