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  1. I'm down south in St George, but I know there is plenty of USPSA activity in the Salt Lake area. CAPS is in Logan LTD is in Kaysville SLPSA is in SLC
  2. Welcome to free America. What part of Utah?
  3. My new favourite classifier! PCC - JP GMR-15 Time - 6.57s Scoring - 13A 3C Points - 74 Hit factor - 11.2633 This run works out to about 106%. Oddly, it wasn’t a perfect run as I hesitated on the load to make sure the mag seated and the reload was not perfect.
  4. I’ve got two of these extensions. I am loading relatively short, 1.120”, to ensure no salt shaker. TF says 1.125 but I’m giving a little margin. Also I’ve found that glock mag tubes are hit or miss. What I was seeing was the mag feeding very slowly...switched tubes and the rounds snapped up like you’d expect.
  5. I got the 14.5” pinned and welded from BSPS back in September just before nationals. It ran great at the match and has been extremely reliable since then. The JP is much heavier than the MPX I ran previously, but reliability is king. No experience with the 5.5” but my MPX did have a short barrel with extension. That setup balanced really well and transitioned fast. I’d imagine the same would be true for the JP 5.5”.
  6. Do this. If it’s an option for the gun you choose, get one that is optic ready so you can also play in CO and Open. Just know that open minor with a slide mounted dot is not competitive...even less so than limited minor.
  7. My first match was long ago, April 2012...scoring was on paper and the results got published weeks later. I saved all the results emails for years before the clubs in my area started using PractiScore. Anyway, I shot Production in my first match finishing 10th of 11, 42nd of 50 overall. Zero’d the classifier, which as I recall was a 35 yard standards. At that point I’d never considered shooting weak or strong hand only! Over the years since that first match I’ve classified in all divisions except revo, making GM last December at age 54.
  8. I flew into O’Hare with two PCCs and mags. No problems outside of the airline losing my gun case due to their incompetence. Edit: this was August 2019.
  9. Matt, I have some STI gen 1 mags and some MBX mags. I tried taking an MBX pad and put it on the STI tube. While it certainly fits on the tube, the way the lips on the bottom of the STI tube are cut back the retention pin on the MBX mag is sloppy, so the pad is loose. Does it fit...yes. Would it work...probably. It would however look and sound sloppy.
  10. Same here. While I have a Remington 700, that sure wasn’t the trigger I was expecting. I’m still waiting on a RMA and return label...
  11. Better to shoot a match with what you have today than to ponder what equipment to “need” to be more competitive for a couple more years. In other words: just go shoot. Be safe and have fun. You won’t win your first match anyway.
  12. I didn’t say it was a very small problem. I said a very slight impact on the comp causing bullets to tumble. Matt fixed it and had the barrel back to me within a week. I was very pleased with his response time on the fix and the gun has been 100% for me since then.
  13. I didn’t order from CK, but purchased thru Shooters Connection. I’ve got a Hardcore Limited and Hardcore Open. The limited gun was 100% right out of the box. On the open gun I sent the barrel back to Matt and had him deepen the chamber so I could load out to 1.165” and had him alignment ream the comp as I was getting some keyholing due to a very slight comp impact. After those fixes the open gun has been 100%. Fit and finish wise I am very happy with the guns.
  14. Good video. I appreciate you pointing out the good and the not good on the Limcat. Definitely sounds like an honest, unbiased review.
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