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Found 6 results

  1. Need help finding a holster for my wife to use shooting 1911 in Single Stack. I am currently using a Bladetech Black Ice for myself but I believe that has been discontinued.
  2. Greetings fellow ninjas. I'd like to hear YOUR stories, and how you've managed (or haven't) to settle on a specific division in USPSA, at least long enough to rise to your proficiency goals. For my story, I grew up in Indiana, and my uncle owned a large gun shop in Wabash (some of you Hoosiers may remember Lengel's guns), so firearms and hunting are absolutely not new to me. Naturally, I've always been a collector and more-than-casual marksman. About five years ago, I was introduced to the sport by a couple ubiquitous border patrol homies of mine, and I started by shooting what I had, which was a Glock 35. I stuck with it and managed to classify B in limited division. Since I was starting to get serious, I elected to start acquiring more sport-specific firearms. I shot single-stack for about a year and the military career and twin 5 year old girls at home have slowed down my match participation, but it has not slowed down my collecting habit. Since I started down single-stack, I've collected a couple of STI Trojans (one from the forum right here a couple of weeks ago--I just can't stop myself). I also found a great deal on a Trubor in 9mm Major locally, and a well-adorned Edge .40 (also off the forum). I've shot the Trubor at a few steel matches, and shot the Limited gun in practice a few times, along with a few practice sessions with the SS guns, and the occasional match with any of the above. I guess what I'm getting at is that I don't know if it's about the game or the guns or both? If it were solely about the gun that was the most fun to shoot, I'd probably have to go with Open. For the challenge of the game, SS is certainly challenging. Limited seems to be a sweet spot between the Open and SS. SS minor is a blast, but Cs/Ds crush your soul. Bottom line is that I really enjoy shooting all three divisions. They all seem to have different strategies and challenges, and the fun factor varies by stage design, my proficiency that day, and naturally--the group of folks I'm shooting with. My worry is that since I'm having this identity crisis, I may not rise to the level I once was when I was hot and heavy with ONE GUN, nonetheless, make A (this year's goal). How did y'all overcome this? What made YOU pick the division you stuck with / stayed with the most? Is it okay to just shoot whatever I feel like shooting that day (for fun) and stop worrying about classification? I want to hear your story. Thanks! FATSO
  3. Hey guys. Hoping for a quick response. I am having trouble finding a lot of info on the sti tactical 5.0 ss tr I have an opportunity to pick one up local for 1300. Comes with 5 mags a leather holster and following work done to it dehorned frame.. match competition sti trigger polish feed ramp. polish internal slide. competition guide rod competition internals.. trijicon heine night sights. level one reverse crown .. What u guys think? Should I ask anything specific to the build? I may shoot it in ss a lil but kind of want a full length dust cover 1911. Thanks again. If I dont reply it's because I am horrible at forums. But I read and appreciate the input
  4. What are my frame options for building a custom 1911 with a light rail? I know that most will have to be trimmed back but just wondering what the best is that money can buy. I like the look of stainless best but steel is fine as well. Pics are welcome as well
  5. As I mentioned in the 10mm thread, I have an itch I'm looking to scratch. I'm looking at ordering an SVI single stack as a carry gun to replace my G19, and the 10mm itch has hit me. What's the consensus on a 10mm in a Commander length pistol? Also to make it a little different I considered a sight tracker barrel for this build as well. If a sight tracker isn't viable or capable of the longevity due to the caliber, then a bushing barrel so I can use it in some class of shooting sport if I chose. I submitted two build sheets to SVI today for build quotes and for advice on the caliber/platform combination. I also used the search going back a couple years but there isn't much that addresses the 10 for a CCW choice. Help me spend my money on this and let me hear your opinions.
  6. So, I have decided finally to build up the STI Single Stack frame that's been hiding in my safe for a number of years. It's going to be a basic build, in .40 S&W, blue, with which to compete and/or carry. So, I've accumulated a few parts in the recent past: slide stop, pins and springs and the like.but I'm ready to complete the project. I'm looking for best places pick up the rest of the parts, slide, barrel, trigger etc. Where would you go? Feel free to post links in your replies.
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