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  1. I guess I just need to run hot. I put 100 rounds reloaded with 4.6 gr of Titegroup through it without a hitch. I then followed that up with 100 reloaded at 4.1/4.2 and had two hangups. I guess the optic is enough added slide weight to make it finicky.
  2. Thank you, Sir! I’ve had this thing all apart for a good scrub. The roll pin that goes through the striker is good (I’m not that dedicated of a dry-firer...don’t judge.) I’ve questioned the ejector as the culprit because it does have a very slight amount of play in it — minuscule! On the XD forums they all say this is ‘normal’ but...Yeah. I had the extractor out, inspected, and cleaned and nothing is off there. If after I go back to my original reload recipe (4.6 gr Titegroup) it still acts up, I may just box it up and send it in to Springfield.
  3. Yikes! I DO have an optic! I’m almost positive I’m not thumbing the slide, but will throw on my GoPro and see for myself!
  4. Has anyone else noticed that their XDm 5.25 in 9mm needs to run hot? I’m not sure whether what I’m experiencing is a reloading issue or a firearm quirk. Allow me to try and explain: I’ve only ever shot 115 RN Blue Bullets in it; 4.6 gr of Titegroup; and, OAL = 1.132. I’ve easily put 25k rounds through it since buying it new without a single glitch. This summer I started to experience problems with ‘stove pipes’ and the striker not resetting. Once I discovered a broken striker spring, I took the advice given here and put in a new recoil spring (changed out the OEM 18# for a Wolff #16) and a new striker spring. That solved the striker issue but not the stove pipes, so I replaced all of my 19 rd mag springs with Wolff springs. Prior to that I had even re-chronoed my rounds (thinking maybe I was running too light) but realized that I was almost pushing major, so it wasn’t due to light charges! After further investigation, I went to the Hodgdon’s website where I read that they recommend a 3.9 gr starting load and 4.5 gr as the max Titegroup load for 115 LRN. So, by my (wrong?) way of thinking, this gun should run with 4.1/4.2 gr of Titegroup, and that would be within Hodgdon’s reload specs. Nope, I’m still getting stove pipes (3 per 200 rounds) and occasionally no lock-back following a mag dump. I’m inclined to go back to a 4.6 gr charge. Am I overlooking something?
  5. Ugh...I tried to upload a photo of a broken striker spring.
  6. So I’ve ordered a 16# Wolff recoil and striker spring. And wouldn’t you know, when tearing it down and removing the striker spring I found this:
  7. Couldn’t tell you what pound recoil spring...it’s all OEM.
  8. That was a huge help — thank you. On Monday I’ll call Springfield. I sent an email with this exact question and haven’t heard back. Never fails that stuff breaks over the weekend!
  9. While I’ve not read each and every topic thread on XDm, I’ve scanned through the zillions of topics here and haven’t seen this particular one addressed...I’m hoping someone out there has had a similar experience and can help: About my gear: all original (about 7 yrs old) except for a slide mount optic and Dawson extended magazine base pads The scenario: After performing a reload (not from lock-back either... dropped mag still has rounds), I pull the trigger and nothing. No click, no light strike, nada! I rack the slide ejecting a chambered round, and the next shot goes bang with no problem. This doesn’t happen every time, but often enough for me to be concerned. At first I thought it was because I had too many rounds in the magazine (with Dawson extended pads my 19 round mags can accommodate up to 21 or 22 rounds) so I started offloading the mags to 20 instead of 21, but that hasn’t made a difference and doesn’t seem to be relevant factor given that I have to re-rack the slide. What’s going on?!?
  10. I hear ya about the eyesight. For me the reticle is just easier for me to stay locked onto with my eyesight, and improve my shot-calling accuracy. My hope is to eventually see improvement when I go back to my Colt 1911 in 45ACP.
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