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  1. I have a pair of the electronic in-ear plugs from Ear, Inc. (EAR Inc.). Had the molds made at a local match. They have been great for almost 2 years now. One note - you can't store them with the batteries in them, or they run down even if the unit is turned "off." Once I figured that out, battery life has been pretty good. Also just started shooting an open gun and that is too much for them to handle. After shooting an outdoor 5-stage match my left ear was buzzing for a day and a half. Now use over-ear on top of the in-ear units for the comp gun and that works great.
  2. I had the same thing happen a couple of months ago. When I asked those wiser than me about it, was told to avoid dropping the hammer on a chambered round with an empty primer pocket. I now either don't chamber a round in dry fire (which is a bit of a pain but still easier than replacing the pin), or top the mag off with a snap cap (with silicone in the primer hole). So far both options have been acceptable.
  3. Best of luck with that.
  4. I have one if anybody is interested. It has 200 rounds through the standard/limited barrel that comes with it, and it has not been fired with the open barrel / comp on it at all. Glad to send pics, etc., but I don't want to break any rules here about not having enough posts to sell something . . .
  5. frgood, you are correct on all points. Looking to dabble in Open (I know, I know - risk of becoming hooked on it is high) and don't really want to load my own. I have bought AA ammo for production and limited before, and am generally happy with it. Just trying to get a handle on potential sources of 9mm major I can run through the Czechmate, and wondering if anybody was running this particular combination of gun/ammo.
  6. Is anybody running this ammo? If so, any feedback on performance would be appreciated.
  7. It was happening without a mag but I'll check that too when I get home. Thanks.
  8. Just picked up a Nitro Fin for Infinity 5" Sight Tracker. Installed with no problem or fitting required and tested slide function before live fire test. All runs fine EXCEPT when I manually lock slide open. Slide release is very difficult to operate and slide feels like it is dragging the first time I rack it after getting it to release. After racking slide once, it feels like it goes back to running smoothly. I have looked at the Nitro Fin but can't seem to find where it's making contact. For anyone who's had to do fitting on one of these, where do you usually have to polish and/or remove material? Is this something I should be concerned about, as I don't want to screw up an SVI with a $100 part. Thanks for any advice.
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