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  1. @Kingman my double layer holster ran flawlessly at yesterday’s match!
  2. I’ll pick up one of those kits. I can put basically any aftermarket part on my “Production” gun but I better not get caught with a pistol 2.01” away from my inner belt...
  3. I appreciate all the feedback. Fortunately for me, RHT had a few Stock 2 holsters on their Ready To Ship list, just in time for Area 6. I should be set for next weekend to avoid another repeat from ‘17 Nationals...
  4. A ton of people seem to be using these. HMU if you decide to sell.
  5. What’s everyone running? I dropped a few magazines from bumping the magazine release on the draw and want to eliminate that.
  6. SSI 2.0 grips are similar to wood grips. LOK grips are THIN.
  7. What bullet weight are you going to try?
  8. I doubt people still use weaver. Engage strong hand tricep and weak hand bicep.
  9. Just as many successful shooters use that technique. OP- experiment and find what works best for you. Good luck on the journey
  10. Your hand placement looks good, just need to apply more weak hand force. Are you doing a push-pull grip? If not, it’ll help immensely.
  11. @MemphisMechanic what’s the benefit of a 1pc sear?
  12. Who has the best prices? Dillon’s shipping prices puts them at $9 a piece.
  13. Triangle works. I think Stoeger is another.
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