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  1. Numrich Arms was the only place I could find a hammer. Luckily I live a couple hours away from them, so I'll be able to have it before the weekend and have the work done to fit and test it next weekend. I also ordered all of the parts to make it a drop in assy, and will carefully remove the single action notch and make it a true DAO pistol. I won't trim off weight as much as the hammers above, but maybe I'll take a drill + dremel and clean out the inletted areas of the hammer if I'm feeling adventurous. Thanks for bringing this up Paul. I needed another winter project to keep me busy, as the snows been coming down and more is on the way.
  2. I would also like a bobbed hammer, but can't find the correct hammer style. Every N frame hammer I find is steel and has the hammer nose/firing pin on it. I've done every type of trigger pull enhancement. Ext firing pin, .040" moon clips, springs and polishing. It's firing reliably with fed + win primers and a smooth 6lb DA pull now and I'm wondering if bobbing the hammer would improve it, or leave it stock ?
  3. I found and bought a used PAL and will do a comparison to my modified VP unit when it arrives. Being I scored a crap load of Win SP primers, the VP has been giving me a headache. I've had hardly any issues with other manufacturers primers, but with Win SP's, I get at least 4 out of 100 rounds with flipped primers and the added time to flip the primer in the primer holder that I knew were flipped, because it didn't feed from the tube. That really messes up my loading FU, especially now that I have a bullet + case feeder on my 550.
  4. I can use the extended mag bases, but they stick out way to far and I want a more compact magazine. I already have some factory base pads, so I'm just going to make some spacers out of aluminum since I need to permanently epoxy the magblock limiter in place to be in compliance with NY SAFE requirements. It sucks I won't be able to clean them afterwards, but at least I'll have more mags to use.
  5. I bought my second P09 from him and the magazines came with it and he can't find the factory mag parts. My FFL is holding them till I can make them 10 rounders. I have enough 10 rd mags, I just thought it would be easy to adapt them to 10 rd's with the magblock adapters I bought, but I didn't know the magazine extensions used a different base pad lock.
  6. I recently bought some P09 19 round factory magazines with + 2 extension base pads from a friend that lives in a free state. Being I live in the prison state of NY, I need to make them 10 round capacity. I figured I buy some magazine limiters and be done with it, but I would need the factory base pad locks to do so and the magazines don't have the factory base locks in them because of the +2 base pads on them. I would like to know if the CZ 75 base pad lock would fit in the P09 mag base pad and if anyone would know where I could acquire some ? I scrounged and found some 09 base pads, but no locks. CZ is all out and I signed up for notification weeks ago. Thanks
  7. If it was priced better, they wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand. It's still a hand held unit and for the price, you can get the Dillon and just dump primers in and load while it's filling the tube.
  8. Exactly. I have the redding seat/crimp die in station 4. I also have the DAA/Lee die that I got when ordering the Mini too, just in case the other die didn't work well. Loaded thousands of rounds with the bullet feeder before adding the case feeder. Sold the 650 to a friend after getting the case feeder working properly on the 550. I've been loading with the 550 since the late 80's and if my family will follow my wishes, I'll probably be buried with it.
  9. Agreed and that's why I kept my 550 with case + Mini Mr bullet feeder and sold the 650. To me, an upgrade would be moving to an auto driven 1050 with all of the bells and whistles.
  10. Thanks for the reference. zhunter has posted a wealth of information on the P-09. I shot/chrono'd the last of my 125 blues with the WSF today. Very nice in the recoil dept, but accuracy still wasn't there. The good news is that my cajunized 09 shot everything it was fed and had no hiccups. My two friends who came to shoot with me added a P-09 to their list of gun buys for 2017. It's amazing what a few parts and polishing can do to make a good pistol great.
  11. That's why I practice, practice, practice all the time, so I don't DQ at a match. Did I mention practice ? At least you had your firearm pointed in a safe direction and no one was hurt.
  12. I shot some Xtreme 147's and they shot ok, but are very expensive. I didn't have any 124 +/- grain projos of any sort and I've heard good things about coated, so I'm giving them a try. I ordered some .356 124 RN's from Missouri with the Hi tek coating. I'd like to have a load dialed in before the snow melts and the steel plates come out of hibernation. I Installed the GGW parts and will be hitting the range tomorrow.
  13. I will E mail them, but most manufacturers offer .356 as their standard size of 9mm bullets and are in stock. Using my google Fu, I found about 8 different companies that offer their bullets sized in many different diameters + colors, and have sample packs too. Time to place some orders.
  14. I was shooting 3+" groups from the bench at 20 yards with a 125 blue/longshot combo that was chrono'd at just over 1,000 fps. A very consistent load that dropped the brass 3 feet away, with the lowest ES of all the loads I tried with longshot and hardly any recoil. Shot a few inches low, but when I jacked them up a bit, the groups started to open up more. I was going to install an 75 adjustable rear sight and dial the load in, but that would mean I'd have to have a really tall front sight according to Dawsons sight calculator. I want to keep my 09 as compact as possible, and the adjustable rear sight sit's way too high off the slide for my comfort, so I'm scrapping that idea. Once I find a decent load, I'll dial it in with a fixed sight. I searched this morning and found a partial bag of blues in my range bag that I was going to give to a friend to try in his 01, so I loaded some up with 4.0 - 4.4 - 4.8 grns of WSF and will see how they compare to the longshot loads. I also ordered some CGW goodies with my Christmas bonus that'll be here next week, so maybe I'll wait to go to the range till after I enhance it. Maybe not, since the suns shining, my trigger finger is itching and I love the smell of burnt powder in the morning !
  15. Tried .355" 125 blue's for my first coated bullet trials with my 09. They shot decent. Upon reading up on loading coated bullets in greater detail here and afar, the consensus is that I should try using .356" bullets. Any insight from others loading coated bullets for their P-09's ? I'm out of blue bullets and have no other lead to try and slug my barrel. I need to order more bullets and was thinking I might purchase some SNS .356" 125 RN this time around, as blue doesn't offer a .356" bullet in 125.
  16. shoots100

    CZ P-09 rear sight

    Thanks. I looked into it more and found the same results about an hour after I posted. I'm going to try to find the correct fixed FO front sight for the load i'm shooting now using dawsons calculator, as the adj rear sight sits way above the slide and it looks like i'll need to put on a pretty tall front sight. I'd like to keep the front sight as low as possible.
  17. shoots100

    CZ P-09 rear sight

    I received my rear sight, but haven't installed it yet, as I haven't found clarification that I'll be able to shoot my 09 in production class with it installed ? Since it's not a factory part for the 09, I'm assuming it's not.
  18. Suggestions. Can you make a press with a convertible deck height, like a Mec loader ? One setting for a shorter stroke for pistol loading and you can lower the deck for rifle case length capability ? I would be happy to just have a press the size and with the short stroke of a Square deal B, with the option to add a case/bullet feeder. While I have been fond of the workout, after 30+ years reloading with all sorts of reloading machines , I'm tired of the long stroke the presses have to accommodate loading rifle length cartridges.
  19. P-07. Smaller Frame. Multiple Back strap options. Ambi mag release. Decocker or Safety option. CGW and CZ upgrades. If she doesn't like it, you can use it as a carry option. I'm a lefty, was looking for the same requirements as you(except the frame size) and the P-09 has worked for me.
  20. shoots100

    CZ P-09 rear sight

    Did you settle on the .225" front sight height, or did Dawson recommend a different height ?
  21. I'll need to check out the apex firing pin and hammer now. Is the apex pin pointed like the factory pin, or rounded like the C&S pin ?
  22. shoots100

    CZ P-09 rear sight

    Any news on your front sight height results ? I already ordered the rear sight.
  23. I've had mine for awhile and it's been a very good pistol, but I expected more from the performance center. Never had barrel or any other issues, except the strain screw backing out in the middle of a comp !!!!! With a few "enhancements" it's been a fun shooting gun and I'm also keeping up with the bottom feeders. I'll be doing some more work to it this winter(Trigger job, Ext firing Pin, .040" moon clips) and have it ready to rock & roll for the 2017 steel season. I got both the 929 and CZ production gun to run with the same ammo, so I'm a very happy camper. I highly recommend it and everyone who's shot mine has been very impressed with it too. Good luck with yours.
  24. shoots100

    CZ P-09 rear sight

    +1 Maybe make a matched set for the P09, once an acceptable front sight height is decided upon ?
  25. I have a list of recommended parts and spares to order from CGW after hunting seasons over. I've been using the search function to find all I can about modifying the 09 too. Since I'm using it as a training and comp gun, I need to keep it reliable enough to set off all the types of ammo I'm going to encounter, as well as my reloads. I'm going to start with the CGW Ext firing + retain pins, S/S guide rod, 15# recoil spring and Comp spring kit. That should keep it reliable and lighten the DA trigger pull a bit. Very easy mods to do and if needed, I can always install the stock parts. I shot over 500 rounds of different bullet weights and velocities without an issue at all over the weekend. From 4.2- 5.3 grains of longshot behind the 125 grn blue bullet, My match 147extreme 929 revolver loads, 115 grn red reloads, American eagle, wolf and factory Win white box. Gobbled them up and spit them out like a champ. I had the best grouping and smallest velocity spread with the 4.5 grn charge of longshot I tested this afternoon. Too bad I didn't have enough time to test loads before the comp, as I know it would've given me better times for my first production class match. I'm only expecting better things to come with the addition of the CGW parts.
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