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  1. I have had good luck with it loading for my 4 6.5 Grendels, a 6mmAR wildcat and a .223 18" JP. In those cartridges it gives me the best speeds. I worked up one .223 load with it; 26.5 grains with a 55gr Sierra BlitzKing that shoots really well. NOTE: this load is safe in my rifle. All standard reloading practices should be followed with others loads. Start low and work up slowly.
  2. All in for the Razor. I have four of them. They are about as good as it gets given the price. Almost bought a Swaro yesterday but decided to just buy more Ammo.
  3. Funny that you post about these scopes, it's the second time in two weeks that they have come up. I was asked about them not long ago and remembered hearing about them years ago. Did a little research and they are a FL company that was family owned then was bought out a couple of years ago but a tech investment firm. They claim to be made if FL. The pricing on the Rugged series is about what a Vortex PST is and the Premium is in Razor territory. I am in no way looking for another LPVO but I just found it interesting. If you get hands on one I would be interested to hear your thoughts.
  4. I don't think it is silly at all, not my color choice but it looks pretty bad a$$ to me!
  5. I say cut it down, load it up and burn it to the ground!! Good luck and good shooting!
  6. I would like to echo dkamps. My 12.5" has been chronoed faster than I would have expected; almost 14.5" velocities. I have shot PMC Bronze, M855 and a mix mash of other stuff with no issues. I have not shot any of the AE though. I thought that the rifling thing was marketing but it seems it really is faster.
  7. NOVESKE 12.5" CRUSADER MID-LENGTH 5.56MM STAINLESS BARREL I have this barrel on my SBR and it flat runs. It also loves Hornady 75gr BTHP Match. I was a non-believer but a friend convinced me to give it a try and it works.
  8. Hi I would like to pay this, can I have your details please

    1. shooter545


      I sent you a message but it seems that you didn't get it. PayPal is donalexander551@gmail.com.

  9. I just recently got a Nightforce NXS 1-8 and am very happy with it. The glass is incredible. I put it on a 20" Proof Research barreled 6.5 Grendel and we were hammering 12" please at 600 with no difficulty. As you may have heard the eye box is a little tight but I don't play the 3 gun game any more and for my purposes; range work and some hunting it performs admirably. It was not cheap but none of the good stuff is.
  10. Check out the Durham Rifle and Pistol Club. that run lots of matches and are really weird into the local competition scene.
  11. I had always heard about this type of demonstration but had never acually seen it.
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