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  1. Is there any chance this can be fixed in a way that allows google searching the forum? I've always found it much easier to search forums with google than the internal search.
  2. This one we do have a rule for: 2.5 Unloading/Loading Station 2.5.1 If it is possible that some competitors arriving at a range where a USPSA match is being held may be in possession of a loaded firearm on their person (e.g. law enforcement officers, persons duly authorized to carry a loaded firearm, etc.), match organizers should provide an Unloading/Loading Station to enable such competitors to safely unload their firearms prior to entering the range, and to safely load their firearms again on departure from the range. The Unloading/Loading Station should be conveniently located outside the entrance to the range (or outside the portion of the range allocated to the USPSA match), it should be clearly sign-marked and it must include a suitable impact zone. 2.5.2 Where no Unloading/Loading station is provided, a competitor who arrives at a match in possession of a loaded firearm and proceeds immediately to a match official for the express purpose of safely unloading the firearm shall not be subject to disqualification per the provisions of Rule 10.5.13.
  3. I don't even have a single classifier in anything but production. I thought about hopping around, but I get more fun out of improving as a shooter than playing with new gear.
  4. Not on my RL1050 in 9mm. The swage backup rod expands the case a little bit, but it doesn't put any belling on it. The pistol powder funnel (not caliber specific) does bell.
  5. No they aren't, they just aren't written clearly. If the gun is cocked, safety must be on. If the gun is decocked, the safety may be off.
  6. I just found out that I have a family conflict with my Sunday slot. Is anyone shooting Saturday willing to trade? I already cleared a swap with the match staff if I can find someone. Thanks.
  7. This. The point of divisions should be to have a competitive home for anything someone might want to shoot. The only gun I can think of that has nowhere to be competitive in USPSA is the 9mm Browning High Power. In IDPA on the other hand, anything that shoots major PF and isn't a 45 gets screwed.
  8. David beat me to it. I had the same problem last year: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=138523
  9. Yes! The winner in class, not just the GM's and M's. A D class shooter is paying the same fee to shoot the match. He may be paying the same match fee, but he's not shooting as well. To me, winning implies shooting the best, not being the best sandbagger. I'm not saying all class winners are sandbaggers, but if every match gives out valuable prizes for class wins, most of them will be eventually.
  10. My gun never leaves my strong hand with the original routine. Exactly. I've already emailed my AD; we'll see what he thinks about it. I suppose the real solution is for me to move out of Massachusetts, so I can just put 11 in the first mag.
  11. Before the first kerfuffle over this, my loading procedure was: take barney mag with 1 round out of right front pocket, chamber round, replace now empty mag in right front pocket, retrieve full 10 rounder from left front pocket and insert, holster, wait for beep. After the stage, I would put the partial mag from the gun in the left front pocket. Between the first thread and the clarification, I fumbled around with everything in my rear pockets. It was really annoying, and required far more muzzle awareness while dicking around. After the clarification, I went back to my old procedure. It now sounds like the part where I put the *empty* magazine in my front pocket is a bump to open. Not sure what I'm going to do now. I really don't like fumbling with the rear pocket. Maybe I'll hand my barney mag to the RO until the rule gets fixed. I think this is a stupid 'gotcha' rule that serves no purpose. I suggest changing it to only using a magazine from an illegal location during the course of fire after the start signal being a bump to open.
  12. Prior to the addition of DM, I've always thought giving the guy who finishes second a "1st master" trophy was silly. "Oh, you won the match, congrats" "No, actually I finished second" "But it says 1st master, is there a higher class" "No" "????" I think some number of overall placement awards should be given out before getting in to classes. Maybe the top ten? I'm an SSP EX. Say I have a great day at a major, and the overall finish is DM,M,M,Me(EX),M,M,M,M,EX,EX,... I'd much rather have a 4th place overall trophy than a 1st expert. The problem I have with giving out DM only at the two nationals with no participation requirement is how different the difficulty of achieving it is across divisions. There were only 12 shooters TOTAL in ESR. By comparison, in SSP, there were 21 Masters! Obviously Jerry is DM material, but say he went minor at chrono or something. Should the next guy at 70% of Jerry's score really be a DM? No offense intended toward said shooter, he's a local and I consider him a friend. I'd bet he'd say the same thing.
  13. $35 would have to be a damn good match. A typical 5-6 stage club match would be a tough sell past $25. The two I attend regularly are $20. 3 gun is another thing though, I'd gladly pay $50 for a good club level 3 gun.
  14. What do you have for barrels now? Sent from my PG06100 using Tapatalk 2
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