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  1. johnbu, question for you, how much force for a normal functioning extractor?
  2. I'm very much looking forward to this match. 1st time shooting the OK sectional but hear its a great match. Also USSA is an amazing facility so thats a nice bonus.
  3. @IHAVEGAS I dont plan to lose that much (approx. 30-40lbs) but I will make sure to keep you all posted.
  4. Andy I was very bad about grazing in between meals. I've just started intermittent fasting and I like it thus far. I'm on the 18hr fast/6hr eat at the moment and haven't really changed what I'm eating (during the 6 hours) and I already notice a difference. As @MemphisMechanic said, its all a calorie game, with IF I've been able to reduce the extra calories in between meals.
  5. Thanks for heads up mveto. I'll give them a call on Monday and see whats going on.
  6. Has anybody received their 4-5 weight conversion? I placed my my order on the 6th but haven’t received a tracking number yet so just curious.
  7. Does PASA have a pretty good turn out for these? Wondering if they do more than one a year? I have buddy in Quincy that’s trying to class (before IL Sectional).
  8. I'm currently waiting for the JHR in 6mm and right now plan on getting the Bushnell DMR-II. Bushnell just dropped the MSRP and made room for the DMR-II Pro so it will be below the 2k limit if you plan to play in Production PRS. If the DMR-II wasn't an option I would go with the gen1 Razor for sure.
  9. No not 100% but I can't blame the mag just yet. The PCC was brand new (only a couple hundred rounds) through it the week before the match and I was having feed issues. I had 2 double feeds during the match but nothing during the 200 round break-in session.
  10. Have a look at the Bushnell DMRII, they just dropped the MSRP so its under the 2K mark. I plan on running that when I receive my JHR from PVA.
  11. I ordered one for a hoser match and was happy to have it. TF did a good job on these (construction) and its nice to find these available without having to DIY.
  12. Glad JP finally came out with these. I was a little surprised when I called and was told they didn't have a solution for the 4-weight SCS.
  13. pbRex

    Fastest Bill Drill

    Fastest for me was a 1.85 with hands at side. Biggest challenge still is trigger freeze but that’s why I started to run this drill in the first place. Both my splits and draw to first shot have improved since doing this.
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