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  1. No truer words ever spoken. I’d have more money and probably be a little better shooter.
  2. Same here with a brief stint in between with Walther for optic.
  3. What’s different about the trigger/trigger bar in the SF that the Apex trigger for the polymer won’t fit?
  4. Funny, I had the same result with my Q5. Felt worse after polishing. In the 5” standard I bought as backup to Q5, I just let shooting take care of it. Also Q5 okay after shooting a bunch. Both fine now.
  5. Will Springer .375 base pads work with Taylor Freelance PPQ magwell?
  6. Anyone tried Springer pads with the Taylor Freelance magwell?
  7. johes

    Gen5 frame

    On the Gen5 frame on the right side where material was removed for the ambi slide release, it left the frame very thin. Does anyone see that as a problem for a heavy use gun like for SSP/Production? Or am I over thinking this.
  8. I went with IPSC box standards for 126mm. Per Dawson, they're only held in place by the spring. Have you had any trouble with them coming off? They don't seem as secure as stock plates. Slide back a little.
  9. Anyone had any success sticking with the oem plastic base plates? Heavy usage
  10. What base pads are you using for 2011 mags? Both 126's(IDPA) and 140's. How well do the OEM's hold up? Thanks.
  11. Slide stop hasn’t been a problem for me yet, but I have small hands.
  12. I'm much the same, except Shadow instead of Stock 3. Tend to drift back to the 34, but the Q5 is growing on me.
  13. Just wondered how many of you are shooting Q5's and PPQ's in SSP/Production that used to be Glock and/or CZ shooters.
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