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  1. DukeEB

    Short funny jokes

    My friend says to me: "What rhymes with orange" I said: "no it doesn't"
  2. DukeEB

    Short funny jokes

    I bought the world's worst thesaurus yesterday. Not only is it terrible, it's terrible.
  3. Sleep is the most important thing to me for good performance. While I will drive 2 hours for an important match, the farthest i usually go is just over 1 hour away. Those people who say "I'll sleep when I'm dead" will be dead a lot sooner without sleep.
  4. fn fnx 45 for steel challenge cz 75 compact for steel challenge ruger mk 3 bull steel challenge uspsa STI Edge in 45 STI edge in 40 Briley 40 custom grundhauser 6" 2011 in 40 1911 sig max in 45 1911 springfield loaded in 45, customized after.
  5. I agree. Lots of people outside shooting sports and LE have 40's. They just don't shoot as much as we do.
  6. Millions use those rifle calibers, they are not going anywhere.
  7. None of our ranges in Western Wa would allow no eye pro either.
  8. The worst one i saw was a stage with a 2 step stairs with barrels in front of the stair (shooting over the barrels while on the stairs). This was at the end of the stage, ie farthest from the bay entrance. The stairs weren't nailed down, and the shooter runs up the stairs, which tip over forward. The shooter went into the barrels, then spun completely around trying to recover. Swept everyone watching.
  9. I had a fall in sand at a Custer washington match. Kept the gun out of the sand and in the right direction. Next time you fall, keep in mind that sand doesn't cause road rash
  10. +1 on the sig max. This is my single stack gun
  11. With the nitro fin, the grip is angled up on a table start. The mag release definitely will not be pressed. tell you what, i'll trade you a 20 rounder for the ruger gun rug
  12. My intention was to reinforce your point, not call you out For round counting: I generally don't count during the course of fire, i pick out certain points to reload at during the walk through. Depending on the COF, i usually pick a point where i'll be at 18 fired, so there's 2-3 extra shots just in case.
  13. Nearly all limited/open shooters i know never ever want the gun to lock back. It's pretty rare for a high class shooter to click on an empty chamber, at least in my limited experience.
  14. With the nitro fin, i do not have any problems with front racking. I also switch from limited (nitrofin) to SS with no problems.
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