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  1. Just measured 5. I got right at .3545, pretty consistently. These have been as accurate as any bullet I've tried in my experience.
  2. EG Rn jhp v2, 7.4 gr WAC, win spp. 1.145. 28 in my 170's, 23 in my 140's.
  3. +1 on the EG v2 rn jhp. They feed better than anything I've tried.
  4. I make sure to clean my cm mags after every single stage or they don't like to run. What spring and follower are you using?
  5. They run fine and are cheap. Ran them through my P07 all the way to my Czechmate.
  6. Late response, but yes my primers weren't recessed enough. Fixed my primer wheel, and went back to spp. Everything goes bang now. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  7. Heres what I settled on: Czc basepads with czc springs/followers Armory craft trigger DPP Czc multioptic mount Czc extended safety left side Sidewinder racker Advanced ratio *thumb rest [generic]* (new version for more position options) Czc large magwell Henning Grips I bring the same things to matches as Malibu13. Also agree to be generous with the loctite.
  8. Dillon 650. I thought they were below flush, but was told by an experienced shooter, they might not be recessed enough. I'm fairly new to reloading, so I only can go off what I'm told. Everything I've loaded so far (around 5k rounds) goes bang. Coincidentally, I should've mentioned I've been having issues with my primer wheel on my 650. It over rotates periodically in one spot, and needs to be manually rotated clockwise a slight amount until it clicks. The primers still seat just fine or so I thought. I really make sure to seat the primers hard. Can I adjust the primer seating depth on a 650?
  9. I recently started having constant light strikes with my czechmate. I had switched to win srp, ran about 1200 rounds flawlessly and all the sudden the light strikes started. Inswithxed to cci 400's still light strikes. I tried win pistol primers and still had light strikes. My gunsmith thought I was slightly engaging the czc extended safety, causing the issues. Had him do his work on that. I had the entire thing cleaned, installed the czc extended firing pin, rami fp spring, even an 18lb mainspring. Still constant light strikes. I had someone look at my ammo and thought my primers might not be recessed enough. Has anyone had this issue? Could my primers not being recessed enough be causing the light strikes? Any suggestions or input would be much appreciated.
  10. Is the frame around your thumb rest holes flush or is the frame cut? I'm running a czc .40 upper on my Czechmate, but the Czechmate has the frame cut for the optic mount. I'm looking for a thumbrest that mirrors the optic mount frame cut.
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