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  1. I had the same concerns as you, so I ended up buying a P09. I liked it so much, I bought a spare. If you don't like the decocker, you can swap it to a manual safety in five minutes with the supplied parts that come with the pistol. Add a couple of upgrades from CGW and you won't be disappointed. Half the weight of the Shadows too.
  2. No deal with Patriot defense either, but I did find a smith in North Carolina that did a beautiful looking job on my barrels. Throated, Crowned, Polished and at my doorstep in under a weeks time. Now even my 147 subsonic revolver rounds fit in the chamber. All I need to do is to get it to the range to see how it shoots.
  3. I've only fired one moonclip of factory American eagle through my 929 and all eight fired and ran smoothly. I didn't stop shooting to see if they crept out of the case. The next 2-3 thousand reloads haven't given me a problem. After shooting a stage, I de moon and load those rounds for the next stage and never have noticed any of the projos sticking out farther than normal. I would by some different ammo and see what happens.
  4. Very nice looking set up. I would think that the half notch is there to keep it from firing when de cocking ? After de cocking, there's less trigger pull in DA mode, so it's better for you to keep the notch. I was in the same boat as you with CZ pistols, but I ended up getting the P09 and doing some cajunizing. I liked it so much, I even bought a second one for a spare. Plus, the 09 is lighter and has the omega trigger, which gives you the option of having a de cocker, or safety. You don't have the option of changing grips though, only the back strap. My NY legal 10rd restricted capacity magazines don't rattle. When shooting in free states, the fully loaded magazines do rattle a bit, but I'm so happy to load more than 10 rounds, that I'm happy to hear the rattle !!! Good Luck with it and remember, you can't own just one CZ !!!
  5. 5th generation NY Yankee. 90% redneck, 10% geek with ADD. That 10% really loves to see how things tick and has gotten me in deep trouble at times. The Redneck part keeps me sane and alive ! We have a diverse crowd from every color spectrum and financial ladder rung at our matches. Burning powder is the common denominator.
  6. I installed a dawson FO red sight on the front after I got my 929 and just installed an LPA TXT rear sight with green tubes. One of the best improvements I've done to my 929. Now all of my comp pistols have red front and green rear FO sights. I think LPA sells it as a set now and while it's expensive, it's well worth it if your going to keep the pistol. The front sight will need to be drilled. S&W really F'D up by not offering the 929 with the push in type of front sight on this performance center pistol !
  7. I liked the Misso bull groove less 124 9mm's, but they ceased production for some reason. I ran out of the groove less, so I bought a bulk pak of the grooved, but they leave some buildup on the feed ramps of my cz P09's. I think I'm going to try some SNS after I run out of the Misso bull's.
  8. Dawson, CZ Custom and some other smiths I contacted are a no go. Looks like I'm stuck with short chambered pistols till someone comes out with an aftermarket 09 barrel that can be machined.
  9. I get my moon clips at CED USA. Stainless .040" that'll make almost any ammo fire reliably. Their in PA. The BMT loader is a must if your going to keep the revolver, but a cut pc of copper pipe will also work until you make a decision. Search the google and you'll find the plans on how to make it. Loading and unloading moon clips is a pain in the ass and a good tool will make your life easier. You really don't need a holster or Bat Belt to see if you'll like the pistol or not. Just shoot it and go from there.
  10. Thanks for the tip. I sent a message to CZ custom and now I'll get in touch with Dawson too. I should've done this during the winter, not at the beginning of the season !
  11. Just a little welding humor. I'm a welder and I know if I tack weld it, it'll never back out !!! I have every type of Loctite available to man. I was just testing it before locking it in place and couldn't believe that it would back out so soon. I think I'm just gonna do the file method, Loctite and be done with it. All it'll need is a toolguy hammer cam kit and I'll be sitting pretty.
  12. Matt Cheely doesn't do chamber work on coated barrels anymore, so the search continues.
  13. 25 years ! Were you waiting for the 929 to be designed ? I didn't lock the tension screw and had a couple of misfires on the 5th stage at the last steel match I attended. I checked it, and it was around 6 lbs after 100 + rounds fired. It was 6.5 before the match. I set it back to 6.5 and it ran like a champ. Time to tack weld it in place and be done with it until toolguy starts selling kits !
  14. No pics. Look on U tube. I used a dremel to chamfer the magwell a bit. Coarse to fine grit on slow speed, just enough to take the sharp edges off and keep it legal for production class. I'll return the reamer and I sent an E mail out to Matt Cheely to see if he'll do the work. Thanks for the advice, Again !
  15. I've heard that the 07/09 barrels are harder than other CZ models, but I'll give it a try and if it doesn't work, I'll return the reamer and send them out to be reamed. I wanted to do the mods that were very easy to do, that a casual shooter looking to get into steel shooting would be able to accomplish. It took me an half hour to do the mods and another hour to chamfer the mag well and install the talon grip. I left one of my 09's factory so I could compare them, and am very happy with the results of what a minimum of replaced parts and some polishing can do. I have other shooters in my circle with heavily modified CZ's. My trigger is just as nice, but I'm thinking of adding a short reset kit. Maybe after another couple thousand rounds I might do it.
  16. It's been awhile since I've done the advised Mods to my P09 and I wanted to share my results. I shot a thousand rounds through it un modified, so I could have a good understanding of the differences before and after the mods. I've shot it in steel plate matches and a lot of hard use training, and it has roughly 5K (+/- a thousand) down pipe after the mods were performed. All parts were around $220 shipped to the prison state of NY. Parts used ; CGW; 15# recoil spring 15# Hammer spring Ext firing + Retainer pins S/S Guide rod FO front sight Dawson; FO Rear sight Talon; Grips (Sand) The pistol has been very reliable with all primers tried (Fed, CCI, Win, Rem, Unix ). I've had no issues with factory or reloaded 115 grain Ammo, except the longer OAL rounds and some coated bullets in 125 + 147 grain offerings. Tight chamber and the expense of the proprietary magazines are the two issues I have with the 09. To solve the Magazine expense, I bought another 09 and now have plenty of magazines at hand. I just ordered a Manson finishing reamer to hopefully solve the Ammo issue. I'll post the results, good or bad. I have no issues with most 9mm pistols functioning with 99% of the factory and reloaded ammo out there, so I want my 09's to do the same. All in All, I'm very pleased with My 09's and am also very appreciative of the advice given here for the modifications that actually work and are reliable too.
  17. Exterior wise, My 929 looked great. However, I realized I couldn't judge a revolver by it's cover after pulling the trigger once. It felt and looked like someone took a sanding disc to the internals and forgot to clean the grit off before assembly. A few hours of TLC took care of it. A spring kit, ext firing pin and now a bobbed hammer have made it what it should've been when it left S&W, Reliable !
  18. I had some loads with wolf primers to test in my CZ P-09's and decided to try some in the 929 for the hell of it. I never tried wolf primers in the 929 before I did all of the work to it, so I can't say for sure if the extended firing pin, .040" moon clips and bobbed hammer are the reason they worked 100% better than the Winchester primers. I've never had reliable ignition with Winchester primers in my 929 anyway, unless the trigger pull was at least 9 lbs , even with all of the work done to it. I can say for sure that they ignite better with the bobbed hammer compared to the factory hammer, and with a 2lb lighter trigger pull now.
  19. Bobbed and drilled my spare hammer (Didn't cut the SA notch yet) and set the DA pull weight at 6lbs. 100% Fed primers, 99% with wolf, 50% with Win primers. Bumped it up to 6.5 lbs. 100% fed, 100% wolf, 98% Win. Bumped to 7lbs, 100% all primers. With the factory hammer, I wouldn't get reliable ignition on all primers till I was at 9lbs. In one of my posts above I wrote that I had 100% ignition with win primers at 6lbs, but that was a typo. I set it back to 6lbs and will use it that way till I run out of Fed primers.
  20. Received my PAL and got to work with it. Tried every type of SP primer I had on hand(Fed, cci, wolf, tula, rem, fio, Nat Mil and win) and I had no issues with any of them. I emptied and refilled all of the tubes I had filled with win primers using the VP yesterday too. Night and Day ! While I wouldn't have bought one if I didn't get a good deal on it, It's really head and shoulders above any of the primer tube fillers I've tried to date and worth every penny I paid for it. Now that my 550 press is dialed in with the bullet and case feeder, the one weak link I had to conquer is conquered.
  21. I'm a southpaw and pretty much every revolver I have is DAO, so it's just what I'm used to. I've just never had to do the work myself. If I wasn't able to get another hammer, It would stay the way it is. If I don't like it, I'll go back to the stock hammer. As far as changing the pin at a match, a couple of good rubber bands work as a third hand and I keep some in the range bag working double duty keeping my moon clip and mag pouches secured. Unfortunately, I've been there. Paul, send me the brass, but before sending it back, I'll need to test fire it !
  22. Numrich Arms was the only place I could find a hammer. Luckily I live a couple hours away from them, so I'll be able to have it before the weekend and have the work done to fit and test it next weekend. I also ordered all of the parts to make it a drop in assy, and will carefully remove the single action notch and make it a true DAO pistol. I won't trim off weight as much as the hammers above, but maybe I'll take a drill + dremel and clean out the inletted areas of the hammer if I'm feeling adventurous. Thanks for bringing this up Paul. I needed another winter project to keep me busy, as the snows been coming down and more is on the way.
  23. I would also like a bobbed hammer, but can't find the correct hammer style. Every N frame hammer I find is steel and has the hammer nose/firing pin on it. I've done every type of trigger pull enhancement. Ext firing pin, .040" moon clips, springs and polishing. It's firing reliably with fed + win primers and a smooth 6lb DA pull now and I'm wondering if bobbing the hammer would improve it, or leave it stock ?
  24. I found and bought a used PAL and will do a comparison to my modified VP unit when it arrives. Being I scored a crap load of Win SP primers, the VP has been giving me a headache. I've had hardly any issues with other manufacturers primers, but with Win SP's, I get at least 4 out of 100 rounds with flipped primers and the added time to flip the primer in the primer holder that I knew were flipped, because it didn't feed from the tube. That really messes up my loading FU, especially now that I have a bullet + case feeder on my 550.
  25. I can use the extended mag bases, but they stick out way to far and I want a more compact magazine. I already have some factory base pads, so I'm just going to make some spacers out of aluminum since I need to permanently epoxy the magblock limiter in place to be in compliance with NY SAFE requirements. It sucks I won't be able to clean them afterwards, but at least I'll have more mags to use.
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