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  1. I am considering getting the valor but I LOVE that rail.. I hear mixed rumors that the valor has more high end parts on it? Any truth?I don't think there is a part on the Valor that isnt high end. You will not be disappointed, you get a whole lot of pistol for the money.
  2. x2 for Spence, he's done a couple of mine and I've shot several others he has done. Top notch work
  3. If you can afford the Dan Wesson, go for it. I have both a STI and a Dan Wesson, love em' both. For the money my DW was a better value, the quality considering price hands down can not be beat.
  4. Redfield isn't too bad in that price range
  5. I do exactly what your wanting to do w/ a 10# spring for minor and a 12# spring for major in my eagle, only difference is I shoot BBI rather than plated
  6. I picked up a CRP Eagle a little over a year ago and have not had a single issue with it, 20K + trouble free rounds. STI bluing will wear in a kydex holster, no avoiding it. If your concerned about that x2 for hard chrome. I fit a gunsmith blank trigger myself and am completely satisfied.
  7. Agreed with all of the above. The Garrets make a fine product, I have a silent thunder fusion for EDCing a glock 26 and it is by far the most comfortable IWB holster I've tried. The quality is second to none
  8. snake belly should be fine, they are standard on at least one Kimber. The problem you may run into is while a MD or SO at one club may see no issue with the panel cuts another club's team may take issue with it. IDPA like to leave a lot open to individual interpretation
  9. Smitty +1 for CompTac. This may be an non-issue but the Tek locks might put it too far out to pass the new silly dowel rule. Unless of course you have a bit more ballast in the middle like I do
  10. The Gen4 I just put together is working out mighty nicely. Funny, it seems running 9mm major cures weak ejection
  11. If you decide you want the slide milled and the RMR sunk into the it check out ATEi, I just got my slide back from them and it is absolutely beautiful. This is head and shoulders above using a mounting plate in dovetail http://ateiguns.com/
  12. I just had a Garret Silent Thunder Solo made for my 26, unbelievably comfortable! The neoprene and leather against the body is the best i can imagine. Single clip stays put and can be removed and replaced a lot easier than you would think. The suede back actually helps to tuck an undershirt back in and stays put really well.
  13. Not cheap but Garret Industries is really hard to beat. I just got a Solo for my 26 and amazed by the comfort and craftsmanship. Tops in my book, and worth every penny http://garrettindustries.mybigcommerce.com/silent-thunder-solo/
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