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  1. I have thought about 3 gun, but i have zero interest in shotgun. i didn't grow up with shotguns, and I don't see a real world application where you are carrying 3 guns. I could definitely get into 2 gun matches, it makes more sense to me.
  2. I have 2 garand gear plugs and one schuster. I reload and i have no plans to use commercial ammo, so i didn't necessarily need the plugs. One other thing, the garand gear plug is not recommended on 308 garands, because the gas hole is usually too small vs the -06 garands. Great videos!
  3. i am binging it on netflix. I'm up to season 8 now, i still like it. I didn't watch it at all before netflix this year. There are things that are hard to believe though, like how tough it is to find a gun or ammo sometimes. With 300+ million guns in the US, plus all the zombie military, ammo and guns should be super easy to find.
  4. Cabelas primer prices for CCI have been between 29.99 and 40 (up and down over time) for a few years now. they are currently $33, so really prices haven't changed, at least for CCI.
  5. So true! Actually, the more comparable statement would be "it's the indian, not the bow". The point holds true though.
  6. I wear ball caps, for products/vendors I like. Nearly all of them that i have i got for free, some came with an order i made. I have only worn "shooters jerseys" a few times. Cargo shorts or regular pants, and more pockets is definitely better. Knife clipped in pocket (this is daily wear, not just for match day) Regular tennis shoes A bigger brim hat is something i've thought about, as well as some type of cleats. One of our ranges is mostly sand, cleats might help there.
  7. I prefer to carry steel guns. If we can get a threaded barrel for it, then it can fill a "duty gun" niche with my suppressors. I have this niche filled right now with an sti tactical with optic and threaded barrel, but I'm open to a backup for this niche.
  8. Amen! Ergonomics is one of the biggest things for me. i don't like glock ergonomics, and DA Cz trigger is too far forward for my fingers. I stick to 1911/2011/springfield guns for ergonomics.
  9. Do we have to surrender our man card if we shoot a cool pcc? I could run an Ump 45 or mp5 (zenith), or does the man card surrender just apply to ar pccs?
  10. https://uspsa.org/seminars/details/169?fbclid=IwAR1EzvCA0DyUIr0NnPUHRnL2acT7bSX5d1IVxvQeYfbdt6ZXrn3VuFgJQDo Mar 28, 2020 - Mar 29, 2020 Marysville, Washington
  11. We have added a bunch of Ro's recently in our section, and have a CRO class running soon. A few of my friends became RO's to help with the load.
  12. VibraPrime here too. Really speeds things up. It's a little tougher with large primers, but it really flies with spp
  13. You just need to get stronger! Lounging on the boat doesn't help with strength I did see the canted optic used on a couple stages for weak side leans.
  14. DukeEB

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    My friend says to me: "What rhymes with orange" I said: "no it doesn't"
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