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  1. This was a great match. We should do it again.
  2. See if this helps. <http://4wheelguns.com/RPerdue/?page_id=34>
  3. We did this for one of the forum members a while back. We have parts on order to further develop the concept.
  4. Onus -- [Latin] Burden, Obligation.Sorry -- I was raised by a professor of Ancient History (Greek and Roman Ancient History to be precise) so every once in a while some words with a Latin origin slip in..... Oh....
  5. Shoot it like you bought it.
  6. Large primer brass picked off the range is free and will suit you well.
  7. No need to use a heat gun. It will conform to whatever shape you are in.
  8. Fortunatly there are people who voluteer their time to support both ICORE and USPSA. Without them, we can't maintain the sports, much less grow them. Thanks Kyle.
  9. "Eureka!" Like many others revolver shooters, I would love to shoot ICORE but that isn't available to me locally. Making a space for 8 shot revolvers in USPSA would be the next best thing and would hopefully grow the division. I think there needs to be a subdivision between the 8 and 6 shot revolvers so they are both recognized as revolvers but they don't compete directly against each other. I think it's great to add new shooters but not at the expense of the existing loyal shooters that have earned there spot. Why not make a personal investment of your time and start an ICORE club? I understand that the Pioneer Gun Club could support an additional discipline. Here is a link to the ICORE club info page.
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