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    All things being equal more mag capacity will always be an advantage. In open why do you want to handicap yourself in any way with equipment. The higher the hit factor the more it matters that you save time in every aspect. Open has the highest hit factors and 40 doesn’t bring any advantage in itself...just sayin.
  2. Just out of curiosity is this test done slowly? So a slow squeeze and hold or did you just let them give a quick hard pull? I would think that would be an important factor.
  3. Put a dab of grease on the priming operating rod where it goes 90 into the attachment point. I was having similar problems and that grease point did wonders. it needs to float freely in there. Jut to clarify this is at the top and where the rod meets that aluminum housing.
  4. Did you hacksaw it off?
  5. How come it says "U" for your class?
  6. I thought these had to be done from surrender?
  7. I really like my Brazo's mount!
  8. Well, this kinda sums up the whole ready and tuned let down. I did call and email, but a different story for a different time.
  9. I did. With the Uplula or by giving the mag a few thumps while I was loading. It sounds weird, but it holds more with the grams. I can get 26 of 9mm in with the grams and 25 in as it came. I let it settle overnight, loaded it a bunch of times, and tried factory and reloaded ammo. Its just better with the Grams in every time. Also, I let another person try with the same conclusion. In fact, with the stock internals I was denting cases it was so tight. Just for reference it is a 155 mm for 9/38.
  10. I can have an opinion. I did say the tube and basepad were nice, but the overall fit and function left a lot to be desired. It did not hold the capacity they said and the slide would strip the follower into the gun on the last round. In fact the other option was to lock back on the last round, so it was inconsistent or poor performance at best. Once I put grams in it was ok. This magazine advertised the follower would not lock back the slide and it would hold a certain capacity, both of which was not true. I consider 3d printing at this price point an amateur move too.
  11. Thousands huh. Sounds really popular, so its must be the best. And I am sorry as I did mean follower and not "based", that was my mistake. A 3D printed follower is ridiculous for the price. Geez, if your follower is "so" good, invest in some tooling as it will be cheaper in the long run anyway. 3D printing is for low volume concept type work.
  12. My MBX was a total disappointment. The follower is ridiculous. The tube and basepad are nice, but those followers are not up to snuff. I really do wish I had never bought one. I'd take a STI tube, grams, and Taran Tactical basepad over it any day. Did I mention the follower is 3D printed and not well at that!
  13. Where have the slide cracks been happening? I have heard of one person's near the reverse plug in about 500 rounds. I am curious so I can watch mine.
  14. Do you still have the mount for sale?

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