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  1. +1 Gabe.... Bayou bullets and WST in .40 minor.... Magic, no smoke. I hear you brother, but powders have not been easy to find. I've used nothing but WSF for years, and no can't find it. Tried a 1# of TG and was pleased with the results, so bought 16# of TG because it's all I could find locally. So TG will be the powder for some time, lol.
  2. Thanks for all of the responses guys, will look into the recommendations. Black and Blue has 10% off until 1/2/2014, and are $84/K VS $117/K of the Xtremes……..
  3. How's it going fella's, go easy on me here, I did some searching but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. I have always referenced this board for reloading info and had great results. I'm finally getting into IDPA, going to be shooting my G22 in ESP. I have seen the minor load info, and recently tried some Titegroup and liked it, much softer shooting than my previous few years shooting 40 with WSF. Anyhow, my question is more towards what do you guys use for lead projectiles in a 180 for minor loads? I have used Missouri Bullet a lot in the past and been happy, but their website says their 18BHN is meant for major PF. So if I were ti run these for a minor load will the accuracy be affected? Maybe lead build up from not running a bullet this hard fast enough? Right now running 4.2gr of TG under Xtreme 180's loaded to 1.125" with once fired brass and CCI primers. I'm looking to save more money and increasing my volume getting serious about IDPA. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a slide on order from Lone Wolf which will be accompanied by one of their 40 barrels so I won't have issues with the lead. Thanks FM
  4. FM, if you're trying to save money, I'd skip the part about "once fired brass" - load 'em over and over again - you probably won't see much (if any) difference. Also, if you are reloading - and shooting IDPA - you really should buy a chrono ... Aren't Xtreme bullets much more expensive than MG Bullets??? Just another potential savings?? Try out some 147's and see if you prefer them - they do cost more than 124's, everything else being equal. The Chrono is my next investment, I am VERY new at IDPA, went to my first match last Saturday, and a practice day the one before that. However I'm not worried about my load making power factor, should be way over. As for the brass, I typed once fired, but all of my 9MM brass except the 1K I loaded last night has been shot many times over the past couple of years, basically I shoot my 9mm brass until it's no good anymore, and I get a lot of loads out of them. I ordered more bullets and decided to try the Xtreme's for 9mm after talking with a buddy out of state, and my pleasurable experience with the 180's in 10MM. I stuck to the 124'gr as they were a bit cheaper per thousand and it's just what I am use to. The Xtreme bullets from TJConevera in 124gr RN were $83/K and they ship free. The 124gr from Montana Gold are $320/3,750 or $118/K and if I'm not mistaken the shipping is free to a business address but cost a bit more for residential delivery. We'll see how the Xtreme's work out, hopefully good, as I ordered a good amount of them, lol. I need to research a chrono, but for now gonna take the charge down a bit with the new bullets when they get here and see how it goes. Sarge- Everything you said makes sense and played into my decision a lot, thanks for putting stuff into perspective, and like you said I too have found the 124's to be very accurate and reliable so why mess with a good thing. And the money I saved on my order buying 124 over 147gr allowed me to buy another 1K of 124gr, never a bad thing. FM
  5. I currently do not have a chrono, but my pet load based on feel of recoil, accuracy, and reliability of pistol operation in my 9mm Glocks is MG 124gr CMJ, OAL=1.125, once fired brass, Wolf/CCI SP primers, and 5.1grs WSF. i recently starting shooting IDPA and so my monthly round count has changed. I just loaded my last K of the MG tonight, and was curious if it's worth it to switch to the 147gr bullets? What advantage if any would the 147gr offer? On my end looking at things they would take a lower powder charge which will add up to a good amount more rounds I can load per 8 lb jug. I'm just curious if there would be any other advantage. I was considering going to the Xtreme 147gr bullets, I have been happy with the 180gr Xtremes in my G20 SF. Thanks for your input FM
  6. The book's available in Brian's online store. Thanks, I ordered it Thursday, looking forward to it's arrival. I went back again today, we had a match today, I screwed the pooch on the end of one stage but still managed to get 11th of 26 in SSP, much better performance than last week. I was much more calm and comfortable today and I think that had a lot to do with it, and on the longer shots on steel I just took it a bit slower which in turn made me faster, go figure huh. Still have a lot of room for improvement but at least I'm not horrified like last week lol. I really was enjoying myself so much more today, not that last week wasn't fun, but today was much more so. We should have a classifier in September that I can participate in, all in all fun day today, 5 great stages, and we beat the downpour by a hair, and most importantly, no one was hurt. I'm getting hooked! Tuesday Drill night, and Saturday back at it again, time to order more 9MM reloading supplies
  7. Thanks everyone for their feedback. Some of the suggestions have already been a great help. When I have had time by myself in the house I have done a good bit of dry fire practice from the holster with a target on the wall (empty gun and no ammo in the room of course). I know it's not IDPA but tonight we had a Carbine match that the local IDPA club runs and we do transition to pistol, and I was back at home again with my AR and shot my pistol portion much better than on saturday. I was also not anxious or nervous at all because this environment I am familiar with. I didn't shoot perfect with m pistol tonight but my misses today did not find any non threats and all were just outside the -0 zone. I forgot how much fun the AR is on steel I will be looking for the book that was suggested, could not find it on my iPad so I guess will search Amazon for the real thing sometime this week. FM
  8. Wow! That's an impressive practice day! Did you get to re-run the stages? No each squad was able to run through each stage 1 time As you get used to the IDPA game, it'll get less overwhelming. Also, once you get your shooting-at-speed skills up to where they don't require conscious thought, that'll help too. Yeah too much thinking going on while shooting which was a distraction. I didn't even think to go out first as others have posted and just watch a few times, I was so excited I went out and just shot, might have helped to watch a few times first but oh well. For me anyways, it's easier to remember the right way to do something after I screwed it up, than to just remember a list of things with no hands on. Are you at a disadvantage shooting a compact pistol like the Glock 19? Sure. Is that your problem. No. I think you knew that though. You definitely want to keep working on your mechanical skills -- which you can do almost entirely through dry fire. Print up some small-scale targets and go through the entire Classifier, dry, at home. Or, better yet, buy Steve Anderson's dry-fire book, get a timer (or par-timer app for your smartphone), and get to work. I think with what you guys have offered here, and what you have written as well as in talking to a few other guys, that you're spot on about the gun, and yes I knew it, just guess I need to hear it/read it. I will keep on with my G19 until I can no longer improve myself and then think about another pistol at that time. This should make the benefits of a longer sight radius and full size grip more useful. I will look into the book and the app for the phone thanks for the advice. I get a lot of solo down time on my off days at home during the week and can practice as you have described. I appreciate the info.
  9. The latter is what I was thinking and I am just trying to be honest (with myself) before spending money on something else to shoot. I appreciate the honesty.
  10. Thank you, yes I was definitely going "too fast" today. I kept telling myself mentally, take it slow, focus and slow down, then the buzzer would go off and I was off to the races. My other issue, was my instinct to want to look over the front sight to see of I hit where I was trying to, this caused me a lot of shot's outside the -0 zone today, and a couple of non threat hits on one of the stages too. I guess the silver lining today is I was second amongst the unclassified guys in my division and I had a lot of fun regardless of how disappointed I am with my performance. I really like the atmosphere of the club, and everyone was very friendly and took time to answer my question when they could between stages. I just need to get my act together for the next classifier........
  11. I have been talking about it for a couple of years and I finally said screw it and went out to shoot. Man I didn't know what I was missing. Today was just a "practice" day and not a match but we got 8 good stages in and I was quite overwhelmed with everything going on and needing to keep track of. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun but was so frustrated with myself at the same time. The only thing special if you will that I bought was a couple of mag holders. I took my comp-tsac paddle holster that I use for CCW, my CCW G19, the second G19 just in case and all the other usual range stuff and ammo of course. I was maybe 1 of 2 or 3 guys shooting a G19 in SSP. The rest of the guys had long slide polymers and there were a few 2011 style pistols as well. I am not at all pleased with my performance, but I have not shot in quite some time either. Today was a real eye opener for me, lol. Unfortunately I had a brain fart and tanked the lat stage by not engaging 2 of the targets because well I just simply forgot, I was so tunneled in to engage the moving targets that I forgot about the stationary ones behind. I placed 18 of 22, and it's somewhat demoralizing lol. Anyhow, I was just curious if anyone has any tips to offer, or advice on gear, gun, tips, etc. Am I at a disadvantage in this with the G19, or should I just keep at my mechanical skills? I'm not new to shooting, but never shot anything like this before. Have a couple of pistol classes under my belt, and some training with the AR as well. I did have a ton of fun and I am hooked. I joined the club for the range I was at, very close to home and private range, got my key now and can go shoot whenever I want, and I filled out the online membership for my first year of IDPA. So hopefully I can start to be a bit more competitive. I have no fantasy about being a top tier national competitor, but I would at least like to feel good about my performances. What I did learn today, is that just because you can get nice groups at a static range standing still doesn't mean you're a good shooter, when the heart is racing and you're on the move it's a whole different ballgame. Thanks FM
  12. I bought the Redding T/C Pro Series Dies for 40SW/10mm and have never had another sizing issues in station 1. The press runs a lot smoother with these dies also. An old timer I chat with about reloading recommended these dies and it's been money well spent. Just my $0.02
  13. Loaded up all 500 of the Rainier 165gr FP. the load data is as follows: OAL= 1.130 Rainier 165gr FP 4.7gr Solo 1K CCI SP Primers Mixed Brass (once fired) The rounds provided a nice group, burned clean, and had minimal to no muzzle flash. VERY soft shooting round. Not (1) issue with any of the ammo through my G22 with factory barrel. No signs of excess pressure on the brass. These rounds shot softer than the factory Winchester 9mm NATO we bought for my G17 while at the range. My wife put the G17 down after the first mag and wouldn't let go of the G22. My younger brother was with us as well so we shot all 500 rounds between the three of us. I don't have velocity numbers as I do not currently own a Chrono, that is my next project, learning about Chrono's and which model would serve my needs. I do not know what the PF is on these rounds but would be curious to know as they shot really soft. Just thought I would post the load data in case anyone is interested.
  14. I've only done a little bit of testing with S-1000 and 165 Rainier FP's. Here is the data: 10 shots, 165 RFP/4.8 S-1000/COL 1.155/Wolf SP, Hi=1059, Lo=982, ES=77, SD=20, PF=165. These were shot out of an STI Xtreme 5" at 61 deg. F. The ES and SD tell me that these were not that consistent, but they were reasonably soft and accurate and I'd have no hesitation in using them for plinking. Of course, your results may vary... Thanks for your help. I can't find anything on Solo with 165gr bullets. The page I found here to download a while back with the Scott info is blurred out of course where the 40 data is, lol.
  15. How's it going fellas. Happy Holidays to everyone. Hope Santa was as good to everyone else as he was to me. I have my 180gr load dialed in perfect for me: 180gr MG CMJ CCI SP Primers Mixed Brass OAL 1.130 This works perfect in my G22 and a G23 both with factory barrels, shoots soft and ZERO smoke. I ran out of the MG and scored a 500 pack of 165gr Rainier's in the mean time to get me through a few range trips with my little brother while he's in town. Any of you run Solo 1K under the 165gr bullets? If so where should I begin? Just need a clean plinking round here for us for the range that will make decent groups. I appreciate any info. Thanks Gabe
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