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  1. Well for some it might be the added cost of buying the small frame magazines if they only have large frames now. That’s not exactly pennies.
  2. I see money just floating away as I read this thread. The only question is if the Stock 2L is brought over as well will decide how much drifts away from my hands.
  3. Don't know anything about it actually. I was scared reading your post for a second until I saw the price. Not a concern really but I'll have to do some investigating on it.
  4. I understand exactly what your saying but I am a person who really struggles with the thought that there can't be a press that can do everything well. Think of all the achievements we as humans have made through great designing and engineering. My plan is have some beta testers but that's still a long ways off. I don't look at this project as a fast moving one.
  5. That's honestly a great idea. Ill have to see if that's even possible with my press.
  6. I'm going to try my best to find out. There might still be a chance it doesn't come from an unknown supplier. What if a new high cost consumer press comes from a very well known supplier? That means it most likely will come with a higher price as well though, I'm sure.
  7. I'm trying to be as careful as possible. I have heard many stories of stolen ideas. Even stories of companies acting uninterested and at a later date used the very idea they said was not useful.
  8. Well unfornutely the phone conversation didn't transpire today. Hopefully this week sometime but may be next week it will happen.
  9. Thanks, ace, for your input. I understand your frustrations. I appreciate your feedback and have read all your advisements. They echo many things I feel can be improved on with current progressive presses. I get that instructions should be made thorough and so anyone can follow them no matter what kind of mechanical aptitude they have as well. I also would hope this doesn't turn into a thread of back and forth explanations of why that's not a real problem and then a response of yes it is. I would like to keep it open to any and everyone who feels something is subpar. Whether that same thing is subpar to someone else matters not. So with that said keep the improvements coming.
  10. So I have just had a very brief conversation with an owner of a reloading company that I'm sure all of you have heard of (it's one of the big ones in the game). He stopped me before we could get into any details but didn't want to continue without a certain other person on the line. So I have a phone call scheduled for Monday at noon. Who knows if anything will come to fruition but at least they are giving me an ear. I'm honored that they are taking the time and have made me really feel that they care to listen to their customers.
  11. 1. I honestly am not to the point of worrying about price point as of right now, My personal goal is just to create the darn thing and see where it goes from there. But as I do believe I've settled that these presses will be 6 and 8 stages, I feel they aren't necessarily going to be head to head with any press, even though I'm sure many people will see it that way. 2.I actually never thought of people loading up more than 100 primers at a time. The flip tray that would be apart of the system would be typical sizes you see now. I would put a warning as to not put more than 100 at a time, but I'm sure that people will say hey lets load 200-300+ into the tray, they can fit. I also feel the design of it is very simple as well. I try to keep everything simple as possible. Less cause for concern that way. 3. Don't have much to say here accept the way the case will be delivered to the shellplate will be different in many ways. But honestly very simple. The hopper will function very much like a Dillon or Hornady. 4. I'm not so sure it's promise as it is a goal. But imagine if it is achieved. 5. The way I plan on setting positive seating depth is very similar to how a very good single stage achieves it now. Not spring pressure. It would be a solid stop thus force shouldn't matter. What if the difference in primer depth and cleanliness and Swaging where all accomplished with the same tool before getting to the priming station? I think I've got a pretty good idea to do it but won't know for a while until it could be tested.
  12. Those are two very tall orders for a progressive as well. I like that you guys are giving me more things to think about to incorporate. Maybe some things wouldn't come standard with the press but could be additional options.
  13. Taken into consideration. A trimmer space would have to be on the 8 stage. The culled "ringers" or incorrect primer diameter might be taken care of with the way I'm thinking of making sure the positive priming depth and swaging is ensured in all cases but might be a difficult task.
  14. Swaging is in the mix for sure. Price point is hard to guess at this point in the game, but I would definitely want to keep it competitive. The truth is that it's looking more and more like it's going to be a 6 stage and an 8 stage. Having the ability to have a powder check die in the press is a must, in doing that I feel the need for another stage than the typical presses out now.
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