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  1. pbRex

    Fastest Bill Drill

    Fastest for me was a 1.85 with hands at side. Biggest challenge still is trigger freeze but that’s why I started to run this drill in the first place. Both my splits and draw to first shot have improved since doing this.
  2. Just an update to this, Patriot Valley has their ATF variance request and are finally receiving JH actions from ARC. Josh will start on the first 50 orders here shortly.
  3. Bring on the match! Weather looks like it should be nice, can't wait.
  4. pbRex

    Riding out the slump

    I agree with @tanks, something has become relaxed and its time to get back to the fundamentals. I've been through it before and the best way to fix things is get back to the basics.
  5. pbRex

    Peaky Blinders

    This show is incredibly good! I have turned on several friends/family to this and they are hooked as well.
  6. pbRex

    Stock 2 Safety's

    @Polymer I totally get what Memphis meant but to me that wouldn't look ideal. I would much rather make it look like something from the factory.
  7. pbRex

    Stock 2 Safety's

    That sounds aggressive... IF I did do anything, it would be something that emulates the unica, not a chop.
  8. pbRex

    Stock 2 Safety's

    I'm assuming that being left-handed, I will need a DIY version?
  9. I was just thinking about this last night, glad you started the poll @Dazhi. No skin in the game but I'm currently leaning DPP or Romeo 1.
  10. pbRex

    New guy from Fl

  11. pbRex

    Mag Pouches

    I run race masters and couldn't be happier. I do agree with others, for production the racers would be good enough.
  12. @kmaultsby I was in similar shoes early this year and stumbled onto the John Hancock from PVA. I'm still waiting on the JHR (damn ATF) but the feedback from the Nucleus action seems pretty solid. Like you, I do USPSA and some 3gun so while the wait hasn't been ideal, I wouldn't really use the rifle until later this fall anyway. http://patriotvalleyarms.com/john-hancock-bolt-action/ http://forum.snipershide.com/threads/new-production-rifle-from-pva-j-hancock.6868424/
  13. pbRex

    Magwell for cmmg colt lower

    @mike4045 reach out to bmiller, he is willing to run one for you I'm sure.
  14. pbRex

    "Indexing" your shooting belt

    I shoot Production and do the same as LuvDog and align my holster to hip 1st. Both my Inner belt and outer belt are setup facing backwards.
  15. pbRex

    Magwell for cmmg colt lower

    That’s where we didn’t connect! I should have clarified the Mk9 was the old Colt pattern, pm inbound. Thanks!