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  1. There are a couple of variables you didn't seem to consider. Double action seems to mean DA only guns. So, DAO guns are loaded and hammer is down. Some striker fired guns only have external safeties. They don't have tabbed trigger safeties like the Glock trigger. The Sig P320 is available with a standard trigger with a manual safety. https://www.sigsauer.com/products/firearms/pistols/p320/ Under your rule adjustment they could be holstered with no external safety or internal safety activated . The new rules add complexity, but it is a more complicated shooting world. RO's already have to remember variations based on the division.
  2. As Clangclang mentioned. The original post is based on a fallacy. Braces are legal as braces. Shouldering a brace leads to legal problems according to the ATF. Here's the letter: https://www.atf.gov/file/11816/download Please read it carefully and completely.
  3. David.Hylton

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    I can see both points of view. But, I keep coming back to the same thought: should non-members be allowed to compete for an organization's championship? This includes going to the prize table and getting plaques. Membership should be required for championships. In someways it is a perk for the members. It dilutes the match to open it to non-members and it doesn't seem right for members not to be able to shoot because non-members take slots. If it is important to the local non-member shooters, then they should join Steel Challenge.
  4. David.Hylton

    Black Friday Deals

    Here's another: https://www.shortroundsupply.com/sales-specials.html?manufacturer_atribute=1618&price=325-325&fbclid=IwAR3IoEpTRqHdphVhmygn4LB3Jo6QZFsDiLs-ius4Ave8n42Dj9g68r40uno
  5. David.Hylton

    Black Friday Deals

    Try this : https://rg4arms.net/leupold-optics-leu-delta-pnt-pro-2-5moa-dot/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA597fBRCzARIsAHWby0HSGQOsVsKFaBSkM56WoOtQtKTKMPST8SH6H9fWP579aQfip5bbg1UaAu4vEALw_wcB There's a code on the vendor home page for another 10% OFF
  6. David.Hylton

    Starting Position "standing in box"

    Range lawyers will argue anything. I would have done the same thing as the OP. There is no starting box in the rule book - just shooting boxes. I would have treated it like a foot fault in a shooting box. If he was touching anything outside the box, that is not connected to the box, then he is outside of the box. One foot in the box and the other not touching the ground, then I would have started the shooter.
  7. David.Hylton

    New Rules

    Distance.... 105 feet is a deep bay.
  8. David.Hylton

    New to 9MM reloading COL problem

    Stop for a moment and think about how small your variance actually is. With your COAL range, your are running 1.1565" +/- 0.0065". 6.5/1000 of an inch variation is very small. Coated bullets can vary that much (mine sometimes have small lumps/bumps), grime build up can interfere with the press operation, your technique and all of the other matters discussed earlier can add up to that. I think it is a testament to Dillon quality and tolerances that you can keep ammo within .013 inches running a volume-oriented loading press.
  9. David.Hylton

    New shooter info packet

    I should have known my fellow Alabamians would come through. These are very helpful. I also found this: http://www.rbgc.org/USPSA/USPSAgear.htm Thanks, Dave
  10. David.Hylton

    Gun safes

    If it is off the floor then a jack or furniture/appliance dolly can get under it. Make sure it is anchored securely so it doesn't walk away. Use and interior wall. Crooks can cut through an exterior wall and take it all. I use a string of rope lights to heat the safe which reduces the humidity. The light is a bonus.
  11. David.Hylton

    New shooter info packet

    As a match director I receive a lot of "what do I need for the match" type of questions. Does anyone have a a list or flyer that they pass out to new shooters? I have a standard letter, but I want to make sure I don't miss anything and maybe I can borrow some good formats. TIA, Daev
  12. David.Hylton


    I would be concerened about wear and tear on the MPX. Check with Robert Otte on the MPX Facebook page or at In Lead We trust. https://www.inleadwetrust.com/
  13. Dead Zero Shooting Park, in Spencer Tennessee, is hosting Tennessee's first State Steel Challenge Tier II Match, October 20-21, 2018. Tom Wright, the Match Director, is recruiting RO's to work the event. RO's can enter up to four guns free (one for each flight) for the flights they are working. He will be having AM and PM flights both Saturday and Sunday with eight squads of 10 guns each flight, including two shooting-RO's per squad. Shirts, Lunch, and Raffle Tickets will be provided as well. He still needs several RO’s. Anyone wishing to RO should contact Tom at twright@deadzeroshooting.com with your interest and he will send you a special RO Pre-Registration Code allowing you to sign-up free as long as he has RO slots. If you want to shoot the match: https://clubs.practiscore.com/dead-zero-tennessee-steel-challenge-championship-tier-ii-match/register "DEAD ZERO welcomes you to the first Tennessee Steel Challenge Championship Tier II Match. Saturday October 20 - Sunday October 21, 2018 2 Flights each day (AM & PM) 8 Squads per Flight 10 Shooters per Squad Shooting all 8 Qualification Stages 2 Gun Limit Per Flight / 4 Gun Maximum per Match $50 first gun / $25 additional guns will include a Shirt, Lunch, and Raffle Ticket for Gift Table. Additional shirts, lunches and raffle tickets will be available for purchase." For more info contact: Tom Wright Steel Challenge Match Director Dead Zero Shooting Park - Spencer Tennessee Web Site: deadzeroshooting.com E-Mail: twright@deadzeroshooting.com
  14. How about: 10.5.1 "Handling a firearm at any time except when in a designated safety area or when under the supervision of, and in response to a direct command issued by, a Range Officer." The "in response to a direct command issued by an Range Officer" seems pretty clear. I cannot walk up to an RO and fiddle with my firearm because of proximity. The RO has to directly tell me to do so.
  15. David.Hylton

    Slide stop is walking out during a stage.

    The slide stop should not be able to slide out except when it is aligned with the take down notch. The broken diagnosis is based on the retainer part of the slide stop, which rides inside the slide and keeps the slide stop from walking, is probably broken off.