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  1. Update for those wanting a soft 45 acp load /5" Colt 1911, wilson 8rd mags. * 3.0gr TG *185gr sns swc *1.270" oal *.470" crimp *WLP & mixed brass *8 lb recoil spring *18 lb main spring *Superlube & mobil 1 synthetic oil Incredibly soft shooting 100 % feed & eject Very accurate out to 40yds.
  2. Perfect More options Thanks... I loaded some sns lswc at 3.8gr TG with a 10# recoil spring (1.250" oal' .470 crimp, wlp & mixed brass),that were very accurate & soft shooting out to 40yds. 3.0gr & 3.2 gr TG with 185gr lswc shot well but the brass wouldnt eject, perhaps an 8# recoil spring? 3.4 to 3.6gr TG shot well but brass ejecting was hit or miss. I am going to try the 155 swc load. What recoil spring weight do you recommend? My hammer spring is 18# with a 14# recoil spring for my USPSA loads.
  3. Thank You I tested my loads under less than ideal conditions. It was sub zero, windy, standing in a snowbank with light rain...lol I probably had a bit too much grease in the top end along with the added weight of the rmr and very cold...
  4. I am looking for load data using Hodgen Titegroup powder only. I have been using TG for decades for my uspsa/ipsc single stack major loads. I also thinned out my herd years ago and only shoot & load what I carry.(45acp single stack) This load will be used for the following: 1. My 1911 colt with my Trijicon RMR 06 2. Shooting major power factor loads for several hundred rounds per session wears on my arthritis 3. This will be used also as a varmit pistol for my 82 yr old Dad on his farm as old eyes & 22lr is not effective. 4. New shooters & some women don't care for the major power factor blast. I did some testing and the lowest I got (reliability & accuracy)was 3.8gr TG 230gr sns red bullets, 1.250" oal, .470" crimp with a 12# recoil spring. Perhaps a lighter bullet or ? Thanks...
  5. What TG load data do you use plus oal, recoil spring etc. I have a colt 1911 with an rmro6 that I'm building for my 80+ year old dad to use as a varmit gun on his farm.( old eye's & arthritic his old .22lr with iron sights don't work well for him anymore). I have it spring with a 7# recoil spring and worked up some 230gr sns TG loads from 2.8gr up to 4.0gr. 1.250" oal, .470" crimp. I have not had a chance to test it yet because of the heavy snow & sub zero temps in the Dakota's. Perhaps I should start a new Thread.. Thanks TG
  6. Single stack started this sport & it will never go away. I guess some shooters cannot handle a ss in 45acp so they complain or shoot ss minor 9mm. Every few years the new guys want to move or eliminate ss. but I guess the dead horse won't beat itself as witnessed by 5 pages so far...lol
  7. This is the perfect answer.. I now just keep my life simple & shoot what I carry, 1911 45acp. I get a laugh when people make fun of my colt 45acp when they are shooting 2011's. They are bascially the same thing..
  8. Huh??? Flat nose = freedom? BMW & 1911 unreliable? I have both and you are mistaken. All your base all belong to us..lol
  9. Is that your mom telling you C class production shooters are the future of USPSA??lol
  10. Indeed the 1911 is a 107 year old design that simply won't work Thank God we didn't use them in 2 world wars, korea and vietnam & someone should alert the modern special forces that they are too finicky & unreliable. IPSC / USPSA started with the 1911 and it will never be obsolete.. It's simply a harder gun to master then a plastic 9mm so we should probably just get rid of single stack division.. Whatever..
  11. My weak hand is in the exact position as the top picture and I adjust my rh to fit accordingly I also use thick grips on my 1911 to get the same feel as a 2011. There is no right or wrong grip Only the right grip that works for you. Your body really does sort all this out with a lot of dry & live fire.
  12. Brian's book shows a perfect picture of getting your left hand on the frame BEHIND the gun (top right picture on page 41) If you don't have his book get it immediately.. Getting both hands (heels) behind the gun is key for me when it comes to recoil control. I adjust my right hand so I can position my index finger to pull the trigger straight back (Brian Zins bullseye rh grip) This leaves plenty of room for my left hand. The stronger your hands are the less you have to crush the gun Locking wrists also helps
  13. All the answers are really in Brians book. neutral strong grip Personally I pull my elbows in & lock the upper triangle in with my chest. Try getting both hands high & behind the gun.
  14. I replaced the sights on my xse stainless steel commander and my lightweight talo commander with dawson .180" x .125" fiber optic front sights and the 10 8 rear sight .325" x .140" U notch. Both shoot to poi. poa. They are my ccw guns and both are accurate on 40 yd 8 inch plates..
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