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  1. CYM I've had Taurus revolvers that had better machining than my 929. Nothing that money, polishing and sweat couldn't fix. Too much to list. 4 and I'm being gracious. SJC
  2. I've always preferred shooting, carrying and working on revolvers, so it just seemed natural to shoot them in competition. Thankfully some revolver manufacturers decided to make eight shot models to keep the sport going. I do appreciate a fine crafted bottom feeder, but I just don't get that warm and tingly feeling shooting them. SJC
  3. I more than Hate the psychos that Kill people and then kill themselves afterwards !!! The latest ambush killing of the California police officer really pissed me off. SJC
  4. I had the barrel of my 327JM tighten up and bind the cylinder after two range sessions. If the issue is a loose barrel, by the barrel/sleeve tool & feeler gauge set so you don't have to send it to S&W for repair. SJC
  5. I tested a C-more with an 8 moa dot and liked that size for steel plate shooting. I'm in the process of setting up a 617 for RFPO. As my depleted 2018 shooting funds didn't allow for a C-more purchase, I did find a good price for a new Fast Fire 3. I also ordered a raptor engineering mount after reading up on them from past posts here, and will hopefully have it set up next week. SJC
  6. If you take a look at the BC Armory website, you'll see what I'm talking about. They remove a lot of material from their 617 cylinders.
  7. That looks good, but I've seen pics of other 617 cylinders with a lot more metal removed. I don't know how those cylinders held up to a lot of use though ? Did you weigh the cylinder before and after machining it ? I'm not expecting miracles, but I know a lighter cylinder takes less poundage to move and speed is the name of the game. SJC
  8. I've done pretty much everything to it to get a 7lb DA trigger pull, but have been only able to get it to 7.5 lbs with reliable ignition. I'm looking into having the cylinder weight reduced to get there. Would it be worth getting the cylinder machined to see if I can get that 1/2 Lb reduction I'm looking for ? SJC
  9. BMT hands down. Worth every penny and more.
  10. I would watch with lightening the recoil spring on your .40. Without a buffer, you'll be subjecting the Poly frame to excessive recoil force, which will definitely cause issues.
  11. I only shot my 617 at steel practice tonight. I stacked my thumbs and kept my right thumb right between the cylinder and the trigger. I have to make a mental note to do it each time though and my support hand thumb was getting ahead of the cylinder. Now I wear a thin kevlar/leather glove on my right hand to avoid burning my thumb in case it gets ahead of the cylinder. Thanks for the advice. Once I get a side plate that fit's, I'll be able to make some type of rest and be golden. I figured the larger X grip would take care of it, but it didn't. This gun wasn't made for shooters with big hands, but I'll get it to fit me one way or another. SJC
  12. I had issues test firing primer only with the .035 moon clips. The .040 worked a lot better. I could get it to 6 lbs with primer only ignition, but had to bump it to 7 lbs to get reliable ignition with live ammo.
  13. Side plate didn't fit. Said it was for a 617, but maybe for an earlier model with a different frame ? My Quest continues. SJC
  14. On the left side (opposite the cylinder release) of a revolver, there's a whole bunch of real estate. Like I said, I have big mitt's. I have a high grip, so when I grip the 617, I cover the pistol and my support thumb inadvertently hits the cylinder , or when I grip lower with my support hand, my trigger finger. I have no problem with my 929. I can draw and shoot with no issues. When I'm shooting my 617, Even from the low position, I have to make a concerted effort to get a proper grip and it's screwing me up. I found and bought a used side plate, so now I can do some testing and hopefully make it work. SJC
  15. Your opinion was asked for, so I harbor no ill will for you responding. Obviously revolvers aren't for you. I've been shooting and competing for over 40 yrs and still I enjoy shooting revolvers. Most bottom feeder shooters don't have the patience to actually learn how to shoot a revolver, as it takes skill. Skills that would make Most bottom feeder shooters better shooters, if they learned to master a wheel gun before going off and buying the latest bottom feeding blaster and becoming a spray and pray zombie. Look at the master shooters and see where they started out. They earned their titles, they didn't buy them, as most shooters nowadays seem to think they can. I went to some USPSA matches and could've made a mint if I sold rags to wipe the tears that the grown men were crying when they realized that they were just like everyone else ! That's not fun in my book. SJC
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