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  1. pbRex

    Pre match warm up

    Hwansik touched on this in his range diary. Not something that I typically do but combined with some dryfire the morning of I could see this helping stage 1 jitters a lot.
  2. pbRex

    Stock 2 sights

    @MemphisMechanic The .150" that I currently have (Dawson) are pretty much bottomed out with respect to the rear sight. I ordered a .160" to see if that gives me a little more adjustment. I'm just setting up my second gun so I curious to see the comparison and how close/far apart they are.
  3. pbRex


    I have been looking that these, they look very well made.
  4. pbRex

    Stock 2 sights

    Not sure on height, I'll see if I can measure this week. I'm pretty sure the comparison has been covered before.
  5. pbRex

    Stock 2 sights

    @MemphisMechanic Fair enough...
  6. pbRex

    Stock 2 sights

    @Fasthenk65 The Extreme sight didn't allow enough light for the FO, it was a dim dot. Compared, the Dawson has a much brighter dot which you can get very crisp.
  7. pbRex

    Stock 2 sights

    I switched to the Dawson after not liking the Extreme option. Right now I'm running the .090"x.150" but thinking about changing to a little taller (.160" or so) as my rear sight is still pretty much bottomed out. After the initial install (sight came loose) I had to get more aggressive and peen the sight edge, use red loctite, and make a small brass plug so the set screw had something to dig into. @MemphisMechanic Whats the rationale for the .100" over the .090"?
  8. pbRex

    2018 USPSA Nationals

    I was able to grab a slot yesterday though a little shocked how quick this year filled up compared to last couple years.
  9. Update to my purchase (red dot 510c) So far the product lives up to the hype! Great field of view, easy controls and having the option for reticle will be nice. I ended up with the red dot (thought about green version) after deciding to try a green laser. In my view, a green laser is the only way to go (when talking lasers). Having a red dot optic and green laser seem to be a nice combination and I can easily distinguish between the two and there shouldn’t be any confusion. If I was only running a red dot I might have considered the new green version.
  10. Just ordered the Holosun in red dot variant so I will let you all know my thoughts. Thanks!
  11. pbRex

    Best 3-gun stock

    By far my favorite stock for competition. Only negative mark is that it takes a little patience to setup the first time.
  12. pbRex

    Mailing ammo to yourself for matches

    Typically, I'll ship ammo (UPS) as soon as possible to the MD provided address or range (email them for address if not clearly stated). That way I can track the ammo and confirm it has been delivered. If any issues come along I still have plenty of time to either ship again or carry with me via luggage. Regarding hand-off to UPS, you can either do so at the UPS DC or with a UPS driver, not at the UPS stores.
  13. pbRex

    Stock 2 Production Holster?

    I've had the RHT for over a year now and really like it. Ben3 is spot on with he spare parts kit, the spacers were needed for offset distance.
  14. Thanks Alvin! I'm running a JP bolt and have seen folks here (joelogic) and other places say the AR-10 version will work (reset). The trigger is literally the last thing I need before the PCC is complete and I don't want to settle for anything else.
  15. Thanks for the feedback! I think I may go with red as I plan to try a laser (green) and think it may help to be able to differentiate the dots.