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  1. Grip strength is very important. You can also use you chest muscle to aid in that griping force. Mike Seelander has a good video on it
  2. that is text book awesome shooting...wow
  3. There is a guy up in MA with a awesome scoop draw. His name is Matt, wears a Team Bacon shirt....he can help you
  4. I use 100% target focus. It doesn't mean I don't see my sights aligned on the target, just that the target is clear and the sight are fuzzy. You still have to see your sights, you still have to aim and call your shots. If all you are doing is looking at the target and not your sights, then you will never improve
  5. Supermoto


    You would still have extra rounds in a 40 mag before the reload. Shoot as fast as you can call your shot. Extra rounds don't make you faster nor do you need to rely on them to shoot aggressively.
  6. Supermoto


    There is a big difference between running your gun dry and being down a couple rounds Do you even shoot open?
  7. Supermoto


    So I'm going to need 50-75 rounds to get through the 32 round stage? I rather just call my shots, get my hits and move on
  8. Supermoto


    why would you have to do 2 reloads?
  9. Supermoto


    The recoil has to go somewhere, so if its not up, its back into your hands, wrists and elbows, depending on how you control recoil. My personal belief is that I don't want a super flat shooting up gun. I want a nice controllable, easy to track dot. make it easier to call shots. Plus the dot is back to POA before I can break the next shot. I probably wouldn't build a 40 open gun, but it that all I had, I think mag capacity would be more of a detriment than how well it works the comp. STI DVC open gun will be fine for major. I wouldn't use the shorty steel gun for major
  10. Awesome. Did you get the kick off?
  11. If the gun fits correctly and the comb isn't whacking you in the cheek every shot, then the recoil is very manageable. When I first started shooting clays, I used a friends older browning. It was fit for him, but terrible for me. It put me off o/u because I thought they all shot like this and I would need a semi to be comfortable. I later learned it was the gun beating me up not the recoil
  12. I had a A400 with kick off. I really did not care for the kick off. Made for a weird slow recoil impulse, it was soft, but it felt like the gun was recoiling for too long. I have a Silver pigeon too. recoil is more, but very quick, sharper, but it feels much better. I would also look at the Benelli super sport, very reliable and shoots soft enough that it is the gun my wife prefers to shoot. It has a ramped rib, so I find it fits a little better for heads up shooting, compared to the berettas that I need to really keep my head down on. I rented a browning citori field and was crushing clays with it. It was an old beat up rental gun with who knows how many rounds, big dent in the rib. It shot awesome for me. When its raining, I bring a remington Tac 4 with a 22" barrel, it also shoot great, doesn't like to lock back with light loads, but it hit where I am looking, although the sub 24" barrel is generally frowned upon on sporting clay course and skeet fields It is really going to come down to fit and if the gun shoots where you expect it too. So try as many as you can
  13. Anytime it you are required to move an object from one place to another, it is almost always a higher HF if you don't and take the penalties instead. If the WSB say it has to be in the 2nd location before you engage the last target or it's a per shot penalty, shoot at steel for the last target if possible. Also see if there are places you can engage a target without moving to another position. Lean far out of a port etc. Also, keep an eye on fault line. Once I shot next to a balance bridge not on it, because they only put a fault line on one side
  14. Went sporting clay shooting today. We play by "Renee's rules" You have to shoot the show pair and the trapper picks the birds. Makes it fun when the are 3 traps per station. You don't know what bird is coming or from where
  15. I think is was, it was a while back
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