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  1. It's not a problem of noise, it pushes a ton of gasses and pressure back at the shooter. It would actually disorient me a bit
  2. Anything like that is misery to shoot, just like why I made this thread about the precision armament.
  3. I think you mean second ? First is clean it
  4. The arm that sticks up and contacts the trigger bar is a different length. Post a pic here. It's otherwise just springs and stuff you can't tell
  5. What homie said above. UML rules put a restriction on brake width in all the other classes Interesting. But if you watch the video on his page, the thing has horrid recoil. Must've just wanted to make something cool looking, that works along the same property lines as the Helix suppressors
  6. Yeah it's against UML rules, I think it will throw you in open class.
  7. I researched putting a comp on my FNX tactical a long while back, the general consensus was that they are a waste of money. I can't remember if it was because it was a big slow 45acp though...
  8. I landed on the Black rain ordnance, that's who made my rifle is made by so I stuck to it. They were also on sale for $60, otherwise I think I would've gone with the Coda for over 100
  9. Questioning that myself. Waste of money looking back. Those things are pretty sweet looking
  10. Good to know I was shooting 55gr American eagle which was horrid. Match grade IMI 77gr was a little better I've heard good things about the Seekins
  11. I like many guys read through all of the muzzle brake shootout test and ended up buying a Precision Armament M4-72 severe-duty brake. The thing is absolutely miserable to shoot, a large amount of concussion and gas comes directly back towards shooter, not to mention a huge fireball. Someone I was shooting with suggested getting an adjustable gas block, so I did (Seekins at 2 turns out) but it was no help, the front 4 inches of my handguard are brown from it. This thing has got to go. So what are people running that don't make shooting unpleasant but gives a major recoil reduction? I've seen a lot of guys running the new (and affordable) Miculek brake. I've heard the Titan has a pretty enormous concussion, as long as I'm not the one suffering from it I don't care though.
  12. My thoughts too. Couldn't believe they put so much work into a gun article
  13. http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2018/06/investigates/sig-sauer-p320-drop-fire/
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