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  1. Why not? As long as you meet the conditions in 5.2.3 in the SC rule book: "The competitor, while waiting for the start signal, must be pointing/aiming their gun at the aiming point with their finger off the trigger and the finger outside of the trigger guard."
  2. What rule allows adding external weights to CO? According to APPENDIX D7 – Carry Optics Division, 22. Specifically prohibited modifications and features; Please note that the absence of an item in the list of prohibited modifications MAY NOT be construed to mean a modification is allowed. A modification is only allowed in Carry Optics Division if there is a rules clause or interpretation, which specifically declares that it is allowed in the Division. How would you justify the weights to an RO or MD? They're not magazine base pads.
  3. I'm glad you came out and had a good time. They were some tough stages but fun to shoot. As you get to shoot more matches it will become easier with practice. I stage plan in steps broken up by reloads. Identify land marks for your reloads. Something like "when I leave the port - reload" and include them when you walk through. Sometimes you may shoot just a few rounds before reloading. For example, when you have a long movement you may reload early because it will get you through the rest of the stage.
  4. New shooter meeting will be about 9:45. If you get there about 9 - 9:15 you'll have time to walk the stages and visit with the other shooters. We are running a classifier and five field courses. The stages are up on Practiscore, the round count is about 165, and the classifier is CM 03-14 Baseball Standards Register at: https://clubs.practiscore.com/rcps-uspsa-apr-13/register
  5. Using a light and checking each case for powder will prevent squibs. if you have a bad case or other problem, clear the problem and let the empty space advance. Don't try to keep the shell holder full.
  6. A new Amazon Kindle Fire 7 is $49.99, We use the HD 8s for our matches and they work great. They should be a good option for you to consider.
  7. Paint pens from the Walmart craft department. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Cheap too.
  8. I learn something new everyday.
  9. "According to the rules, that is legal if Flagged, if the muzzle sweeps anyones feet, it would because DQ." What is "reasonably vertical?" If I was the RM I'd have him adjust it. Rule uses three feet for carts and rule uses three feet for holstered pistols. I'd use the same measurement in this case.
  10. A significant problem is that there is always someone who will do something stupid. Especially at the start of the match when they haven't been through a stage and ULASC yet. I've seen more than one loaded gun come out of a range bag at the start of the match. The second problem is people don't know/follow the rules that we have. Many shooters don't take the time to read the rules and understand the requirements for casing/carting. The third problem is people fidget. A cased gun is left alone on a bench or cart. A PCC is on the shooter is subject to being messed with. The "let me aim at the sky to adjust my optic" BS. Is this a proper example of rule
  11. What is a bagging area? I don't see anything in the rule book about a specified area to bag/unbag a PCC. Rule says: Carbines must be cased/uncased or removed/replaced on a cart with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction directly into and within 2 yards of a side berm or backstop. It doesn't say it has to be a specific portion of the berm/backstop. If you add a casing/uncasing area aren't you just adding a safe area? We put a safety area in each bay to prevent any confusion.
  12. There are a couple of variables you didn't seem to consider. Double action seems to mean DA only guns. So, DAO guns are loaded and hammer is down. Some striker fired guns only have external safeties. They don't have tabbed trigger safeties like the Glock trigger. The Sig P320 is available with a standard trigger with a manual safety. https://www.sigsauer.com/products/firearms/pistols/p320/ Under your rule adjustment they could be holstered with no external safety or internal safety activated . The new rules add complexity, but it is a more complicated shooting world. RO's already have to remember variations based on the division.
  13. As Clangclang mentioned. The original post is based on a fallacy. Braces are legal as braces. Shouldering a brace leads to legal problems according to the ATF. Here's the letter: https://www.atf.gov/file/11816/download Please read it carefully and completely.
  14. I can see both points of view. But, I keep coming back to the same thought: should non-members be allowed to compete for an organization's championship? This includes going to the prize table and getting plaques. Membership should be required for championships. In someways it is a perk for the members. It dilutes the match to open it to non-members and it doesn't seem right for members not to be able to shoot because non-members take slots. If it is important to the local non-member shooters, then they should join Steel Challenge.
  15. Here's another: https://www.shortroundsupply.com/sales-specials.html?manufacturer_atribute=1618&price=325-325&fbclid=IwAR3IoEpTRqHdphVhmygn4LB3Jo6QZFsDiLs-ius4Ave8n42Dj9g68r40uno
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