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  1. I'm very much looking forward to this match. 1st time shooting the OK sectional but hear its a great match. Also USSA is an amazing facility so thats a nice bonus.
  2. @IHAVEGAS I dont plan to lose that much (approx. 30-40lbs) but I will make sure to keep you all posted.
  3. Andy I was very bad about grazing in between meals. I've just started intermittent fasting and I like it thus far. I'm on the 18hr fast/6hr eat at the moment and haven't really changed what I'm eating (during the 6 hours) and I already notice a difference. As @MemphisMechanic said, its all a calorie game, with IF I've been able to reduce the extra calories in between meals.
  4. pbRex

    Finally! JP 4 to 5 mass conversion.

    Thanks for heads up mveto. I'll give them a call on Monday and see whats going on.
  5. pbRex

    Finally! JP 4 to 5 mass conversion.

    Has anybody received their 4-5 weight conversion? I placed my my order on the 6th but haven’t received a tracking number yet so just curious.
  6. Does PASA have a pretty good turn out for these? Wondering if they do more than one a year? I have buddy in Quincy that’s trying to class (before IL Sectional).
  7. pbRex

    Precision rifle for $2,000

    I'm currently waiting for the JHR in 6mm and right now plan on getting the Bushnell DMR-II. Bushnell just dropped the MSRP and made room for the DMR-II Pro so it will be below the 2k limit if you plan to play in Production PRS. If the DMR-II wasn't an option I would go with the gen1 Razor for sure.
  8. pbRex

    66 round mag for Colt PCC shooters

    No not 100% but I can't blame the mag just yet. The PCC was brand new (only a couple hundred rounds) through it the week before the match and I was having feed issues. I had 2 double feeds during the match but nothing during the 200 round break-in session.
  9. pbRex

    Production scope

    Have a look at the Bushnell DMRII, they just dropped the MSRP so its under the 2K mark. I plan on running that when I receive my JHR from PVA.
  10. pbRex

    66 round mag for Colt PCC shooters

    I ordered one for a hoser match and was happy to have it. TF did a good job on these (construction) and its nice to find these available without having to DIY.
  11. pbRex

    Finally! JP 4 to 5 mass conversion.

    Glad JP finally came out with these. I was a little surprised when I called and was told they didn't have a solution for the 4-weight SCS.
  12. pbRex

    Fastest Bill Drill

    Fastest for me was a 1.85 with hands at side. Biggest challenge still is trigger freeze but that’s why I started to run this drill in the first place. Both my splits and draw to first shot have improved since doing this.
  13. Just an update to this, Patriot Valley has their ATF variance request and are finally receiving JH actions from ARC. Josh will start on the first 50 orders here shortly.
  14. Bring on the match! Weather looks like it should be nice, can't wait.