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  1. You guys should checkout Precision Underground Rifle Gear bags they are freaking awesome. The fill is great, and the bags are extremely versatile.
  2. I’ve got one with the new reticle I’ll be shooting my first match with it mounted this upcoming Saturday. Has anyone else used this with success since this thread died.
  3. Looks like one excuse to me. I’ll take your word for it being jackasses on the Internet. That seems like a reasonable explanation. I’m sure you are right about that. Probably just a bunch of clowns that don’t even go to matches just punching keys at home.
  4. @Sparten8654 couldn’t agree with you more on this one. This is exactly why I don’t shoot PRS and probably never will. Too much critical criticism and not enough coaching. Every PRS shooter I’ve encountered is the same damn way. Maybe I’ve just had s#!t luck. Never had a single issue in the action shooting sports (I don’t count PRS in that). Maybe one day I’ll take my long range skills to a match, but I seriously doubt it with the crowd I’ve been exposed to.
  5. Lol it would appear that way. However, I don’t actually know Mr. Peacock just a loyal customer. He makes some great stuff, I would post some pictures for you, but havn not figured out why my images are all too big yet.
  6. My Athlon Midas BTR 1-6×24 ATSR1 SFP IR MOA calls for a 50 yard zero to coincide with the 600m BDC. So far has worked well for me.
  7. No problem judging by the above post mileage may vary, but they have served me quite well.
  8. Any of you fellas on here looking for some solid, quality, and versatile shooting bags checkout Precision Underground Rifle Gear. Mr. Peacock makes some great products. Mods if not allowed please delete, just posted the link to the webpage. I’m in no way affiliated with this company commercially or by way of commission. Just a repeat customer with excellent results, and thought I’d share the wealth over here on this forum. PURG is a paid commercial supporter over on Snipers Hide. If you guys have any questions about the products feel free to ask. Thanks! https://precisionundergroundriflegear.com/
  9. @vgdvc So far they’ve held up quite well. I ran them pretty hard recently during some rain and was doing reloads in the fly letting them fall free by way of gravity into the muddy muck below my feet. I’d pick them back up and wipe them off and they kept running fine. Finish has stayed intact this far. They are fairly knew. I’ve only been running the Marauder since November, but only time will tell. I’ll definitely keep you posted.
  10. Yeah the great pistols that they have made in the past being discontinued is disheartening for some to include myself. I’m hoping they can keep their competitive price point on the newly proposed entry level Staccato L that is supposedly the replacement for the flagship Edge. It does appear as stated numerous times that the company is leaning towards a different crowd with the current DVC lineup and it’s price point. I’m not so convinced that any DVC would outshoot an Edge, Eagle, Marauder, Hawk etc. it all seems aesthetic to me. They are into that “Gucci guns of Instagram” look and the sell prices second that. I’m not mad about it. I think the DVCs are fine pieces of hardware just a little perplexed at what direction they are going.
  11. I’m quite anxious to checkout the Staccato L when it is realeased. Gonna be interesting to see how they improve off of the Edge lineup.
  12. The Xylan coated mags came standard with my Marauder and work great. I also have the stainless mags that I use with my Edge. I’ve had no issues with either however, I’ve not noticed any real advantages for the xylan over the stainless. I think the xylan mags would be a good investment to have a few for shooting in less than desirable wet weather. Overall though both types have preformed well for me to date.
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