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  1. I'm left handed and I endured AC seperation on my right shoulder (all the tendons were ripped off my collarbone after motorcycle accident). Accident was in early May, surgery in June followed by rehab. My first range visit was beginning of Aug and I shot my first match in late Aug. My shoulder was stiff and I didn't have full range of motion yet but I was able to support the gun and reload. The accident is actually what precipitated my getting into shooting. That Aug. was my first USPSA match. It wasn't rotator cuff but it was major shoulder surgery. When I started rehab I had been in a sling constantly for 3-4 weeks and couldn't even move my arm. I had a great therapist who got me moving again very quickly. Good luck.
  2. zxd9


    I use it on an older PC and it runs great. It's got Office look-alike products, email, browser. I even setup an XP virtual machine w/ Microsoft office for the kids to use for school if necessary. It has no problem getting pictues off my camera either. On my office laptop running Win7 I have a virtual machine running Ubuntu too. This is where I am working on developing an app for Android phones.
  3. zxd9

    938 question

    I have had a P938 for about a month now I guess. It has about 400 rounds through it (all 124/147g) and has had no failures of any sort. This is my wife's carry gun and she really likes it a lot. Shoots well, carries well, looks great! The trigger is plastic and the vertical ridges on the face can be a little rough on the finger. I took a little sand paper to it and smoothed it just a little. It's fine now. It can be loaded/unloaded with the safety on. We have the Extreme model which comes with flush mag and extended mag. It has ambi-safeties which I like because I'm a lefty. The trigger is NOT like a 1911. It has a very short take-up and then breaks clean, but is around 7lbs I'd guess.
  4. http://www.greatwhitedesert.org/documents/Ross_-_Unintended_Consequences.pdf
  5. Brad Thor's FULL BLACK and Enemies Forgeign and Domestic (not by Thor).
  6. I use the Hornady 55gr w/ H335. I find it slightly better then A2230. For 69 Sierra I use Varget.
  7. Yes, let's be careful out there. The consequences are having someone turn in front of you can be extremely painful. I had all the tendons ripped off my collarbone in '05 due to a fall caused by someone turning in front of me. I was on a yellow motorcycle with a yellow/black jacket and colorful helmet. Even with all that he still didn't see me (while he was talking on his cellphone). My advice: Look twice and then look again just before turning.
  8. If you're reloading, what bullet are you using and what is your COL? If factory ammo I'd be curious also as to what you're using. My XD has fed pretty much anything w/o any problems.
  9. The guy to camera mans left is not shooting but the one to his right is.
  10. "Glocks never need cleaning. They are designed to be self-cleaning. I learned that at the Glock armorers class." "Never carry a 1911 cocked and locked. It was not designed to be carried that way. You need to learn to rack the slide on the draw stroke. Watch me."
  11. The only issues I've had with small primers is when powder gets in the primer plunger area. You know there is an adjustment screw for the shell plate that allows you to fine tune where it stops.
  12. What caliber? Mine has worked great with small primers but I just switched to .45ACP and I'm having a heck of a time getting them to insert correctly as well. Hopefully someone has a good answer, other than buy a Dillon.
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