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  1. I've had good reliability with fed auto match & champion rounds with this pistol set at 7# with the ext firing pin and stock hammer. I was expecting the Apex hammer to make it better. Maybe the Apex hammer and stock pin will be the ticket for me too. I'd like to find a plated bullet that runs in this pistol, yet the three I tried didn't work good at all. SJC
  2. I love my S&W firearms, but after that response( nice woman or not), f*#k them and have it sent back ! SJC
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I removed the Ext firing pin and installed the factory pin. Set the pull @ 7lbs and I'll see what happens this weekend. I have no end shake, as one would hope, with a brand spankin new revolver with less than a 400 rounds through it. Thanks. SJC
  4. Are you using the Apex Hammer with the stock firing pin ? I had to up my pull weight to 8lbs with the Apex hammer and Ext firing pin last weekend for 100% reliability, same as when I was using the factory hammer and Ext firing pin. I'm gonna install the factory pin, set it to 7lbs and see what happens. SJC
  5. Took the grips off of my 500 and tried them on my 929 and 617. I left them on the 929. A world of difference and I just ordered two sets. SJC
  6. Shot six practice stages of steel plate today. 3.5 N320 in nickel plated Fed cases. The brass is so clean, I won't have to polish them before reloading. My 929 and moon clips are clean too. Shoots accurate and now I can reload a crap load for the season. I too had trouble with any clays powder metering in my 550 powder measure. With shot shell's, a few grains difference is no big deal, but it's too inconsistent in my pistol presses. N320 meters great and now that I found it's sweet spot, I'm set. SJC
  7. I tried them, but I prefer to shoot 124's or 147's. They've been more accurate in my revolvers and bottom feeders. Accuracy and cleanliness is what I'm after with N320, and I think I'm almost there. I just need it to get around 50 to 60 degrees warmer, so I can test the rounds in the conditions I'll be shooting in this summer, as I want to load a couple thousand rounds before the steel season starts. Come on Global Warming !!!!! SJC
  8. Well that sucks. There are plenty of videos on U tube showing the disassembly of the GP 100 + cylinder , and I would go that route before sending it in for work. With a couple of punches, you can disassemble the cylinder and see if there's something stuck in the extractor rod assy, as that's where I'm assuming the issue is, being you've checked the other accessible areas of the cylinder and found nothing. Good Luck SJC
  9. I tested three N320 loads last weekend. I loaded 20 rounds each with 3.2, 3.4, 3.6 grains. 147 coated Missouri. The 3.2 load had a low of 782 fps, High 799 and a Avg of 790. Brass was a bit dirty, as was the cylinder and barrel. The 3.4 load had a low of 837 fps, High 847 and an Avg of 844. Brass was clean and no real noticeable residual buildup around the barrel or cylinder. The 3.6 load had a low of 863 fps, High 887 and an Avg of 884. Brass was a bit dirty, as was the cylinder and barrel. The 3.2 + 3.4 had mild recoil. The 3.6 didn't seem to bad either, but It was very cold, with a wind chill keeping it around 5 degrees, so my hands were numb by the time I got to testing them. I'm going to stick with the 3.4 load and see how it does this weekend, hopefully in warmer weather ! SJC
  10. After thinking about it a couple of seconds, I said F#*k it and ended up ordering the Apex hammer. The weather's supposed to be nice this weekend, so a couple of friends and I are going to set up a couple of steel plate stages and get some trigger time. Hopefully the Hammer will arrive before that and I can give it a thorough workout. SJC
  11. Had some fun with the 617 today, despite the 5 degree temperature. I kept the ammo in the van to keep it warm. Had some issues with it not firing 100%, but I added a shim to the mainspring and it was 100% with some of the ammo after that. I tested the pull weight when I got home and it's just a hair over 8lbs. I'm gonna need to get a different set screw, or the Apex hammer, because the factory set screw was bottomed out at 7lbs. In DAO, Federal Auto match & Champion ammo ran 100%. Fed 550, CCI and Winchester M22 ammo ran about 95%. Rem and PMC were terrible, even in single action. I had to give them a little nudge to seat them in the cyl too. I cleaned the cylinder between each ammo test(in the heated van !!), so buildup wasn't the culprit with the Rem + PMC ammo. I couldn't find my mini mags, so I'll be ordering some to test out next weekend before buying anything in bulk. The Speed Beez speed loaders worked like a charm, and the 100rd loading block made loading the speed loaders a real pleasure in the cold temps. SJC
  12. alecmc is correct, it's a Power customs Ext firing pin. It sticks out a little bit more than the factory pin. It's funny seeing a round pin strike on a 22 shell, instead of the slash mark I'm used to. I only tested it with de-milled rounds, Win M22, 4 different type of Feds, CCI Green tag & Mini mag. 10 of each type. The M22 had the quietest primer of them all. I tried it out in a bolt rifle to see if the 617 wasn't setting them off fully, but it was almost dead silent in the rifle. Hopefully I'll be able to get to the range tomorrow and see how it works with loaded rounds before messing with the hammer. I'd like to spend the $150 on Ammo or speed loaders, instead of the Apex hammer, but if it's the shit and my gun doesn't function 100% at 7lbs, I'll need to get one. A new 617 hammer is around $50 dollars, but I'd rather put that towards the proven Apex hammer if others have had issues with a bobbed hammer. The DA pull is an honest 7lbs, just like my 929, and I'm making my 617 as close to the same specs as my 929 as I can. It came from the factory with a gravely 11lb pull. It's Night and day after I got done with it. It's far from the smoothness of the 929, but after a couple thousand rounds fired, it'll get there. As usual, thanks for the info and advice. SJC
  13. Finally got my new 617-6 out of NY state waiting period Prison. Took it home, took it apart, Removed the rust(Not Joking) & cobb webs, added a Masters Ext firing Pin/ spring, Wilson spring kit(13# return), Hogue Ext Cyl Release, Polished the Hammer, trigger + anything else that needed it, and removed the freaking lock ! Added some Kroil, shook it all around and set the trigger pull at 7lbs, like my 929. De-milled a couple of different brands of 22lr bullets and test fired it. All went bang, so I'm Happy. The only thing I didn't do to it mechanically, that I did to my 929, is Bob the Hammer. Will it help make it fire more reliably(like my 929), or are 22lr revolvers a different story ? I can get a hammer to do it, but I would like to hear from more experienced 617 shooters before doing so. Thanks, SJC
  14. If you two don't mind letting us know, what are your serial numbers ? Maybe this was a bad production run ? I've shot the shit out of mine and have done many hurried speed loads, and it shows no wear like your 929's. SJC
  15. I load & shoot all types of brass in my 929, as I get free once fired brass from my friends who don't reload. CED .040" stainless moon clips fit every type of brass manufacturer I've tried. Still, 38 SC brass isn't cheap and loading them hot shortens their lifespan and cleaning the cylinder is a bitch too. Been there. I do like the look of the 627 V comp better than the 929 ! That is one fine looking revolver. SJC
  16. So you buy a 627 and shoot short colts, which you have to pay extra for special brass, or make it yourself, and the short colt is in the same ball park as a 9mm ? Or you could buy a 929 and load and shoot it. If your shooting for major power, the 627 is the route, but if your buying it to just shoot short colt, the 929 is the way to go. I had a 627, 327JM and a 625 too. Bought a 929, set it up how I like it and never looked back. I say buy both and sell the one you don't like !
  17. I've never had to reseat a primer with my 550 press. I use all sorts of brass. If something looks bad when checking them in the shockbottle , I toss it into the Semi auto can. Maybe one or two out of a thousand gets cut, but it's usually a bad crimp that's the issue. I don't have the time to re seat my primers by hand, after seating them on machine, if that's what your doing ? I think it would take a lot longer to reseat them after seating them on the machine and then removing the first die to not deprime them again when feeding them into the machine after reseating them ? I have a case feeder on the 550 and have only had issues with my brass, if I forget to use some hornady one shot on the brass. Do you reload using a single stage press for your match rounds ? My 929 has been good to go with fed primers , Wilson main spring, 13lb rebound spring, DA pull set a 7lbs, Apex Ext Pin, bobbed + fit aftermarket hammer and CED .040 stainless moon clips. It took around two months to make it that way. I broke 2 C+S firing pins in the process. If I used Apex from the start, probably would've took a month. Live and Learn. I had the pull set at 6.5, but rounded it to 7 for the hell of it. @ 8lbs, it'll set off anything reliably but unis SP primers. They need 9lbs for reliable function. SJC
  18. Looks good and is probably a pleasure to shoot with that comp and heavy barrel. SJC
  19. I started out with a safe charge to see how the powder works and have already loaded rounds with 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6 grns for testing. Once I get my 617 out from the NY waiting period jail cell, I'll head up to the range and will try not to forget the chrono this time. SJC
  20. Loaded 100 rounds with a 3.2 charge of VVN320. Shot six moon clips. 3 warm, 3 cold. I forgot to pack the chrono, but the rounds that I kept warm shot at the same point of Aim and had the same pop(as far as I could tell) as the rounds that were left outside in the -2 degree temp. All 48 rounds in a 4" pie plate at 15 yards, DAO, in frigid weather, with a good crosswind. The brass in much cleaner too. I'm very happy as of now. The 929 ran ok, but the cylinder release was a little sticky at first. Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer when we open the range for steel plate shooting this year ! SJC
  21. Exactly what I did and hopefully I'll be reloading Tuesday night.
  22. Nice Grips. If you know how to disassemble a revolver, a liberal application of lube and a few thousand dry fires will take care of the heavy DA pull. SJC
  23. Since I have experience with one, I would say that the P&R Medusa M-47 revolver would be a cool revolver to buy, if you can find one. I had the 4" version. Bought it before going overseas, because if I ran out of .357, I could fire almost any cartridge I could scrounge up. Luckily it never came to that and I traded it for a Gold Cup after I got back to the states. I still have that Gold Cup, but I'm kicking myself in the ass after seeing what the Medusa is selling for now. SJC
  24. Well it looks like I'll be waiting till next week to load with the N320. FedEx decided that a good time to make a signature required delivery was Friday at 9:45 AM ! My uncle stayed at the house and waited for them to return, but they never attempted to make a second delivery. DRAT, Foiled Again !!! SJC
  25. I'm guessing that when I'm extracting a moon clip, one or more of the empty cases has some unburnt powder in it, and it gets caught between the extractor and the cylinder. It's only happened two times and I inspect all of my ammo before and after their loaded in the moon clips. I'm hoping a powder that burns faster and cleaner, won't leave any unburnt powder around to cause me grief. I'll find out soon, as I'm expecting the powder to arrive tonight, and I'll be loading some for a range trip tomorrow. SJC
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