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  1. I use the Lee Bulge Buster with a 9mm Makarov die and it has allowed me o use all my reloads in whatever 9m pistol I choose. Here is a thread that discusses it. https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/Lee_Bulge_Buster_on_9mm/42-437330/ I know others who use the Lee u-die successfully .
  2. Hello, I had a problem resizing 9mm Glock shot brass to fit my Kimber Custom II chamber. I solved it by running the ammo through the Lee Bulge BUster using a Makarov die. You can read a discussion of this here: https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/Lee_Bulge_Buster_on_9mm/42-437330/ I solved my problem so I canuse my reloads in any 9mm I choose without fear of failure. That being said, the PM9 is on my wish list. Tom
  3. Actually, my shoots a soft load in a 45 1911 and prefers it to the Glock in 9mm. I have a 1911 in 9mm and that shoots as soft as a 22 like the previous poster mentioned. It is a joy to shoot. Only bad thing is you'll go through a lot more ammo with it because it is so much fun.
  4. I don't think the rifle power factor should be set based on politics. Excluding certain calibres because of their origin is not in keeping with the spirit of the game. ......Just my 2 cents
  5. You should have no problem trading out for one without a safety. The one's with safeties seem to be in higher demand than those without.
  6. You won't find a more competitive class is USPSA than Production and you have the gun the many GM's have and/or still use. I'd hold off on 40. It is a different animal.
  7. The CZ has won many championships and is a proven platform..... But then again so has the tangfolio..Shoot what feels right.
  8. That's very nice and a very fast turnaround.
  9. Holster wear is tough to prevent with any self-applied finish. Sending it out to a professional refinisher may not be that expensive an option when everything is considered.
  10. A friend usually starts off practice with 50 or so rounds of .22. It works for himbut never has done much for me.
  11. tcurrin

    Sig 1911-C3

    Hello, I think I've finally found my ideal carry gun. It is the Sig 1911 C3 with the Crimson Trace red dot grips. It has a Commander size slide with a bushing barrel mated to an Officer's size frame. It come with all the mods I would want including a mag well; is very light and compact; packs well and shoots great. I especially like being able to change out the springs to match a load. Great little gun.. I never thought I'd ever go for the red dot, but in a home defense situation it is a nice feature.
  12. tcurrin

    Sig 1911-22

    Have you tried different brands of ammo? All my .22's have been very ammo dependent as to performance.
  13. Good advice. Practice with what you have and you'll improve much faster. There is no magic gun. I've tried a lot of them over the years and found that sticking with one, no matter what it was, for a significant length of time gave the best results. Good luck and continue to enjoy yourself.
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