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  1. bird

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    This is the perfect answer.. I now just keep my life simple & shoot what I carry, 1911 45acp. I get a laugh when people make fun of my colt 45acp when they are shooting 2011's. They are bascially the same thing..
  2. bird

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    Huh??? Flat nose = freedom? BMW & 1911 unreliable? I have both and you are mistaken. All your base all belong to us..lol
  3. bird

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    Is that your mom telling you C class production shooters are the future of USPSA??lol
  4. bird

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    Indeed the 1911 is a 107 year old design that simply won't work Thank God we didn't use them in 2 world wars, korea and vietnam & someone should alert the modern special forces that they are too finicky & unreliable. IPSC / USPSA started with the 1911 and it will never be obsolete.. It's simply a harder gun to master then a plastic 9mm so we should probably just get rid of single stack division.. Whatever..
  5. bird

    Seeking Comments - Handgun Grips

    My weak hand is in the exact position as the top picture and I adjust my rh to fit accordingly I also use thick grips on my 1911 to get the same feel as a 2011. There is no right or wrong grip Only the right grip that works for you. Your body really does sort all this out with a lot of dry & live fire.
  6. bird

    Seeking Comments - Handgun Grips

    Brian's book shows a perfect picture of getting your left hand on the frame BEHIND the gun (top right picture on page 41) If you don't have his book get it immediately.. Getting both hands (heels) behind the gun is key for me when it comes to recoil control. I adjust my right hand so I can position my index finger to pull the trigger straight back (Brian Zins bullseye rh grip) This leaves plenty of room for my left hand. The stronger your hands are the less you have to crush the gun Locking wrists also helps
  7. bird

    Grip technique/pressure

    All the answers are really in Brians book. neutral strong grip Personally I pull my elbows in & lock the upper triangle in with my chest. Try getting both hands high & behind the gun.
  8. bird

    Colt Lightweight Commander XSE rear sight

    I replaced the sights on my xse stainless steel commander and my lightweight talo commander with dawson .180" x .125" fiber optic front sights and the 10 8 rear sight .325" x .140" U notch. Both shoot to poi. poa. They are my ccw guns and both are accurate on 40 yd 8 inch plates..
  9. bird


    ok here goes: 2. jeff cooper 4. rob leatham 5. ron avery 6. bill wilson 7. brian enos 8. jeff cooper 9. matt burkett 10 ted nugent
  10. I hope this is the right place to ask this ? On a 1911/2011 style pistol is the ambi-safety a weaker design than a single side safety? I have seen the ambi-safety break but have never seen (or heard) of the single sided safety break. How important is it to have an ambi-safety on your gun? I for one think it is a nice feature when I have to hold a prop with my right hand and grab the pistol off a table with my left hand and shoot or do a transfer from rh to lh, etc but is it really necessary? probably not But I was also thinking that it is not necessary as I don't ride the safety with my thumb while shooting with 1 hand and if If I shoot a glock or a revolver this would not even be an issue.. What does everyone here think about this?
  11. As an Aerospace Manager/Supervisor for well over 15+ years it is praise over $ hands down.($ is relative, it's not how much make, it's how much you spend//if you make more you spend more, if you make less you spend less). Don't get me wrong here, everyone wants to make more money but I have found that "praise" yeilds better results to boost the morale of my workers then does "money", (after all everyone want's to take pride in their work and be recognized for their skill & expertise, especially in front of their peers). Praise is a much stonger motivater than $ in the real world of business. Trust me on this. College business and real-world business are like night and day.
  12. bird

    Fiber Optic Sights

    I switched to green (from red) and my eyes seem to like it better. I also like to burn the end to get a big green dot (one that fills up the rear notch) and I have had good luck with it so far. In practice, it is fun to do mis-alignment drills and see where the shot lands in the A zone--> (from a lost thread here {flex can you help?}). I prefer to watch the small green dot bouncing up and down as opposed to the red which seemed to wash out on far targets for me anyway.. Thanks for all the help. Does anybody know what color TGO uses?
  13. bird

    Grip Exercises

    Several years ago I was really into the whole power lifting/weight training thing, you know the whole 18" arms, 600#+ deadlifts etc.etc. I now prefer a lean flexible body and I don't even lift weights anymore,(I just hit the speed bag). I especially liked the hand grip exercises, as when I was a little kid I remember my Grandfather taking walnuts and crushing them with 1 hand and he could take 3/8" spikes and bend them in half. I find that having a strong grip lets me hold any pistol with a rock-solid vice-like grip while being totally relaxed with no tension if that makes sense....LOL Here is a couple of links you should check out. https://secure.amazon-networks.com/secure-h...ml/forearm.html The power forearm routine is a real a$$ kicker and will build your hands/wrists/forearms like nothing else. http://www.ironmind.com/ There is alot of great grip tools on this sight. I have not done any of the grip exercises for about 10 years now but I still have a pretty decent grip.
  14. bird

    What Are The Best 10rd Mags?

    Hi Dave You are still an awesome shooter. Quite sandbagging dude and just accept the fact that you are a master class shooter,don't fight it.... I have seen your single stack and you are a perfect example of "it is the shooter and not the gun", don't get me wrong here as I am not knocking your blaster, but what did you pay for your 1911, a buck two fifty?...hehe That thing looks as crude as John Brownings original proto-types...LOL (no flames intended really, love 'ya man)... Wilson 10 rounders is what I will go with then, and I will buy them from Brian, our wunderbar host. The knee is swollen,painful & I can barely walk. But I will be back...LOL