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  1. They're in stock as of today! I just ordered
  2. Thanks for sharing the info! I literally got called to go pick up my newborn adopted daughter right after my last post, so looks like I'll be in no hurry after all
  3. They've been out for at least a month, maybe more. For all I know they'll be back tomorrow, but I'm getting impatient
  4. Anyone else got one??? I'm starting to wonder if they're going another run or not
  5. I like CZ and when it comes to competition, it has earned my "one and only" status because of the great fit to my hand, two of the best aftermarket support companies (CZC and CGW), and being easily the most reliable gun I've ever owned by a wide margin. That said, I like shooting everything and definitely couldn't limit myself to only owning CZ. But for competition...yeah that's what happened to me.
  6. I agree that anyone that practices it much will probably find the 3 second mark pretty attainable. I can pretty routinely get to 2.5 now. Although Bob Vogel is an amazing shooter who could kill me with his pinky, I don't think those videos are a good representation of how to practice a plate rack. First of all, that's 5 yards, not 7 (the shadows of the barrels give the distance away). It's also not from surrender and he's clearly jumping the beep instead of reacting to it. Very cool and I can't approach doing it that well, but it won't help you in competition to practice that way.
  7. They're going to struggle to keep up with orders....
  8. So after all of this and having tried out both the open and limited set up for a while (went back and forth a few times), I really prefer the TS as a limited gun. It takes more away than it adds to have the extras on there. At this point, I've beaten this gun senseless (drilled, filed, sanded, pounded out the sights more than once... First time was a doozy!) And have put a LOT of rounds through it. I've never minded that it looked like a working gun every step of the way and I still don't. However, I think it's earned the right to look less like a mad scientists halfway/poorly finished project. So my plans are to refill the drill holes and sand down anywhere I've marked up the gun and then recoat it and put on the correct magwell (I've been using the factory plastic ones because speedy practice makes for many many dings and the plastic is cheaper and does less damage to the mags). I'll likely throw a new recoil spring and hide Todd on at the same time. That being said, anyone ever used JB weld (that's my current plan) and then coated it? My current idea is to lay the frame down against a Ziploc bag and fill the holes from the inside so that it is more than enough on the outside and then I can sand back down to the frame from there.
  9. The adjustable sear is awesome. Be careful to leave enough "overtravel" in your trigger movement so that the hammer is clearing the sear as it falls (you can actually see it if you hold the hammer with your thumb while working the trigger, so it's easy enough). I was tempted to make my trigger have even less movement, but I don't want to wear out the sear
  10. I think Tok36 has you going in the right direction. I don't have a Shadow 2 but the TS has a safety detent on both sides and it is a VERY easy part to lose or install incorrectly. If it is installed correctly, a stronger spring should solve your problems pretty easily. Otherwise your safety is out of spec.
  11. For those of you who don't get it, I have often felt that way about a LOT of different guns that are released....this isn't one of them. Because I already own a TS that I've mangled and beaten, I won't be able to get one of these until the TS stops running, which I'm guessing will happen around 50 years from now. Had this gun been out 5 years ago, I wouldn't have even given it a second thought. Of course, it has zero track record and will have to be absolutely flawless in its reliability to approach TS status, but if it is, I don't know why anyone would run a 2011 in limited ever again. Cheaper gun, better grip, cheaper AND more reliable mags. This thing looks like a win from every angle to me IF it runs.
  12. I'm shocked that S&W is dragging their feet getting this to market.....everyone else is racing to show off a red dot ready model and they just left the old ones out....very odd. I'm guessing they don't have anything else to show off at SHOT next year, so they're saving it for that???
  13. I'm not a fan of the amount that the dingus protrudes, but I generally hate trigger safeties (I have a manual safety 2.0). That said, once the live ammunition starts barking, I NEVER notice it and the flat trigger is very helpful in getting fast hits for me. Curved triggers definitely have some advantages, but for letting off rounds in a hurry, flat trigger wins every time for me and that goes for rifles too (I actually purposely stopped using flat AR triggers because I couldn't keep myself from machine gunning off some rounds every single range trip...the curved trigger fools my brain into thinking I'm a sniper instead of a lead thrower:))
  14. I'm pretty sure that everyone who posted already on this topic is a better shooter than me, but I'll say this; Too often we're convinced that there is an exact right way to do something and it is holding us back. More often the case is that we should simply be doing it more so that we can get better at it. I understand the idea of practicing correctly and there are SOME non negotiables, but there's a lot of room for each person to make it their own. Watch a PGA tour event and see how different swings can look (let alone equipment and putting style!) and these guys are all at a level that is absolutely incredible. Watch some NBA player shoot 3 pointers with a cross faced stance and still hit over 80% in practice. Look at batting stances in the MLB. Shooting is much the same. There are ways of doing it that we call "ideal", but if you find a way that works for you, do it. Me personally, I squint a little and have never once had it hurt my score (misses and being out of shape do that for me and I'd way rather work on those things than switching dominant hand/eye).
  15. Thanks! Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol club has a mile long waiting list, but I guess I can still try out their matches
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