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  1. Ordered two. Got Em today. Been using the purple primer eater. Anxious to see how they work
  2. Okay, shot the first match Sat with the new Burris. So far, So good. The sight worked wonderfully. I still have a little bit of starburst around the dot due to my astigmatism, but with the smaller dot, the starburst is smaller, so its manageable. I had my gun puke on the barricade so my score was off a bit, but overall I'm happy with the sight. Will post updates on how its holding up down the road. Ed
  3. Another great way is light bulbs. Run a standard lamp type screw socket into the safe and put in a 25 watt incandescent. The heat it puts off keeps my safes under 60% as long as the door isn't open and closed all the time. Been doing this for nearly 20 years with no problems whatsoever. Use the long life bulbs designed for appliances. Last over a year. The light inside is another bonus too.
  4. I have it in both about the same amount. Sorry I wont be in Bedford.
  5. Aimpoint makes great products. I am in no way knocking them. I just cant justify the cost when there are other sights that will do the same job for less money. I came real close to ordering the PRO to keep the same profile and mount as my old CompXD. Battery life is great but at $416.00 I could not justify it. I DO have other hobbies that need feeding! My Hydra Sports is missing me, and she's thirsty! 2 mpg at cruise.
  6. Tooth- since the tube length is almost the same as the aimpoint and the aimpoint tube steps down to 30mm then back up, sight thru appears to be nearly identical. The burris tube is 35mm from end to end There is no appreciable tunnel effect, no more than the aimpoint anyway. The dot may actually be closer to 5 min, although my astigmatism may be a contributing factor to that. I drew a 1.5" circle on a uspsa tombstone to sight in with. At 25 yds, the dot covers most of the circle I drew which would equate to 5-6 moa. Remember I do get a little starburst effect of the dot which may account for
  7. Got the burris mounted and zeroed yesterday. Everything seems ok for now. Shooting nice tiny groups at 25. Didn't get a chance to check my 50 zero. Storm blew in. Like I said earlier, it seems like a well built sight, dot is pretty sharp. Only thing I don't like is the blue tint of the glass. Looks just like the cheap eBay Cmore knockoff I put on my sons 22 mk1. Wish burris had a different coating or whatever it is. Guess I'll get used to that.
  8. Russell they have it hiding in the AR sights. Here's a link http://burrisoptics.com/speeddot.html I too have bad astigmatism. Like a 4 cylinder. Regardless of the sight I use I get a bit of grape cluster effect which is why I went to a smaller dot. Smaller dot=smaller clusters.
  9. Got the Burris in. Looks like a well built sight. Nice sharp dot. Not as bright on high as the aimpoint but looks plenty bright still. The lenses have a bit of a blue hue but not too bad. Will post some pics and review after mounting it and zeroing.
  10. Have one loading 38sc almost exclusively. Runs perfect. Hiccups a little with 9mms. Doesn't like 223. Runs good with 40 but damn near perfect with the 38 supers.
  11. Yeah it's cancelled. Got email from Dave yesterday. Least it'll give me a month to play with it before shooting a match. I'll post my review on it in a week or so. Have high hopes but we'll see.
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