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  1. If you want to add a BOD for SCSA, why stop there. What about SCSA area directors and state directors? It seems the same benign neglect happens at that level also.
  2. I would say it's not a squib. It's a failure to extract the case. If it was a squib then anytime a case was stuck in the chamber it would be a squib. I'd have watched the shooter like a hawk and stopped him if he ran out of time or did something unsafe.
  3. From the NROI Blog: Holster Position Redux April 15, 2021 by Troy McManus In a previous post, I explained that, while the position on the belt requirement (behind the point of the hips for Production, Single Stack, and Carry Optics) has been removed, the requirements in all divisions, yes, even Open and Limited, for the height to belt and distance from the belt have not changed. This is found in all the appendices, D1-D8, item #10. Here’s the text of the previous article: Position of holsters and magazine pouches has been relaxed. No more “behind the point of the hip” language for Production, Single Stack, and Carry Optics. The requirements for height-to-belt and distance-from-belt are still in place, per 5.2.5,, and D1-D8 #10, but you can move your holster and magazine pouches around now. This includes inside-the-waistband carry, and yes, even in the appendix position, and from concealment if you wish. It does NOT allow cross-draw carry—that’s a 180 breaker almost every time. You still can’t draw from concealment in Steel Challenge, however. E3 was left in the rules to demonstrate the definition of “hands relaxed at sides”. In addition, the restriction on tie-down rigs has not been removed. You may not wear a holster with a leg strap of any kind in USPSA competition. This is not the case for steel challenge or multigun, but in regular USPSA competition, thigh straps are not allowed. There seems to be considerable confusion over this simple point. https://nroi.org/rules-insights/holster-position-redux/
  4. I recommend starting in Steel Challenge. Get used to reacting to the beep and shooting under pressure. It will also help him to be fast and accurate.
  5. Ditto. The updated rules are posted. I don't understand how this will cause an issue. There's no difference from before. It always has been for some divisions. https://nroi.org/q-of-month-results/are-iwb-aiwb-holsters-legal/
  6. What about: 5.1.8 A competitor who substitutes or significantly modifies a firearm during a match without the prior approval of the Range Master will be subject to the provisions of Section 10.6. I have always thought a firearm had to remain in the same condition through out the match.
  7. Not what I expected when I saw catastrophic failure. I learn something new every day.
  8. I thought it came out of the 3-Gun world. I've had several three gunners tell me that it is legal in their sport..
  9. To close the loop- my timer arrived yesterday. Nov. 9. Now to put it to work.
  10. Has anyone received one lately? I ordered and paid for one on Aug. 2. No follow-up since my order confirmation. I've sent two messages through the contact us link - but no response.
  11. Many powders are imported in batches. If a powder runs out it may be a long time before comes back in stock. I would not assume powder will be available in the future. I'd buy what you need/want/use when you come across it.
  12. Cavern Cove may be your best bet for not having to deal with crazies. Check out Bullet and Barrel I think they have looser rules than Last Resort. Rocket City Practical Shooters has an USPSA match this weekend. We will be running 5 stages and a classifier. We postponed from last weekend because of the rain. https://clubs.practiscore.com/rcps-uspsa-october-10/register Come on out it should be a lot of fun. Dave
  13. I'm hearing people saying they are shooting less because of shortages. Shooting one gun at Steel Challenge matches or shooting rimfire instead of centerfire.
  14. Atlanta is close also - about two hours to downtown.
  15. I don't think it rises to 10.6 DQ level. It can be put back into position. I think 10.6 applies more to changing a stage when no one is around. I just wouldn't start until the shooter was in the proper start position.
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