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  1. I'm interested to know how these work out for you. I'm also in the market for a qd brake.
  2. Absolutely! That’s exactly why I’m concerned about weight. For backpacking I’ve worked for years to get my base pack weight below 10lbs for a long summer weekend. I understand what that extra weight feels like after several days of mountain hiking. But realistically, I probably won’t be hoofing this rifle in the mountains.
  3. Wow, so much helpful feedback on this forum. I was honestly thinking about just purchasing both handguards and testing them out side by side to see which I liked better. But, after some of y'alls first hand experiences I decided to just go with the Aero. There's been some good points made about rifle balance that I wasn't really considering when I posted this thread. I'm not as concerned with the extra bit of weight as I once was. This rifle will probably end up around 6.5 lbs empty when all is said and done.
  4. Yeah, I agree, shaving 4oz from one part is a decent amount, it all adds up. But if the Aero handguard has a significant comfort factor I’m willing to compromise. So mrd, do you have experience with the second hand machined barrel nut, can you vouch for its quality? I’m honestly surprised Aero decided to go with such a heavy barrel nut. The barrel is an Odin Works 16” medium profile, intermediate gas. I think it's right around 2lbs. mrd, other than the quarks you listed, how do you like the handguard? Do you wish you would have gone with something different?
  5. You're right, 4oz in the grand scheme of things isn't much, I just hate adding weight if I can avoid it.
  6. I am building my first 3 gun rifle and need some help choosing between two 15" handguards, the upper and lower receiver are from Aero Precision. First, the "Midwest Industries MI Ultra Lightweight w/ Titanium Barrel Nut" and second, "Aero Precision Atlas S-One". The Midwest is 8.9oz while the Aero is 12.7oz The Aero looks like it's more comfortable to grip with its rounded over top, but the Midwest is almost 4oz lighter, that's pretty significant.
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