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  1. All Cat Tails are now only $25.99 with free shipping (US only) Clearing out my remaining inventory. I don’t plan to make any more, so when they are gone they are gone. https://www.greenlightprecision.com/ Charlie
  2. This Cat Tail also fits the 1-8x (30mm) ACSS series scopes
  3. Just sent you one to test. Charlie
  4. New Primary Arms Cat Tail in stock
  5. New Cat Tail for the Primary Arms 1-6x and the 1-8x 30mm scope
  6. Still offering free USPS First Class shipping in the US. Also have a few models on sale and at lower prices. Thanks, Charlie http://www.greenlightprecision.com/
  7. Sorry, I currently don't make on for that model scope. I normally design and machine my Cat Tails to fit an individual model scope. I do this only if I have that scope in hand to measure and prototype a new lever. Right now I have a few new scopes on my to do list. Charlie
  8. Sorry I don't currently make one for the 1.5-6x Burris
  9. FDE models: Leupold VX-6 Leupold MK6 Leupold MK4(i) - VX-R Vortex Strike Eagle Trijicon Acupoint TR Burris MTAC Burris Tac30
  10. Got the first limited run of Flat Dark Earth Cat Tails back from W.E. Birdsong & Associates, Inc. today. I had them do a test run of 4 each of my top 7 selling models, so quantities are limited for now. http://www.greenlightprecision.com/collections/trijicon-scopes/products/cat-tail-accupoint-tr-fde Charlie
  11. I just sent off several of each of my most popular models to be finished FDE ( flat dark earth ) I will post pics and links when they are in stock. Charlie
  12. New Vortex Strike Eagle Cat Tails are done and ready to ship. This one is in the white - finished ones are anodized black. http://www.greenlightprecision.com/collections/vortex-cat-tails/products/cat-tail-vortex-strike-eagle
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