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  1. I'm not allowed to state my opinion? Everyone has to start somewhere..
  2. not mine.. Building something like this with a few differences. QC10 lower is already form 1 approved.. just ran out of monies.. Will be running an Octane 9
  3. Have a Mask HD can as well just messing around with the octane
  4. Dig it man. I have an 8" (kak blonde barrel) build as well running an omega tucked inside the rail.
  5. May sound a little posh and slightly homo but Banana Republic "Athletic Fit" has jeans that have a nice stretch to them. Still get a waist size larger.
  6. +1 for Evolution Armory. They coated my SP-01 barrel for $40 shipped.
  7. ZMA, DHA, CoQ10 are all staples for me
  8. basic stretches in the morning? Most people don't do that..
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