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  1. Many powders are imported in batches. If a powder runs out it may be a long time before comes back in stock. I would not assume powder will be available in the future. I'd buy what you need/want/use when you come across it.
  2. Cavern Cove may be your best bet for not having to deal with crazies. Check out Bullet and Barrel I think they have looser rules than Last Resort. Rocket City Practical Shooters has an USPSA match this weekend. We will be running 5 stages and a classifier. We postponed from last weekend because of the rain. https://clubs.practiscore.com/rcps-uspsa-october-10/register Come on out it should be a lot of fun. Dave
  3. I'm hearing people saying they are shooting less because of shortages. Shooting one gun at Steel Challenge matches or shooting rimfire instead of centerfire.
  4. Atlanta is close also - about two hours to downtown.
  5. I don't think it rises to 10.6 DQ level. It can be put back into position. I think 10.6 applies more to changing a stage when no one is around. I just wouldn't start until the shooter was in the proper start position.
  6. Check out Rocket City Practical Shooters. We run USPSA and 3-Gun. 3-Gun is the third Sunday of the month. https://rocketcityshooters.com/
  7. I met my wife at a match........
  8. Bullet set back is no joke. I found this example when I was picking up brass at a local range. I haven't heard of anyone having a ka-boom.
  9. We use the Dewalt, It works great.
  10. Not much to interpret here: D7-21.3 says "You may replace the slide with an OFM or aftermarket slide of the same length, contour and caliber as the original slide for that model of gun." The Zev is a nice gun. It appears to be a G17 size pistol so you could replace the slide with a G17 slide - if it meets the requirements above. The differences can be allowed under D7-21.2b which says "A slide may be modified specifically for the purpose of installing optical sights or cocking serrations. Textured finishes, grip tape, milling or stippling on the slide to provide textur
  11. Don't drink so much that you forget to set or sleep through your alarm. Especially if you are the match director and have the keys to the storage shed. Not my experience but I did have to wait for him to show up........
  12. Check out the rule book. I'd say rule 21.3 in appendix D7 Carry Optics says it is legal. You may want to look at the special instructions on the USPSA production gun list: https://uspsa.org/productionlist
  13. The CMP Range in Talladega, ALL has several big matches coming up in 2020. It's a couple of hours west of Atlanta. Alabama Sectional Match March 20-22, Talladega, AL Revolver/L10 Nationals Sponsored by Ruger May 3 in Talladega, AL -The Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship May 20-24 in Talladega, AL (includes staff match May 20) The US Speed Steel Shoot will be at South River Gun Club, but the date hasn't been set.
  14. I'm surprised that this discussion is still going. I thought 9.3.3 is clear and 9.9.2 says that disappearing targets are subject to 9.9.3. 9.9.2 says "Moving scoring targets, which do not comply with the above criteria are considered disappearing targets and will not incur failure to shoot at or miss penalties except where Rule 9.9.3 applies." There is no exception for non-disappearing targets. This sums it up. There was a mention of moving hardcover. But moving hardcover would have to be a steel plate. otherwise a shoot through on the hard co
  15. Did something get reassembled improperly? Have you restored it to original factory components?
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