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  1. I recently faced this choice. After shooting both 929 and 627, I decide to go with the 627 based on my experience shooting the 929 in the Mesquite Mayhem Revolver Classic. I struggled with the 929 getting the spinner over while guys with 627s shooting magnums seemed to have no issue. It came down to versatility for me...38 short colt for uspsa and icore, 38 special for steel challenge and an occasional 357 mag for stubborn targets like that spinner.
  2. Did you look in PractiScore? I found a Collins county uspsa match this weekend. Appears to be reasonably close to Dfw. I’m sure someone from the area will be along...
  3. Before going to a major match I would check the mags to make sure they fit a mag gage. I’ve seen too many x five shooters bumped to open because of mag length.
  4. What sort of buffer system are you running in that 9mm steel challenge gun?
  5. I’ve got a .22 set up very close to my match PCCs. I run it in steel challenge RFRO. It’s good that the controls, optic and general feel of the gun is similar across them but the recoil impulse and dot movement is just different. I don’t think there’s any harm in running similar setups across 22 and 9mm PCCs but for me I’ll still train with the PCC predominantly.
  6. Multiple PCCs. I have switched modules before and it does indeed affect the zero significantly. I’ve also used two cmores on adm quick release mounts and didn’t have an issue with that.
  7. I shoot both uspsa and steel challenge with a cmore railway. 2 MOA for uspsa and 8 MOA for steel. I like the smaller dot for a bit more precision in aiming for uspsa.
  8. I’ve run cmores on my open guns and now run them on the PCCs. I guess I’m too old/stubborn/stupid to try something new, but the cmores just work for me. I’ve played with the holosun a few times and maybe I just didn’t give it enough time but I didn’t care for the circle or the very small dot. I literally changed the dot module today on my primary gun...I like the flexibility to do that.
  9. Life happens. People get new jobs, move, married, kids or whatever and time/money available to play changes. I played golf for 30 years at a low single digit handicap level. For me it got to a point where I had too high expectations for my performance which lead to frustration when I didn’t perform. The effort, in terms of time and money, to improve became no longer worth it. Now I’ve now gotten to the point where I play golf maybe twice a year and really enjoy it. I still break 80 but with no self induced pressure it’s a totally different experience. On the other hand, now I shoot like 15 matches a month. I’m still learning so the challenge is still there. I’m classified in 7 of 8 (no revo but I just got a 627...) divisions and have at times worked hard on several of them. I recently found steel challenge and set a goal to classify in all 13 SC divisions in 2020 (three to go). Point being...I’ve found there are always fresh opportunities to learn in USPSA and SC which has been part of keeping me engaged in the sport for the last 10 years. Will I stop shooting at some point? Hard to say, but I never thought I’d all but quit golf either. Taking life as it comes.
  10. I had the same feeling that the mpx was too front heavy. My solution was to replace the stock barrel with a 4.5” barrel with aluminium shroud to get it to 16”. Then I replaced the heavy stock handguard with an isler carbon finer handguard. Took a ton of weight off and swings way better in this setup.
  11. More load development and testing needed, but what I’ve seen so far is the recoil and dot movement is near zero.
  12. Recoil and dot movement was almost zero. Very nice shooting. Edit: By no movement I mean pulling the trigger as fast as possible and not leaving a 10” plate at 18 yards.
  13. After trying a handful of 100 grainers at a match yesterday, I went ahead and ordered a couple thousand 95 grainers to play with. The ones I tried had a really nice feel so I’m hopeful I can get a similar result.
  14. I’m not familiar with the Lee bushings, but isn’t the tool head at least in part what drives up the cost of calibers conversions for blue?
  15. In this situation, I’ve simply called Hornady and they sent me a couple of shins. No questions asked.
  16. On that point, the guy had one of these 3D printed case feeder things and was loading tubes by hand so high volume productivity really wasn’t a factor in his review.
  17. Chris from HoH is at many major matches throughout Area 1 and 2...try to catch him there.
  18. I guess I heard it differently. He stated several times there is really no significant functional difference between the two. I believe the choice comes down changeover time and cost and the number of calibers you need to load.
  19. Aaron did one of my Shadow 2s. The fit is indeed very precise. Quick turnaround too, but I’m local so I just dropped it off and picked it up. Highly recommend his work.
  20. Agree with ck1...check the disconnector spring every so often. I’ve had two 24Cs fail due to the disconnector spring breaking or being crushed. Naturally this had to happen mid-match both times. That said, I’m still running the triggers after refreshing the springs.
  21. In the last week I shot a 4 stage steel challenge, a five stage USPSA and another 5 stage USPSA match. All matches we run with the typical precautions of distancing, no shooters meeting, minimise line up at check in/pay, etc. All matches have been well attended as you can imagine.
  22. Because you can? I run 40 and 50 round mags so I have extra rounds on board in case of make ups. My stage plan is if I think I’d need a reload in a worst case scenario then grab a bigger mag. PCC means no reloads unless WSB has a mandatory reload.
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