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  1. The CMP Range in Talladega, ALL has several big matches coming up in 2020. It's a couple of hours west of Atlanta. Alabama Sectional Match March 20-22, Talladega, AL Revolver/L10 Nationals Sponsored by Ruger May 3 in Talladega, AL -The Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship May 20-24 in Talladega, AL (includes staff match May 20) The US Speed Steel Shoot will be at South River Gun Club, but the date hasn't been set.
  2. I'm surprised that this discussion is still going. I thought 9.3.3 is clear and 9.9.2 says that disappearing targets are subject to 9.9.3. 9.9.2 says "Moving scoring targets, which do not comply with the above criteria are considered disappearing targets and will not incur failure to shoot at or miss penalties except where Rule 9.9.3 applies." There is no exception for non-disappearing targets. This sums it up. There was a mention of moving hardcover. But moving hardcover would have to be a steel plate. otherwise a shoot through on the hard cover would be a range equipment failure. Not sure how to make that work, but I would include it in 9.9.3 because it seems to be in the spirit of the rule. To paraphrase "all activators must be activated before the last shot."
  3. Did something get reassembled improperly? Have you restored it to original factory components?
  4. Dang, I ordered WIN Primers from Powder Valley on May 14. the rebate is good May 15 - Aug 15. Here's the link: https://winchester.com/Rebates/2019-Winchester-Primers-Rebate
  5. We use carports on our range. We have wired them for electricity and installed fans to fight the Alabama heat. You can find used carports on Craigslist for cheap if you are willing to tear down and put up yourself.
  6. "slow is smooth smooth is fast" is an old saying. It goes back to a slow hit is faster than a quick miss. Sometimes slowing down a little will help your scores.
  7. Why not? As long as you meet the conditions in 5.2.3 in the SC rule book: "The competitor, while waiting for the start signal, must be pointing/aiming their gun at the aiming point with their finger off the trigger and the finger outside of the trigger guard."
  8. What rule allows adding external weights to CO? According to APPENDIX D7 – Carry Optics Division, 22. Specifically prohibited modifications and features; Please note that the absence of an item in the list of prohibited modifications MAY NOT be construed to mean a modification is allowed. A modification is only allowed in Carry Optics Division if there is a rules clause or interpretation, which specifically declares that it is allowed in the Division. How would you justify the weights to an RO or MD? They're not magazine base pads.
  9. I'm glad you came out and had a good time. They were some tough stages but fun to shoot. As you get to shoot more matches it will become easier with practice. I stage plan in steps broken up by reloads. Identify land marks for your reloads. Something like "when I leave the port - reload" and include them when you walk through. Sometimes you may shoot just a few rounds before reloading. For example, when you have a long movement you may reload early because it will get you through the rest of the stage.
  10. New shooter meeting will be about 9:45. If you get there about 9 - 9:15 you'll have time to walk the stages and visit with the other shooters. We are running a classifier and five field courses. The stages are up on Practiscore, the round count is about 165, and the classifier is CM 03-14 Baseball Standards Register at: https://clubs.practiscore.com/rcps-uspsa-apr-13/register
  11. Using a light and checking each case for powder will prevent squibs. if you have a bad case or other problem, clear the problem and let the empty space advance. Don't try to keep the shell holder full.
  12. A new Amazon Kindle Fire 7 is $49.99, We use the HD 8s for our matches and they work great. They should be a good option for you to consider.
  13. Paint pens from the Walmart craft department. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Cheap too.
  14. I learn something new everyday.
  15. "According to the rules, that is legal if Flagged, if the muzzle sweeps anyones feet, it would because DQ." What is "reasonably vertical?" If I was the RM I'd have him adjust it. Rule uses three feet for carts and rule uses three feet for holstered pistols. I'd use the same measurement in this case.
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