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  1. So you buy a 627 and shoot short colts, which you have to pay extra for special brass, or make it yourself, and the short colt is in the same ball park as a 9mm ? Or you could buy a 929 and load and shoot it. If your shooting for major power, the 627 is the route, but if your buying it to just shoot short colt, the 929 is the way to go. I had a 627, 327JM and a 625 too. Bought a 929, set it up how I like it and never looked back. I say buy both and sell the one you don't like !
  2. I've never had to reseat a primer with my 550 press. I use all sorts of brass. If something looks bad when checking them in the shockbottle , I toss it into the Semi auto can. Maybe one or two out of a thousand gets cut, but it's usually a bad crimp that's the issue. I don't have the time to re seat my primers by hand, after seating them on machine, if that's what your doing ? I think it would take a lot longer to reseat them after seating them on the machine and then removing the first die to not deprime them again when feeding them into the machine after reseating them ? I have a case feeder on the 550 and have only had issues with my brass, if I forget to use some hornady one shot on the brass. Do you reload using a single stage press for your match rounds ? My 929 has been good to go with fed primers , Wilson main spring, 13lb rebound spring, DA pull set a 7lbs, Apex Ext Pin, bobbed + fit aftermarket hammer and CED .040 stainless moon clips. It took around two months to make it that way. I broke 2 C+S firing pins in the process. If I used Apex from the start, probably would've took a month. Live and Learn. I had the pull set at 6.5, but rounded it to 7 for the hell of it. @ 8lbs, it'll set off anything reliably but unis SP primers. They need 9lbs for reliable function. SJC
  3. Looks good and is probably a pleasure to shoot with that comp and heavy barrel. SJC
  4. I started out with a safe charge to see how the powder works and have already loaded rounds with 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 grns for testing. Once I get my 617 out from the NY waiting period jail cell, I'll head up to the range and will try not to forget the chrono this time. SJC
  5. Loaded 100 rounds with a 3.2 charge of VVN320. Shot six moon clips. 3 warm, 3 cold. I forgot to pack the chrono, but the rounds that I kept warm shot at the same point of Aim and had the same pop(as far as I could tell) as the rounds that were left outside in the -2 degree temp. All 48 rounds in a 4" pie plate at 15 yards, DAO, in frigid weather, with a good crosswind. The brass in much cleaner too. I'm very happy as of now. The 929 ran ok, but the cylinder release was a little sticky at first. Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer when we open the range for steel plate shooting this year ! SJC
  6. Exactly what I did and hopefully I'll be reloading Tuesday night.
  7. Nice Grips. If you know how to disassemble a revolver, a liberal application of lube and a few thousand dry fires will take care of the heavy DA pull. SJC
  8. Since I have experience with one, I would say that the P&R Medusa M-47 revolver would be a cool revolver to buy, if you can find one. I had the 4" version. Bought it before going overseas, because if I ran out of .357, I could fire almost any cartridge I could scrounge up. Luckily it never came to that and I traded it for a Gold Cup after I got back to the states. I still have that Gold Cup, but I'm kicking myself in the ass after seeing what the Medusa is selling for now. SJC
  9. Well it looks like I'll be waiting till next week to load with the N320. FedEx decided that a good time to make a signature required delivery was Friday at 9:45 AM ! My uncle stayed at the house and waited for them to return, but they never attempted to make a second delivery. DRAT, Foiled Again !!! SJC
  10. I'm guessing that when I'm extracting a moon clip, one or more of the empty cases has some unburnt powder in it, and it gets caught between the extractor and the cylinder. It's only happened two times and I inspect all of my ammo before and after their loaded in the moon clips. I'm hoping a powder that burns faster and cleaner, won't leave any unburnt powder around to cause me grief. I'll find out soon, as I'm expecting the powder to arrive tonight, and I'll be loading some for a range trip tomorrow. SJC
  11. Thanks for the replies. Most of the recommendations seem to be rounds with plated bullets. SJC
  12. Ok, now that I have my 617 on the way, Ammo is my next priority. I have plenty of plinking ammo to make a good decision of what I'll need to acquire vast amounts of ammo to feed it in that respect, but what's the consensus of what type of match ammo should I be on the lookout for ? I'm not looking for match Ammo in the Eley price range, but match Ammo that's better than the Average .22lr, that's available on the market now. Thanks, SJC
  13. Thanks to MWP, Kygunco has one less 6" 617 in stock. I Should just have enough of my Christmas bonus left to buy the rest of the goodies. SJC
  14. MWP, thanks for the link. I found a project 617-2 in a local shop for a great price, but It'll need a cylinder replacement, as the Aluminum cylinder is totally shot. I really don't want to mess around with trying to fit a new stainless cylinder and/or sending it back to S&W for them to fit a new cylinder. If it was free and I had the time to mess with it, I would buy it, but I just want to buy the pistol, Ammo, speed loaders and shoot.
  15. Hey All, For 2018, I'm going all wheel gun. 929jm in ISR and another revolver to shoot rimfire. Shooting was fun, but I had to go crazy and try production class with a bottom feeder. It became less fun in Trying to shoot two different types of pistolas with any proficiency and since I'm a wheel gunner at heart, the bottom feeder is out. I'm selling one of my Souped up CZ P-09's and getting some variation of a S&W 6" barreled model .22lr. I can make it a "mini me" version of my 929jm. The only question I have, is would it be better to try and get a pre lock, or roll the dice with a newer version ? I've seen some really cherry pre lock versions for sale, but they're expensive. Are they worth the Extra $$$ ? I've also read and seen the screwed up looking and functioning new versions of a 617 that S&W has been sending out too. As with the 929JM, it seems their QC with the 617 isn't quite 100% either now. SJC
  16. S&W 929 or one of their 9mm pistola models all the way. While some 929's have had their issues (like every other new product ), the issues are easily repairable and it has Jerry's name on it :~) If you desire and have the skills, Aftermarket parts are available to customize them to whatever level you desire. Plus, 9mm ammo is available and everywhere now. The only ruger I have left is a GP100 and it sits in the night stand. Dependable as the day is long and it's also a good substitute for a hammer or a crane counterweight in a pinch ! Good luck. SJC
  17. Thanks for the replies. N320 Powder it is then. It was unavailable, or $50 a lb when I was testing loads for the 929. I scoured the usual sites and ordered 8lbs a few minutes ago If I ordered 1lb and liked it, I probably wouldn't be able to find it available anywhere ! 8lbs should be enough powder to test it out and get a good load worked up. I'll look around, but I would appreciate any recommended starting loads for use with the 929 or any 9mm revolver ? I tried titeGroup , but not E3. All the components should be here next week, so it's almost a guarantee that it's going to snow like a MOFO and close the road to the range down ! SJC
  18. Hey All, I've been loading rounds with longshot powder for a couple of years in the 929, using Missouri 147 grn coated projos. All has been well, but this year I had a few times that some unburnt powder got stuck in the cylinder area and caused me grief. After removal of the debris I had no issues, but I'm looking into trying different powders that will have less of a chance in leaving anything behind to mess me up. Next week I'll be getting 3k of the 147 projos and I would like to test some recommended loads before the 2018 steel matches come calling. Thanks, SJC
  19. Good luck and You'll be happy with your 929. I've done everything to my 929 but chamfer the cylinders, as mine will eat a loaded moonclip quicker than Rosie O donnel can eat 8 donuts ! One thing that really helped my 929, was a good internal parts polish, Hone job on the hammer and trigger + lube, if your comfortable taking it apart and doing it yourself. If your 929 reliably lights off Winchester primers at 6.5 lbs, it'll be able to light off federals at 5lbs. The lightest I can go to reliably ignite Winchester primers, is 7.5 lbs. I have it set at 6.5 to reliably ignite fed primers and it's been a very fun gun to shoot. SJC
  20. Just removed my second and last broken C&S firing pin today. I gave them a second chance, luckily it broke in practice today. I installed the factory pin until the Apex pin arrives.
  21. I don't think you did too bad. At least you have a video to see the weak spots you need to work on. Did you lose any moon clips in the sand ?
  22. I had the same issue with my 929 and ended up getting a shockbottle 100 rd chamber checker and check every bullet that comes off the press. The loaded moonclip checker is still a PIA, as if you have an issue, you need to find the one bullet that's F'ing everything up ! I also wasn't crimping my coated bullets enough and after giving them a bit more crimp, my issues have been solved. I still check every round in the shockbottle anyway, as I use the same loads in my CZ bottom feeders.
  23. I've been hit too many times to mention while RO'ing SC and luckily nothing serious. Most of the times it's when shooters were using that steel cased wolf ammo and on the larger targets.
  24. I had an Issue with the throats being short on my CZ P-09's. I searched around and Couldn't find a smith or CZ factory repair shop to do the work I needed to be done. I was at the point of almost selling my 09's , then I Found a guy named Doug Phillips out of wake Forrest, NC. Quick turnaround time and his work is top notch too. Now my P09's can shoot any type of 9mm projo without issue. His E Mail is mightbeme04@yahoo.com . If you contact him, Please let him know I sent you. Steve Carey
  25. Excellent and if you want to shoot steel challenge with your 929, were having a match this Saturday about an hour south west of your location. PM me if your interested ? We have a couple of guys that shoot 929's and other revolvers.
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