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  1. I really appreciate your response. I'm at least glad to know there's the option of getting another hole tapped for an additional mounting plate screw if (or when!) it comes loose again. If it didn't require you to remove your optic to show me, a photo of where your gunsmith placed the second screw would be awesome to see! So far mine is holding with blue loctite and the recommended torquing to 15 in/#, but I've only ran about 150 rounds through it. As someone else said, its just much too small of a screw to be the only one securing the mount. Another recent discovery, when pulling the striker mechanism (to clean due to light strikes), is that the drift pin that goes through the slide and the channel of the striker just barely clears the front of the optic demanding extreme care. Never a dull moment.
  2. Can you explain what you mean by “bedding” the mounting plate, and the significance of modeling clay? I just had to remount my Springer Precision plate on my XDm 5.25 because it loosened up while zeroing in my Vortex Venom. While I used blue loctite each time, it wasn’t until the second time of mounting everything that I used a torque screwdriver (I’d never mounted an optic before and there were no mounting instructions.) All the screws are now newly “blued” in and torqued to 15 in/#. Should I be good to go from here?
  3. Thank you! The Trijicon is way more than I want to spend, but I appreciate the info re: MOA! For USPSA I’m guessing a 2 or 3 MOA would be ideal since shooting alphas with a 9mm is critical.
  4. I want to put an optic on my pistol (Springfield XDM 5.25) for possible USPSA competition, but primarily for practice purposes. Any to avoid? Which MOA is best for competitive handgun shooting?
  5. If I didn't know better, I'd think you watched me shoot last weekend. With the Ice funnel I had reload failure on nearly every reload. Hitting the funnel fast wasn't the issue, it was getting the damned thing to lock in. Killed my match.
  6. I would greatly appreciate the photos since I have ordered the Dawson Ice gap magwell and Wilson brand 47d extended base pads. It will be good to see where/how to make mods. Thank you, friend!
  7. I'm a SS USPSA shooter and am strongly considering adding a Dawson Ice magwell, and I'm not 100% sure of which magwell I should be considering. I understand from the Dawson site that the well without a gap requires the use of proprietary Dawson base pads, and that the well with a gap does not. I'm currently using basically brand new Wilson Combat 8 round mags, and would to continue using them if possible. Will these Wilson Combat mags work if I get the magwell with a gap? If I buy the well without a gap, will the Dawson base pads fit the Wilson Combat mags? Thanks for your feedback and any other considerations I should make before dropping $100+ in this magwell purchase!
  8. Thank you, KMCA!! Your suggestion worked beautifully!!
  9. I like that idea! Doesn’t it make it too tight to clasp the TekLok?
  10. I shoot single stack division USPSA, and use a BladeTek holster (with dropdown/offset) that is mounted to a Shooters Connection speed belt with a LokTek mount. I’ve got the plastic belt guides in the only slots for the width of my belt, and yet the whole assembly rocks back and forth on the holster. Besides being able to slide the holster much too easily on the belt, it teeters around making for inconsistent draws. The belt is new. Has anyone else ever had this, if so how did you address it? I’m thinking that I need to lose the LokTek mount and use something different. Suggestions? Thanks for the advice in advance!
  11. Well, I've ran about 8K rounds through it. Figured it was due. I would appreciate yours and anyone else's opinion on that as well! Thanks in advance!
  12. It’s time for me to fully disassemble (not merely field strip!) my Colt Competition 1911. I’ve never done it before. I’d like to know what you use to thoroughly clean everything once disassembled, and advice on lubricants and lubricating during reassembly. THANKS!
  13. I think that if I were using my 686 competitively I’d definitely have looked at the VZs because there’d seem for sure no grip slip while running and gunning. I’ve tried the Hogue bigbutts and really liked them (I’ve got some freakishly big paws), and my friends’s gun that I tried them on is an active competition gun, and I know he has never had slippage. Given your complaint of the bigbutts and thumb rub, I would imagine the VZ could form a serious blister depending on how high the grip sits. I suppose you just need to visit some gun shops to see if anyone has them on a comparable revolver.
  14. Thanks! I love them, just not the price. I found some beautiful rosewood grips on EBay.
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