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  1. The Prison state of NY. Flatland region, just northwest of the Big Rotten Apple. The main reason why I shoot revolvers and 1911's. Looking to get a southpaw friendly double stack decocker model that has 10 round mags available, and the capability for high cap mags for when I move to a free state. CZ fits the bill and now it's time to get one and have it ready for 2017's Steel season.
  2. I went from a 625JM to a 327JM and added a 929JM soon after. The only one I've had to disassemble was the 929 and it should've never come out of the PC shop in the condition it was in. Was looking into the 627 V comp, as it's a good looking pistol and I hear it shoots as good as it looks. Luckily I never had the chance to fire one, or I'd have to buy one too. Good luck with it and please give at least 24 hours before you take a brand spankin new pistol apart !
  3. I've only handled CZ pistols used in open class in my neck of the woods. All SAO. Most of the production class shooters are using Sigs, HK's and 92's.
  4. I shoot ISR double action with a S&W929 and 327JM and am looking at selling one of them to get a CZ bottom feeder with decocker to shoot production class. I'm looking at getting the decocker model, as I don't want to have to deal with letting the hammer down on a live round before starting a stage or training. I know it can be done, but I just don't feel safe doing it. I'm a southpaw shooter and after reading about the CZ's ability to switch the mag release for LH use and the ambi decocker of the tactical model has me hooked on getting one. The only thing stopping me now, is the heavy DA pull of the stock model and making the DA trigger pull acceptable and reliable for competition + training with an aftermarket kit. Is it feasible and worth trying to accomplish a better DA trigger pull, or should I look elsewhere ?
  5. I need a break from NY and most of its inhabitants. I'll forget about the summer heat right after I hook my first redfish (or whatever fish were going after) of the day. Unfortunately, I'll have to return to NY after living in a free state for a week.
  6. I reside in Rockland county, just outside of the city in the first blast ring of an atomic bomb. Thanks to my father, I've been reloading for 38 years(since I was10 years old) and the only ammo I've had to buy has been .22lr in all those years. I'll be enjoying Florida in a few weeks too, visiting my father. Gulf side, south of crystal river.
  7. Hello, Lurked this site for years and finally signed up today. Been shooting for 30 + years in all types of firearm activities and comps. Mostly revolvers (327JM + 929), but am looking to get into shooting a bottom feeder now, so here I am.
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