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  1. I have had good luck with it loading for my 4 6.5 Grendels, a 6mmAR wildcat and a .223 18" JP. In those cartridges it gives me the best speeds. I worked up one .223 load with it; 26.5 grains with a 55gr Sierra BlitzKing that shoots really well. NOTE: this load is safe in my rifle. All standard reloading practices should be followed with others loads. Start low and work up slowly.
  2. All in for the Razor. I have four of them. They are about as good as it gets given the price. Almost bought a Swaro yesterday but decided to just buy more Ammo.
  3. Funny that you post about these scopes, it's the second time in two weeks that they have come up. I was asked about them not long ago and remembered hearing about them years ago. Did a little research and they are a FL company that was family owned then was bought out a couple of years ago but a tech investment firm. They claim to be made if FL. The pricing on the Rugged series is about what a Vortex PST is and the Premium is in Razor territory. I am in no way looking for another LPVO but I just found it interesting. If you get hands on one I would be interested to hear your though
  4. I don't think it is silly at all, not my color choice but it looks pretty bad a$$ to me!
  5. I say cut it down, load it up and burn it to the ground!! Good luck and good shooting!
  6. I would like to echo dkamps. My 12.5" has been chronoed faster than I would have expected; almost 14.5" velocities. I have shot PMC Bronze, M855 and a mix mash of other stuff with no issues. I have not shot any of the AE though. I thought that the rifling thing was marketing but it seems it really is faster.
  7. NOVESKE 12.5" CRUSADER MID-LENGTH 5.56MM STAINLESS BARREL I have this barrel on my SBR and it flat runs. It also loves Hornady 75gr BTHP Match. I was a non-believer but a friend convinced me to give it a try and it works.
  8. Hi I would like to pay this, can I have your details please

    1. shooter545


      I sent you a message but it seems that you didn't get it. PayPal is donalexander551@gmail.com.

  9. I just recently got a Nightforce NXS 1-8 and am very happy with it. The glass is incredible. I put it on a 20" Proof Research barreled 6.5 Grendel and we were hammering 12" please at 600 with no difficulty. As you may have heard the eye box is a little tight but I don't play the 3 gun game any more and for my purposes; range work and some hunting it performs admirably. It was not cheap but none of the good stuff is.
  10. Acronym for Compact Semi-Auto Sniper System. It is a US Army program that came out of the AARs from AFG and IRQ for the need for a shorter compact sniper rifle. KAC had produced such a rifle for certain SOF units for some time.
  11. I had read a good bit on the Net about these barrels, then stopped by their booth at SHOT; talked to Nathan and Patrick(great guys), that settled it I had to have one. I bought one of the 18" Gunner barrels to replace a 18" JP that the throat was gone in and have been quite pleased with it. I mounted a L&S MK4 4.5X14 on it. When I first got it I shot groups at 100 with MK262, factory Hornady 75gr BTHP( both shot about an 1") and my handholds with Hornady 75gr BTHP(just under an inch). I then let it completely cool, shot a 5 round group with my handloads(just under an inch), sho
  12. As a great Southern philosopher once stated "Well there you go." I have learned a new word and expanded my vocabulary. Chubchiks for all my friends!
  13. Ok and I thought that I was the only one lost on the chubchik thing.........
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