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  1. boblindeman

    Power Factor

    Well, according to the fundamentals in IPSC, which been the same since it was founded, the Speed, Accuracy and Power shall be 3 equal factors, and in pistol it seems to work, but as I understand it, the power factor in rifle is not equal, bcz some old history about the caliber 7.62x39. Someone that decided about the powerfactor levels for rifle wanted everything below .308 to be disqualified. My opinion is to let the power be equal in rifle to, not only in pistol. And about the .223 being an american round would maybe fit in USPSA but not in IPSC, as its an International issue, not domestic american issue. Thats my opinion....
  2. boblindeman

    Power Factor

    Hi. Can someone explain for me why there is a so big difference between Major and Minor for rifle, since the difference is not so big for handgun. In handgun there have already been a decrease of the major value. Wouldnt it be more correct and equal to also lower the PF for Major even in rifle, to for example 250 instead of 320. As it is today about 80% or 90% is shooting .223.
  3. boblindeman

    IPSC Rifle advice

    Hi everyone. I will compete in IPSC Rifle here in Sweden. I will buy a VZ-58 from CSA and they have it in .223 or 7.62x39. I know the accuracy from .223 since my time in service here, but I haven´t tried out to shoot the 7.62x39, only .308Nato before. I know I can load the 7.62x39 to major pf with 147gr bullets and I also know the rifle will work with it, but I need some advices in if the handling differencies is worth the extra points I get shooting major. We do have papertargets on matches here in Sweden up to over 300 yards and steel up to sometimes over 350 yards. So I need some advice in decision which caliber to choose from, since the cost for the rifle is the same. /Robert
  4. boblindeman

    7.62x39 Major

    Yes, we have paper here on some distances. On the Swedish Championship last fall there was papertargets at about 280 meters, which is 306 yards and there was steel on 340 meter which was 372 yards. /Robert
  5. boblindeman

    7.62x39 Major

    Hi Thanks for quick reply. When u say max pressure how high is that according to the pressure in a .223 because the rifle is capable of the pressure from a .223 which according to the manyfacturer is about 20% higher than pressure of the 7.62x39. I havent thought of any particurlary bullets yet, but I know from Sako92,s posts that its possible to reach major with 147gr bullets. I am in the decision of which caliber I will buy and use for IPSC here in Sweden and I dont know if I will have the easier to shoot .223 or the possibility to shoot major, which here is pf320. Regards. Robert
  6. boblindeman

    7.62x39 Major

    Hi. I have looked for an answer to my question but cant find it, so I ask here. Have anyone loaded the original bulletweight 123 grain to a major load, at about 2700fps. I am using a SA VZ-58 and it is also made for .223 so it will withstand the pressure from 223 loads. Thanks in advance. Robert