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  1. cdrissel

    Which one?

    Blue it's cooler. Craft Micro Brew or Industrial Brew?
  2. Do you want to make another one of them thar poker things? I have the GRX and the will, but don't have the machinery to make the "upside down option" rod for myself. I would be willing to pay a modest fee for such an item! I even bought a single stage press just for this operation and built a new bench to mount it on. Ok Ok... I probably didn't NEED an 8ft long bench with 10 coats of polyurethane hand buffed between each coat on the benchtop... but hey... it's just my way! PM me.
  3. I have had no problems going base first. I tumble the cases in corn cob/nu finish until they are super clean and shiny. Then lube them up and push them through. Just make sure the corner radius is large enough to match up with the web area.
  4. I have one of the 40 Gizmos. It works well but the only issue I have is this. Since you have to push the brass up through the Lee die mouth first it causes the "glock bulge" to be pushed down and in to wards the web of the case. This may not be an issue, but the brass has to go some were. My solution was to turn the head of a 3/8" ejector pin (injection mold part) to fit into a shell holder slot. Then cut it to the length needed to push the brass all the way through the Lee die (now by itself) base first (upside down). The end of the ejector pin must have a radius on it to fit the web
  5. Question? How or where can I find info on moving posts? Charlie
  6. Who did the grip mod? I did the mod myself. My friend set up his mill, so I could mill the sides flat, lay the grips on the side to mark the holes, drill and tap the holes, then use epoxy to secure the 1911 grip studs. It makes the grip almost exactly the same width as a 1911! Nice! I might have to look into doing this.
  7. Great link! I like the step by step with photos.
  8. Full disclosure, I'm one of the Tac-Sol sponsored shooters so I'm a bit biased That said it runs 100% unless the ammo is a dud. I've had it for 2 years now and have about 5,000 through it. It was on a Caspian single stack frame in the beginning and when the 20111 mags came out it moved up to the SV. The mags are great, all machined aluminum, you can easily disassemble them for cleaning and in the free states they hold 14. It also locks open on the last shot. I use Federal Automatch for matches but it shoots the bulk stuff fine its just not a reliable ignition wise. If the upper is clea
  9. Thanks Here is a link to his website Looks like he does nice work.
  10. I have to ask. Who is Jim? I make Aluminum grips but his grips are awesome. I want a pair! That's 3 bows and 2 cheers!
  11. Ghost Holster. While you don't need it for Rimfire at the Steel Challenge I use if for practice for the main match. This gun is the same weight as my steel gun, same grip and trigger and 22 is much cheaper that 9mm. What's your opinion on that Tac-Sol upper? I'm thinking about getting one for my STI SteelMaster.
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