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  1. JWil

    Handguard Replacement Question??

    I use this one from JP. Fits both large and small frame flat top uppers. https://jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPVC
  2. JWil

    The Right Gun

    Saw that in the classifieds last night and remembered your post, then saw you you got it. Congrats on the new gun!
  3. JWil

    AR9 Side Charging Handle Left or Right Side?

    Another vote for the Gibbz Arm side charger. The guys at Gibbz are great and make quality products. Ive talked with them a few times at gun shows and at matches,. I've handled some of my buddies rifles using Gibbz parts and am really impressed with the quality. I just won a Gibbz lower at a match and I am really looking forward to the build. Another reason, I will choose their products, like so many on this site, I like to support the companies that are supporting us! They have been a great match sponsor and really appreciate what they do for our sport. Left side also for a RH shooter
  4. JWil

    PSA 9mm carbine feed issues

    Good to hear. Almost bought a PSA upper for my project. Following this thread. Please update when gets it back!
  5. JWil

    45 degree offset optic

    Heres a link to the Amazon one Amazon TRUGLO
  6. JWil

    New Barrel Shopping

    Another vote for JP. There was a 10% code around here before from one of their shooters. That would get it down to $180. If you want to get the cost down more and can wait a little bit, I have seen on classifieds recently a few JP GC's saving another 10-20%. Maybe another will show up.
  7. JWil

    Ammo Containers for the Range

    I use these too, but I like the clear blue ones
  8. JWil

    Rachet for ELS Belt?

    No mounting hardware was included. I just used the leftover hardware that I had from the ELS forks and plates. Used 3 t-nuts and 3 bolts and its solid. Let me know if you need a few pics
  9. JWil

    Rachet for ELS Belt?

    OK gotcha, thank you for the reply
  10. JWil

    Rachet for ELS Belt?

    Are these belts not allowed in USPSA?
  11. JWil

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Looks like it is back in stock at Freedom Munitions and on sale for $0.558 / round Fiocchi 77's
  12. Here's the video link for reference... SONofLIBERTY
  13. Searched You Tube and found a code from Son of Liberty. Use SONofLIBERTY for 10% off. Thanks for the idea @HoMiE Ive had 2 of these from early in this thread. Also had the same issue with not be able to load the full 41 rounds, and as suggested, gave smack to the bottom, and it worked, and was able to get the full 41 after that. Only have 1 match on them, but no issues so far.
  14. JWil

    45 degree offset optic

    I dont run a 45* optic, but saw that PA has the Warne 45's, that were mentioned earlier in the thread, on sale for $32.49 and figured it was worth posting in case anyone wants one. Warne Scope Mounts Picatinny Side Mount Adapter - 45-degree Also have the 5 other colors on sale too
  15. JWil

    Rachet for ELS Belt?

    Here’s the parts we ordered: buckles Straps