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  1. Thanks for the reply! Did you notice any difference in the feel of the action operating? Heavier recoil?
  2. Man if I could get mine to a 99% runner, I'd be very happy. That's still well short of my other guns (they all run 99.9% at least), but I get that shotguns can't run the same kind of reliability numbers. What isn't okay with me is barely hitting 90%.
  3. Curious to see how many of you have the MOA heavy bolt in your Stoeger and if it fixed your issues? I have an 18.5 inch M3000 that "Benelli clicks" a lot (ammo choice can help but nothing feeds 10 rounds through without at least one click). I don't want to dump the gun, but I also don't want to buy the bolt if it won't fix it. Anyone out there that can help?
  4. Pistolpete9

    New Shadow 2 stoppages

    I'd have CZ involved at this point. That's crazy to be experiencing that many issues on a gun that you haven't messed with. My TS fired a couple thousand rounds, then I messed with the frame and hammer and sear and springs and have several thousand rounds since. I've never had a single malfunction that want due to a very out of spec round (that's happened twice, one was my fault for damaging the round while loading). Factory ammo shouldn't be a problem on ANY modern pistol, let alone a high level CZ.
  5. Thanks! I'm getting much better at my pick up shots too, which is great. Seems like 2.5 seconds is a really good goal for me within 10 yards. Now I want to figure out a good par time for a 1-6-2-5-3-4 order. Any of you guys have any ideas on that? I'm thinking sub 3 would be pretty good, but don't know yet.
  6. This is an absolutely horrible draw, but that's a fair representation of how I was shooting today and at least someone was there to film. My last outing was SO much better, but the curse of the camera is strong with me.https://youtu.be/QRF5Ywk-DW0
  7. Why are people saying they like watching Leo? I hate it. Doesn't make me feel good at all.
  8. I think us American shooters are a nervous bunch when it comes to new products. Lots of things have been promised by lots of companies over the last decade or two and most have fallen well short. Grand Power has a lot of good things going for them for sure (great trigger, good ergonomics, good sights) but has a few things working against them (hard to find/expensive mags, very little aftermarket support, slick polymer, lower capacity than many guns of the same size, more involved takedown). Couple that with a "unique" operating system and it becomes a crap shoot for many that just isn't worth it. Most would rather just play it safe and buy a Glock. I hope Grand Power corrects some of those issues with a Gen 2 and gets aggressive. I think they've find a great niche. Outside of Tango and CZ (which are typically pricier) there aren't many good DA/SA options. I'm a fan.... But I shoot CZ
  9. The adjustable sear and one their race hammers are hard to beat. I have the SP01 RHK in my TS and in my opinion it is THE best trigger I've got in any of my guns.
  10. I have a similar issue at times and it is definitely a steel challenge thing for me too. I get caught up trying to do a "glory run" and forget that the difference between my best splits and a well lined up shot is usually literally .1 second :(. However, steel challenge is my favorite and so I'm just going to work on telling myself to make it more like my first run (I always make sure my first run is all hits)
  11. Pistolpete9

    Tactical sport

    It's your money, but I'd just buy it and stop worrying. For a 3 gun pistol, I can't imagine a much better option
  12. Been working on this a bit and have seen major improvement. Posted a 2.56 with a pick up shot, that would have been a 2.43 without it. The run after that felt even better, but my friend hit the review button after the first 4 hits so we'll never know. I'll try and get a video up sometime soon so it's "verified". For me, I can usually tell what kind of time I'll get by the time the first shot breaks. Everything is in getting a great draw.
  13. Pistolpete9

    Tactical sport

    The TS is a wonderful gun. I'm not sure that it "needs" much other than better grips and a fiber optic front sight. I've done a lot to mine and don't regret it, but a TSO or a Shadow 2 would also be great choices that have a lot of the upgrades already
  14. Honestly, if they made this type of sight with a picatinny mount and had windage and elevation adjustments, I'd much prefer this to a C-more, Fastfire, etc. The simplicity is pure genius, but the company needs to figure out what they have on their hands and adapt accordingly. Throw a little LED under the the rod and then you have a "tactical" model. Lots of potential with this thing though.
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