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  1. I suspect the specification on Wilson's website is a typo. Every other commander I've found data on is 7.75" in overall length. Would Wilson's acutally be 0.10" longer, doubtful; especially if someone representing them were at the table when the new dimensions were under discussion.
  2. Wilson Combat website lists: Overall Length: 7.85″ Good catch. Won't fit in 7.75" Do you think the latest new Rule Book edition has yet another error????
  3. I recently noticed the new Wilson compact commanders. Curiously within the size specifications of the new CCP box dimensions. They benefit from 1/4 inch more barrel and sight radius. Thankfully, Springfield RO Compacts are still within the box limits. Some of the Kimber 4" models will fit as well, those that have the compact frame.
  4. The Columbus route might have a small amount, heavier traffic, but nothing significant. Taking the rural AL 169 off I-85 has one little tricky part that is difficult to explain, it's not marked especially well.
  5. From personal experience, the spring Mr. Atbarr has mentioned, is surprisingly important.
  6. SoonerPast

    STI for Para

    Mine is full at 18 rounds. I stop at 16, just for a little insurance for reliable feeding.
  7. Your 10 round magazines might fit in the "box", many of the various choices do fit. If they don't, it would probably only be a matter of sanding the base pads down. It's not difficult to get .40 up to major and there's plenty of load recommendations on this forum. Which division you choose might be which division attracts the most competitors, or least, depending upon your preference. I acquired a Trojan a few months ago and it runs just great! One other note, loading your magazines with only 8 rounds makes the reloads very smooth, just a slight advantage for the .40 in single stack.
  8. I'm 11 months away from Super Senior, kind of looking forward to it (they say it beats the alternative). But, the morning after an ordinary monthly match has become a mystery, which part of me is going to hurt the most. I have friends who shoot regularly at the monthly matches, but don't enter the major (more expensive) matches. We talk about it, I think they are missing out. The matches might cost $100 vs. $20 for the monthly, but the events are way more interesting, more intricate stages, a more highly charged atmosphere. I like participating in them. The pressure is a little higher and it makes me feel more alive. I have wondered if some alteration in how to structure competition among any of the "special categories" might create more attraction for them. Maybe designating squads for seniors, juniors, ladies, military, LE, etc; toward highlighting a more head to head competition. But, the big aspect to keep in mind, I don't think any of the major matches have trouble getting enough competitors. It would be hard to accomodate more people. Anyway, competitive shooting came into my life about 13 years ago and it motivates me to maintain the best physical condition I can and that is a healthy thing in every respect.
  9. Nothing's easy. Does the AFTEC require any tuning. Do the springs sort take care of that?
  10. WSF for me. Thel load data I see on WST, indicates that major is harder to reach. What sort loads are using for 40?
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