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  1. I’m also interested in this. Anyone have experience fitting this to an existing 2011? Exactly what fitting is required? Edit: thx Nolan very helpful info.
  2. You know that’s how I roll.
  3. I’m calculating about three years at my normal rate of training and matches. I live in the desert and shoot year round so the seasons don’t impact my primer consumption rate.
  4. i shot a the north Arizona classic in Prescott this past weekend. At the chrono stage I was told to put three rounds in a mag and five more in a cup on the table. Then told to make ready. RO then told me where to position the muzzle and fire, read chrono, repeat and repeat. At no point did anyone handle my gun, mag or ammo besides me. I declared my bullet weight. They did not pull a bullet but said they would if I didn’t make power factor on my first 6 rounds.
  5. Interested in a official answer. I’d have to imagine this will become a common problem at majors this fall and into next year.
  6. I also run two pouches but you would be fine with just one.
  7. Here's an unloaded start at match speed: Not sure the time to first shot but the total time was 6.57s with 3 Charlies. Mags are downloaded to about 18 (full is 21) rounds. I prefer using short mags for unloaded starts and mandatory reloads as I feel like I have better control with this than a big stick. This is a JP with Glock mags, which go straight into the magwell...I find the load on this gun is a bit more reliably fast than on my MPX due to the angle you have to insert the MPX mag.
  8. Because we were using Nooks at the time for scoring devices and only had the one iPad which was used for registration / walk ons, arranging squads and other similar admin functions which would have been inconvenient at best in a nook.
  9. TeedOff


    My observation is that this function is not available on Android.
  10. Just download the mag a few rounds so it will insert easily with the bolt forward. If you are using a 30 round mag and a +11 extension you should have plenty to complete the stage.
  11. When I was running an MPX I used the 20s for mandatory reloads on classifiers. Other than that, 30s with TTI extensions are good to go.
  12. Sure...your mileage may vary, objects in mirror are closer than they appear, etc. Here is what I am loading for my “major match load”: 115gr RMR FMJ bullet, 1.125” COAL, 3.6 gr of titegroup. This gives me 1186 FPS/136.5 power factor. I’ve tried bullets from 95 gr up to 150. I feel like in my guns the lighter bullets feel like they cycle faster with less dot movement. I liked the feel of the 95 gr bullets but it requires a lot more powder. It felt good but was quite obnoxious (loud). I’ve tested bullseye, clean shot and sport pistol in addition to titegroup.
  13. I’ve had 3 MPXs and one GMR. I’m running built guns now. I got tired of the maintenance and unreliability of the MPXs. I had too many major matches ruined by failures. I then got the GMR because I wanted something that was known to be reliable. The JP simply ran out of the box. I added an optic and a magwell to make it race ready. I ran it for about 8 monthes, maybe 8-10k rounds and had no failures. During that stretch I made GM in PCC. I always loved the weight/balance (once the barrel and handguard are swapped out) and how the mpx felt shooting. The JP felt
  14. Just get a gmr15. It works of the box.
  15. Legal. I’ve seen a few guys run them. Out of the box the ergonomics seem less that ideal. I believe taccom and maybe others have aftermarket bits to address the shortcomings.
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